😃 Sikary ATMA Vape Pen Kit Review 1200mAh 1.5ml

this is the thumbnail because why not
this is the atma kit and it's made by a
company called Sakaki
next stop the unboxing of this pod kit
you can see the joy in your eyes yeah
through the lens anyways so what if it's
pre-recorded I can see your freaking joy
alright the atma kit it comes packaged
like this and this message down here
isn't it's wrong there's no nicotine
there's no nicotine anywhere in here you
can put it in there if you want but it
doesn't come with it there's a user
manual there's a standard USB cable for
charging the little tank holds 1.5
milliliters of liquid and it fills on
the side mine was really hard to open at
first and move around but the company
did say that the retail version they
have corrected this that's gonna be a
little bit easier to move it but now
that I have some eliquid on there no
issues in fact I think it might be too
loose that metal ring it just feels a
little too flimsy so these little tanks
are actually reusable this part it
twists you gotta you gotta twist it for
a little bit
eventually it pops out and there's the
coil I have a sample version so it's not
entirely complete they're gonna be
adding another coil to the full retail
version and these things just twist in
and out like so so once you fill it up
from the side close it up so you don't
dump any of that eliquid
and with a new coil give it like three
to five minutes of that cotton can
saturate the last thing in the Box it's
the mod it has a 1200 milliamp hour
rechargeable battery in it recharges
through here and then the little tank
just plops into here and it does only
fit a certain way so that's not fitting
just kind of move it around until it
does one two three four five clicks
turns it on and five clicks also turns
it off the only other thing you can do
on here besides push the fire button is
change the wattage
one two three clicks changes the wattage
one two three clicks that green light
you see that means it's at 10 watts one
two three clicks the next slide which
also kind of looks like green but
they're calling it green and white
that's 12 watts one two three clicks the
white light that is 14 watts
I prefer screens but if you're gonna use
lights do like three separate distinct
colors because the green white Tamayo
just ends up looking like green oh and
don't forget there's also the battery
life indicator light or more lights so
depending on what color that is
and yes it's kind of equally confusing
it'll tell you where your battery life
is at red is bad ready got to recharge
it so if it's blue it's at three point
nine volts are higher if it's blue red
it's between three point seven two three
point nine I don't know if you can
really see cuz right now it actually is
that blue red oh it's like barely
showing up on camera maybe if I turn
down the is ohms make a real dark
can you see it maybe barely or not at
all but there's
two lights two lights in there they're
lighting up for me one is red and other
one is blue kind of ends up looking
purple I don't know why they couldn't
just call it purple adjustable air flow
would be nice too I think about the tip
I'd like that a glass or not the glass
it's made from plastic I would like it
to be a little bit thicker those peels
not the most comfortable on my lips I
like classic that's rounded off with
resin or whatever materials are using I
like it rounded thicker I gotta go
please subscribe
bring that bow as well I gotta go I'll
talk to you guys next time hopefully