😊 Smok Fetch Mini Best Looking Pod Review|Huge Clouds

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hey guys what is up and welcome back to
another vape review didn't get a pretty
cool device coming from smoke the smoke
fetch kid guys and if you guys remember
a couple of weeks ago or I think a month
ago I reviewed the smoke our mp40 and
even though I like that device I had
some problems of it being so large it
was just too big in my opinion to be on
the pot system aside on the side of the
pot sis did you get what I mean but this
is a new device the smoke Fitch and wow
guys it's actually a very sexy smaller
on the smaller side
compared to that the previous device I
was talking about it's a very nice
little pot system but the cool thing
about this it's both a pot system and a
vape just like the RMP 4 - it's
basically the same device just a sleeker
and smaller device that same things
compatible RNP and both smoke nor quails
it can do all of that but it's smaller
so in my opinion I like this too much a
little bit more but we'll get more into
that in the up and close and obviously
my final verdict and my pros and cons is
all of that but as a couple hitch right
now and we're gonna go right down into
the upper class this is the pod system
and if you see those clouds guys
currently I'm rocking around 40 watts
and I actually do have some freebase
juice means crusty and this is gonna be
a peanut butter and syrup on toast
flavor three milligrams and I gotta say
it's doing its job
in this part system over here forty
watts again let's go get guys
and they probably struggling to see the
clouds a little bit of love one more
directly at the camera and then when I
go down in stubble class so this is the
packaging for the smoked fish kit this
is the blue color and as you can see it
has AG glass panels and I gotta say guys
these panels are absolutely beautiful as
adjustable wattage from five watts to 40
watts a 1200 milliamp battery a zero
point nine six inch screen it's not
you're gonna get a smoked fish kit use a
male guide this important note card for
the RMP pod and both the Nord pod thank
you a pause you're also going to be
adding two pots RR mp40 pod and a Nord
pot and be here at the bottom you can
see our MP 40 and both north pod a USB
cable for charging you're also gonna be
getting two coils the RMP mesh coil
which is going to be a 0.4 base at 25
watts coil and the smoke DC 0.6 Nord
regular coil which is also pretty good
you have the option above our MP and
North Wales and then you have the fetch
designed by smoke this is the fish mini
and I gotta said this color is
absolutely stunning this is the blue
color and I'm a very big fan of it as
you can see guys it is kind of a
fingerprint magnet I have tried to clean
up a bunch of times but it just keeps on
coming back not the end of the world
over here is your screen as you can see
all the way around 40 watts right now
but I can take it down to all the way at
5 watts
it does not round-robin by the way so
that's kind of another con in my books
but 40 watts is kind of hot actually
extremely high for a pod system and on
the top right you can see the battery
life over here you can see if it's
locked or unlocked right now it's
unlocked two locking devices only three
clicks one two three and then you can
see power locked we here you can see
your ohms your voltage and your puff
I have 1500 puffs on here so the clear
puffs is very easy you click here and
you click here and then puffs have been
cleared and also to change the color
right now it's on this blue color change
that is gonna be this in this lick you
can see purple white red orange or
yellow green back to blue sorry back to
blue over there
see I guess overall very easy to
understand screen I love the fact that
they have the battery indicator over
there and also over here guys - your
seconds as you can see the hold it down
0.6 seconds over there isn't gonna be
your power button you down button your
up button and over here it's gonna be a
USB slot for charging over here on the
bottom as you can see it says smoke and
has some holes for battery ventilation
and the evidence says designed by smoke
nothing too crazy down there here the
sides just a nice big black panel over
fetch design by smoke same on both sides
not to remove your cartridge is
extremely easy all you do is pull it out
like that and it'll say pod detached so
right now we got the our mp40 kweilyn
here and this is the our mp40 cartridge
alright I'm gonna pull out the Nord
cartridge and as you can see the only
difference is that our p1 is gonna be
black and so it's gonna be like a
see-through white so over here you can
see our MP over here you can see Nord
and the way to actually store your
quills is extremely easy right we have a
North quail over here and into the spot
you just drop it down like this and then
you push down and actually be facing
like this to the side and that's the way
it goes in over here you got some
magnets which is gonna line up over here
and it's just gonna sorry it's just
gonna pop in like so a very strong
connection which I really do like to
fill up is extremely and knowing the
very difficult you have to pull over
here and then full through there but to
get it back in it's quite a mission that
you get it out it's also quite a mission
not a fan of that at all your drip tip
or your mouth pieces over here it's not
adjustable you just have this one over
here you can't take it on the car put
your own one or airflow on the cartridge
is gonna be coming through here and once
you insert it's gonna be coming through
there and through there so you have two
places for airflow and it's non
adjustable which is a big con in my
opinion I will say the whole part is
very light it only weighs a hundred and
five grams it is has a heavier but not
too heavy it's very portable
both cartridges whole 1.7 of eliquid and
as you can see they both have like this
mid line over here so done pipe once it
goes below that mid line so the firing
speed on this device is going to be
point zero zero one five seconds as you
can see we held it right now for you it
is pretty fast which is a very big pro
in my opinion yeah guys that was the
smoke Fitch mini scribe back on top so I
could show you guys my pros of my cards
for this awesome little device here
from smock so that was the smoke fetch
up and close and now stuff for my final
verdict the pro is the con or that
beautiful beautiful stuff but obviously
first guys taking them toke off of the
smoke Fitch gotta say the flavor is
absolutely stunning and overall I was
extremely pleasant and fun of reviewing
this product it didn't give me any
problems I've been using it for about
three weeks now no issues whatsoever be
performing pretty damn well that's what
you expected to do battery is extremely
large flavors good clouds are big apart
system and it's a pipe
it was just an amazing experience
reviewing this device testing it out
over the last couple of weeks and ya
guys can write down its my pros and cons
and I'll tell you just what you should
expect what you should look out for and
overall if it's worth buying or not so
the first problem gonna give the device
isn't that a charge is pretty fast I
plugged it in just for this video and it
charged up to 100% in about just over in
an hour I think it's an hour and a half
and the battery is pre damn big as well
so that's not probative for the battery
one thousand two hundred million battery
that lost me about two days that's
another big Pro over there has a bunch
of different protections and just like
all that beautiful stuff I think this
low voltage protection as an
eight-second cuts off and just all those
different protections is another big Pro
for this device compatible with smoke
Nord and smoke rpm quells
that's a big Pro cause if you can't find
these newer coils you are guaranteed to
find North Wales wherever you are
wherever you can find the bike shop they
will have Norcross a big pro for that
guys this device goes from five watts to
40 watts that is a huge difference you
can do a whole lot with just the smaller
device of you can use as a pod system
and as a full-on vibe because right now
three milligrams no VG RPG juice in here
no issue whatsoever this Phoebus juice
in here is working like a charm
there is a whole lot of different color
options for this device I mean a whole
lot and this device is look at the
different reflection tear guys it's
absolutely beautiful and I love the fact
there's not over branding on this device
it just says designed by smoke no swap
logos on here no different Fitch logos
everything just mends and blends so well
with the color of that certain pot the
device is so easy to operate
I can guarantee you guys for that an up
and close it's just so easy to go
through all the different options I
change the watches change the color and
just to read the whole menu it's super
simple perfect for a beginner that's not
enough once a pod or a mod yet so yeah
the flavor is perfect
like right now peanut butter and syrup
on toast is tasting absolutely beautiful
flavor is an a-plus in my books so yeah
guys a whole lot of pros but obviously
obviously guys we have to go down into
the cons no adjustable airflow that
really does suck smoke if you're
watching this maybe include some
adjustable airflow in your Nick's at
heart system or mod pod in this type of
format that would be absolutely great
the device is quite a fingerprint magnet
of course they have this beautiful
design over here it is quite a
fingerprint magnet not the end of the
world but that could be looked at going
into the future now my final card which
is the biggest one in my books is the
way to fill up this cartridge absolute
pain guys I hate it so much I always
have to have something on me which I can
wedge in there to get out of there
police mark change that going forward I
absolutely hate that and I think I said
the same exact thing about the RMP 40
hated it as well no work for me and I
really think they need to work on that
so yeah guys what's the pros and the
cons a lot more pros than cons and
what's my final verdict in my time using
this device had no issues
it never leaked on me it did drop kind
of a few times never broke just overall
I had very little issues with this
device so I will definitely recommend it
going forward a lot more pros then
obviously there as well so yeah guys an
8 out of 10 for this device just for the
fact is perfect for the beginners you
can use two different types of quails
and those different type of coils have
different type of calls for those
different type of coil so hold on from
koalas you can use it this device so
overall it's just a beautiful device and
if you're looking for a port system or a
part or a mod in actual shoe you want
this device is the way to go I
definitely recommend it over the
previous version of this device the RNP
40 I think this is a better version and
I would rather pick up this device