👆SIGELEI ODO Vape Kit Review|The Smallest Refillable Vape In The World

hi there welcome to tiny things not all
of these are the world's tiniest things
but this is my tiniest shirt this is my
tiniest skirt and I wear it all the time
I promise my tiniest purse I've ever
seen on a gimbal my tiny purse has a
clip so when it gets too full I can just
attach another purse behold the world's
smallest babe tiniest refillable vape I
say refillable cos jewels pretty teeny
tiny as well but that's a closed pod
system so until now I haven't had the
world's smallest anything oh maybe not
one night back in college
hey guy so let's take a closer look at
the odo bye bye sigelei so here's how
this tiny little vape comes packaged
there's a quality control pal user
manual here are the specs if you want to
pause the video and as card is warranty
information that's the cable for
charging this does come with two pause
one is already on the device so this
tiny little vape odo has a 450 milliamp
hour rechargeable battery recharge us to
here so these old pots to hold 1.5
milliliters of e-liquid and they just
pull it in and out so all you gotta do
is yank it out and then Phil Jolla is on
the side right here so you looked up
it's attached on one side and then you
fill here and you got to make sure this
thing is like tight in there because
when you're putting it back into the
sometimes there can catch on that part
see what I mean
right there so you want to make sure all
the way in there yeah yeah it's zero I
keep my videos drug-free
which doesn't matter because YouTube to
monetize a bunch of stuff anyways so
yeah I've tried this stuff before and
I've liked it so I ended up getting some
more at the last convention I was at and
I completely forgot about it until now
yeah and yeah obviously there is
sweetener because you can see it it's
pretty yellow that's a good indicator
that there is sweetener a brand new pod
give it like 10 minutes so that cotton
can saturate and that's it there's no
buttons on here it's just a draw
activated device yeah yeah it's another
pod system but these things come in
handy it's easy to use it's a draw
activated device there's no buttons to
push but I would like to see an on and
off switch flavor out of this is really
it's above average for a pod system I'm
surprised however if you're taking a
longer hit towards the end you do lose
flavor and sometimes you can even get a
burnt taste now in here I do have like
80 VG vegetable glycerin eliquid
and I have had it sitting overnight so
I'm going to hit it at the max which is
10 seconds after that the safety feature
kicks in and cuts off power to the
device I'm gonna fast-forward through
this part that it's kind of boring
yeah towards the end I did get 8 and
most people are not gonna sit there and
inhale for it before 10 seconds I don't
see why you would ever want to most of
the time it's just gonna be hidden for
such a small device a 450 milliamp hour
battery is not bad it's gonna get you
through the day if not onto the next one
for most people it depends how much you
vape obviously and it takes about an
hour to fully recharge it little thing I
like it I do like it
I use pod systems when I go out I don't
bring a big babe I bring something like
holy Colin I can see what it beans it's
itty bitty teeny tiny is well you might
lose it
yeah now you can finally use that fifth
pocket give it a fill hole in Cod
because as you can see part of the coil
is in the way yeah these are like really
new I have no idea how much they're
going to cost I just want it to show it
too and and that's it to literally lose
you guys want to find me Elsa I'm also
on Facebook Twitter Instagram and my
other silly channel called just Sophie