👆 SMOK Fetch Mini Pod Kit Review 1200mAh 40W

I'm a sexy girl with beautiful nails as
you can see they're just stunning
they're growing like millimeter every
year the fetch pod kit yeah
surprised by a smoke smoke smoke smoke
smoke smoke yeah I was gonna dress like
a dog and fetch this vape and then I
realized how stupid of idea of an idea
that was I don't care I don't care at
all I don't care what you comment about
the smokes MOC situation I really could
care less I'm careless smog let's just
unbox this and move on the time lives
all right so this has a protective film
on it so I did remove it fully this time
some of you were not really able to deal
with me only partially peeling it off
and just leaving it there so this time
I'll only do that on one side no I'll do
I'm gonna go all the way I like the
finishes on these they come in some neat
colors dark brown here's blue ya know
personally I'm not into that metallic
blue look but to each their own black
the one I've been using is called green
and at the right angle you'll see that
there is some green but this is the box
that it came out of so underneath the
device this card has an important note
on the back basically let's see no
there's two pause and do coils and each
coil goes into its corresponding pod of
course there is a user manual they
didn't sheep out and print it on like
really crappy paper it's actually really
nice smooth paper feels pretty good to
the touch it's thicker quality paper
it's still not in the booklet form but
it's also not too big and here are the
specs if you want to pause the video and
this is a warranty card that just refers
you to their support center so it's
really not much of a warranty card and
on the back of that it tells you how to
verify the products authenticity and
finally inside of the Box two coils Oh a
pod the second pod is on the device and
there's also this USB cable for charging
personally I like my USB cables as long
as they can possibly be
so this this to me is kind of dinky so
that's the hole there it is
that was the juice fill hole it is on
the bottom you go stick it back in and
push it down
something just went out they do that
like when they get to hot place behind
me go out it's very convenient but yeah
that's the fill hole push it down and
it's like awkward pushing it down cuz
you see good it's like stick your finger
between these two spots so if you have
like really beefy fingers how you gonna
do that it's like not the most
comfortable thing
why not why not put the juice fill hole
so there's two pots two coils and each
coil only fits into one pod so you just
push it in there and that's it
that's quail with the red rings goes
into the pod with the red juice fill
hole cover I just ripped out the whole
thing I'm not a fan
okay the girthier one is the RPM mesh
coil there it is this is a point 4 ohm
coil and they're saying it's best around
25 watts that's a mesh coil other coil
is a point 6 ohm coil and this is just a
regular coil it's not mesh one two three
four five clicks turns it on one two
three four five clicks turns it off
device can go between five all the way
up to 40 watts but it's a bummer that it
doesn't for round robin I like when
things around Robin and this does not
you want to go down painstakingly have
to push the button I mean you see how
long that takes
oh it's almost like a whole two seconds
once you've selected your wattage there
is an option to lock it into place these
up and down or plus and minus buttons if
you hold them at the same time it locks
the settings so now I can't change
anything except I can still fire the
device to unlock it hold these two down
you can lock the whole device if you
really want to one two three clicks
locks the whole thing so now I can't do
anything on here and I can't fire it
either one two three clicks unlocks it
on the screen there's a battery life
indicator wattage this is a timer with a
puff timer and at the very bottom you
can see a puff counter to clear that
puff counter you can hit the down button
and the fire button at the same time
well that's what the manual said did it
I did not so just a quick click of both
buttons you don't actually hold them
down just and really not much happened
and just end up firing the device and
that's it up button in the fire button
quick click changes color
they get pretty smudged up these things
our fingerprint and magnet this is not
draw activated to vape I do have to push
the fire button the coil I have in here
is the mesh coil it's pretty flavorful I
like it the pole or draw on this I would
have liked for there to be adjustable
air fall and there is not it is what it
is the airflow
it comes in right here through the
bottom of the coil this one's definitely
on the airier side not that restrictive
let me try the other one here is a
second coil these pods both of them hold
the same amount 3.7 milliliters of a
liquid and I don't know if you can
really see it that's like over here
it says it's for five to forty watts so
whatever coiler you stick in there
should be in that range here it is at
five watts that was very exciting
next up is 10 watts 15 35 and 40 and 40
I'm gonna chain bail it
it's doing just fine
so yeah the coil can be used between 5
and 40 watts it's really not very
exciting until you get to about 15 and
flavor doesn't diminish when I'm chained
babe and so it's sucking up that eliquid
just fine but for flavor I do prefer the
other coil
I think the mesh coil is more flavorful
than the regular coil 50 bucks is the
retail price on these things it's kind
of high but at least you get that little
I like the screen over the stupid lights
the lights annoy me a lot of POD kids
have lights like red blue green some
companies have red as the highest
setting other ones have red as the
lowest setting it's confusing I just
want to see my freakin wattage if the
screen had nothing else but the wattage
I'd be happy that there's a screen of
wattage so I know exactly where I'm at
that's gotta go mad about lights pod
kits the next review will definitely be
a pod kit but I promise I promise you
that there will be other stuff on this
channel besides freaking pod kids not
that they're bad they're not bad they're
great for smokers getting off of
cigarettes so I'm still gonna show these
things but I would like to eventually
show other stuff on my channel like I
used to or just other stuff other stuff
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