😊 Sense Herakles Pod Mod RPM40 Review

what's going on there YouTube twisted
here once again how you guys doing
everybody doing good it's almost
Christmas you guys hoping to get all the
presents and shit you want huh yeah I
hope you get what you want I hope Santa
brings you the good ship anyway it's
Monday we're gonna be going on break
pretty soon Christmas break and
everything but I figure out a pup in
with this device I'm a little bit late
on what we're gonna talk about it anyway
you haven't done any pods in a while and
this is kind of a pod mod but it's
actually called a pod mod today people
we are taking a gander at the since
Heracles pod mod let's turn people the
since Heracles pod mod now this thing
here let me tell you when I first got it
and I was like man this looks just looks
similar reminds me of something 20 and I
was like ah schmuck rpm Forte that's
right came out they reviewed back in
September so and I started looking at
mover guy these things are similar this
new since things a little bit bigger
it's got some RGB LEDs inside of it and
it holds a whopping six emails we're
gonna discuss more differences and
everything but yes very very similar to
the RPM 40 but do they improve on the
design and they do get worse
we're going to talk about it we're gonna
discuss all of it and first and foremost
let me tell you what it is this is a
1500 milliamp hour 6 mil capacity 0.40
mesh heaven Padma dude with the screen
goes up 40 watts got a bunch of
different finishes and I've seen it on
the interwebs for about 31 to 36 bucks
for the kit
okay and a vape sourcing in my vPro have
them for those prices by the way shout
out to some of the sponsors we still got
to figure out this whole link situation
this sucks it's fucking bullshit anyway
beyond all that that's what this is
that's what we got going on and we're
gonna discuss it damn it
and we're gonna talk about it and first
foremost let's talk about packaging
people we got to discuss
i stern baggage and you open this bad
boy up got some papers and stuff some
silica you're gonna have your pod dude
all right you're gonna have your extra
pod you're gonna have two coils and then
you have your micro USB charging cable
almost a USB seat for some reason it's
not USB see is micro USB micro USB
charging cable and that's pretty much
all she wrote folks it's pretty much all
she wrote no I was saying back to
comparisons I mean this in the RPM 40
like I said this is a little bit bigger
I think it has a cooler face on the
bottom for the charging four look at
that a happy little guy let's take a
second to appreciate how happy the
bottom of this mod looks all right and
then like the smock when he might look
kind of stoned over there I don't know
anyway look comparison show you it's a
little bit bigger they changed some
stuff they don't have carbon fiber in
some spots and then they got lights and
stuff that's right we got RGB LED lights
that's something that see rpm 40 did not
have and the biggest difference I think
overall what this whole thing is
seasonals cool is this thing can take
the RPM 40 coils and the rebuildable
base so you could use those in here not
the Nord just RPM but the cool thing is
this whole six MLS that's a lot of juice
for something like this for something
this size on the go 16 miles it's pretty
good the smoke was 4.3 if I'm not
mistaken same milliamp-hour on the
batteries but yeah it's bigger capacity
here and you can use those coils okay I
just want to get all those little
comparisons out of the way first and
foremost okay nobody can move on to this
so speaking of these little pod dudes
check them out man check them out pretty
standard got a flap on the side put some
juice in but look at these magnets bro
these neo binya magnets they match him
with the base and with the only art in
the RPM it was like pressure feed you
like push it down this fucker really
just snaps right in there it's kind of
fun just the magnets really strong and
yeah I like that I like that method for
the pods and yeah besides that you got a
little coils right point 4 ohm coils are
pretty much like rpm coils these point 4
ohm coils you just take them and push
them up in there and then fuckin fill it
up with liquid and there you go pretty
simple little system nothing too crazy
you can also get extra packs of these
coils get a little 5 packs of them if
you want to replace them or whatever
but yeah so there's that there's all
those things okay looking at it real
quick you got some buttons you know you
got a fire button you got some up and
down buttons then you got an LED button
okay you can switch the LEDs on this
thing and it's kind of like a diffused
situation like a frosted situation on
the side but I gotta say the glow effect
is pretty cool and I'm a sucker for
lights I know a lot of people the
industry hasn't been doing RGB s in a
while and it hurt my heart but I'm a mom
I'm about some light so you know some
lights on me I'm not gonna complain
about it but yeah you can set it to a
bunch of different stuff you press and
hold that button you got regular you got
flash you got display a few different
modes and you can turn it off you don't
like the lights blinking stuff maybe
it's getting dark room watching movie
you just turn it off okay so that's cool
but yeah lights
I like lights there they put some on
here on this little guys kind of cool I
wish they were like brighter or less
diffused but it's cool it's cool it's
kind of neat kind of neato mosquito but
the screen itself pretty simple you go
through and adjust the lighting change
the colors and everything you got your
resistance voltage plus counter you turn
this thing up to 40 watts screen looks
pretty good all pretty standard stuff
pretty much like the RPM 40 it works
well five clicks on and off you can lock
the buttons so forth and so on you guys
know what's going on here okay but
beyond all this shit that we just
discussed you know we got lights you
know we got six mil capacity we can use
those other coils if you just buy it and
stuff how does it be I can say thanks
what you got man and thanks pretty good
see like there's a little bit more
airflow also I don't know if that has to
do with the just being a bigger device
and a bigger tank but um yeah it seems
to have more airflow these coils work
well I just got some three milligram
regular nicotine liquid in here and I've
just got any 30 watts and man is vaping
really good
it's doing good for something like this
may not be nothing sorry thanks pretty
good now like I said there's obvious
comparisons that we're gonna draw here
but as far as whatever this is just on
its own it's not bad
yeah let's got more juice and then same
battery that's one thing I guess really
let's talk about pros and cons cash
target let's fucking slut his gloss over
stuff okay I like to see since make a
new cell phone take damage
I love this sub ohm tank Leland brother
cons pros um they got some lights if
you're into that I'm into it so that's
1500 mAh I wish the battery was a little
bit bigger it's a little bit bigger of a
device and if you're already going
bigger on the tank might as well
shouldn't one like two thousand mile on
the battery in my opinion hey going out
there microUSB on the bottom still not a
fan of Chargers charge ports on the
bottom and I wish it would have been USB
see but I gotta say if it would have you
wouldn't have had that damn cute face
down there that little smiling son of a
bitch she's happy to do his job and I
respect that okay the six low capacity
is good I dig it
everything else is pretty much saying
kind of like an RPM for you overall it's
not bad I mean it's similar to something
that's already out there and that's
gonna happen these things are gonna
happen but they did add some lights and
they added more capacity to the liquid
thing and it's like backwards compatible
with the other thing so overall not too
shot yeah that's cool it works it's fun
thanks pretty good in its effort to give
her like 31 bucks yeah fucking that's
pretty good a little deal comes with a
couple of corners so forth so on couple
pounds all next up coils are built in
you can change them out I like that type
of stuff anyway you guys get what's
going on here man it's almost Christmas
in this bitch it's gonna pop in here and
tell you guys about the since Herakles
pod mod I kind of dig it I gotta dig it
baby good
it's a good bit of paper let me bump it
up just a down so you can get good
cloudiness before we got here that's
pretty good for this little guy
there's people there you have it since
Eric Lee's pod mod can't believe so in
the description but I tell you the
places to get it overall not too shabby
okay people I don't know when we'll be
back but we'll be back so more videos
we'll have more videos before the end of
the year of course we got some stuff
coming up I got some got some little
surprises planned for you guys we'll see
we'll see but yeah look that being said
you guys stay sexy out there all right I
vaping saves more lives than Santa Claus


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