Screen & Adjustable Wattage Artery Pal 2 Pro Vape Kit Review

yeah maybe on Seidel just kind of a mess
maybe actually takes us indoors today
for show-and-tell the pal to pro this
one's actually a collaboration between
artery vapor and Tony B he's another
reviewer here on YouTube
his channel is called the vapor trail it
has a screen so now I can actually see
what wattage I'm vaping on because most
pod kits they have those little lights
I'm not a fan of lights I'd rather just
know what wattage I'm at it round robins
so it goes between 5 and 22 watts and
the coils inside of here they're pretty
sweet too because they're teeny tiny
like the least wasteful coils I've seen
in a while you're not replacing the
whole cartridge or pod whatever you want
to call this tank even it's just a
little tiny coil that's inside of here I
originally I was gonna just go out and
about and film this video in the real
world but then I realized the world is
kind of loud so I'm just gonna kind of
mix it up between being here it's nice
and quiet and out there so this is the
fire button it also turns the device on
and off 1 2 3 4 5 clicks turns it on I
can see it on this side and a one two
three four five clicks also turns it off
now do be careful if you have like a dry
coil in there like no liquid it is gonna
fire when you click a really quick 5
times it does fire I think there should
be a little on an off switch instead of
the fire button doing everything five
clicks turns it on and it turns on
really quick also on a little screen you
can see the battery life and the
resistance of the coil inside of here is
an 1,100 milliamp hour battery I'm not
going to open this thing up and show it
as I open it up but you can't actually
see the battery it's like in there it
recharges to the usb port on the side
this thing right here the little hole
here it's for a lanyard this is for the
airflow it's for the airflow you dumb
and Enys pods or cartridges or tinks
whatever you want to call them it just
slides out like so it holds three
milliliters of a liquid on the bottom
right here there is adjustable airflow
it's still a TBD and small it's not the
easiest thing to adjust but at least
there and adjustable sorry Addison and
you stick it back in here and the coils
well let me just cut to the Jiffy Lube
scene so you can see how those come out
I take these out like this on its side
and it unscrews out of the pod or
cartridge whatever you want to call it
and then an unscrews from the base meat
so this is the only thing I have to
replace this itty-bitty little teeny
tiny coil the coils may be small but the
flavor is not it's got some pretty good
flavor for a pod style I guess all in
one kit I'm actually impressed I didn't
think they would be that great
considering the size what but they are
and yeah it does come in more calm
colors it actually comes in a few
different colors but but I like this one
cause that's crazy-looking kind of like
me I got like oh I got this redness
right here I have allergies and once in
a while I get this little and it's
always in the same nostril I get a
little infection right here and it just
feels like a little ball a little bump
it hurts
my birthday's tomorrow I'll see what our
fancy restaurant looking like freakin
Rudolph the juice fill hole it is on the
side and it's got one of those cheesy
little stopper things I'm not a fan of
these I am NOT it'd be really cool if
maybe the version three had a top fill
juice hole with something a little bit
more substantial so I do find myself
having to fill it while it's laying flat
because if I do it this way I'm
concerned that I'm just gonna come out
the side so what are the differences
between the PAL - and the PAL - Pro well
the cartridges are kind of different
I mean it just kind of toss a picture up
here you can see the drip tips have
changed the little dinky stopper dealio
well it's not as stinky as it was before
but I think it's still kind of dinky
but yeah one's got more of a flat drip
tip and then the other one is well
rounded the PAL - had a fixed drip tip
this one the pal - pro has a removable
drip tip so you can use other tips with
this as long as it's size 510 so the kit
comes with two different coils for two
different styles of vaping here they are
really close up for MTL mouths too long
vaping there is a one ohm coil
and a limit on this is 13.5 watts the
other one is a point six ohm coil and
that one goes up to the fold 22 watts
okay that's enough of that so this part
the sound was just like really terrible
so I'm just gonna narrate over it but
yeah underneath all that user manual and
it's my favorite format just a big old
mess of a whole bunch of different
languages that's really convenient to
fold up oh they should have put in like
a little booklet here the specs if you
want to pause the video there's more
stuff 90-day warranty card and quality
control pass this is just a standard
charge cable kind of
next parts and finally an additional
coil so this device one thousand
milliamp hour rechargeable battery
inside and this over here is the USB
port that I originally thought it was
for a lanyard it's it's for airflow so
the door lifts up like that a little
notch and as you can see there's a
screen with up and down buttons and the
cartridge just pops out like so price
point on this thing I think they're
around thirty five bucks and the coils
have I found the coils yet for a five
pack I've seen them on having ghosts for
like eight ninety four five of them so
it's under ten bucks for five coils yeah
not bad that's why it's important to
keep the coils smaller to dilute early
losses it's time to go tomorrow's my
birthday I have an infection on my nose
and up flows coming to stop by and say
hello so bye I'll talk to you guys next
week when I will resume reviews cuz I
gotta go celebrate getting another year
older and closer to death bye