👆 SMOK Morph 219 Kit With TF Sub Ohm Tank|Cheap Vape Kit Review

hello I'm Sophie and today I wanted to
show you guys something from smack your
it's whatever whatever you want to call
it that's that's what it is
these are the morph 219 kits you might
be seeing these a little later on my
Instagram page where sometimes I give
stuff away I was gonna ramble on a
little bit more in the intro but let's
just let's just check out this thing up
close that came with it is called the TF
sub ohm tank that comes with the bubble
glass on it and then an extra glass
piece but with this one it does hold
less liquid with the big one about six
milliliters the drip tip cell knees are
made out of resin they are removable and
size 510 to open this there's a little
release button you push this and then
swivel out this way
pour your liquid into that hole this has
bottomed air flow to these slits it is
adjustable and on a stopper the bottom
of this turns counterclockwise the base
comes off and this is where coil goes
when it's brand new there will be a coil
already in there and look how easy it is
to put these in that's it that's what
you got to do and then to take it out in
total this came with two coils both
coils are 0.25 ohms and they can be vape
between 30 and 80 watts over here that
is a midline so try to keep your liquid
to here or higher it'll extend the life
of the coil
these are mesh coils the coils that come
with the retail version might be
different I'm not I'm not positive
because the one I have as you can see it
just came in this black box this is the
pre-release version so it's like a trial
sample I don't always do this I don't
find it really necessary as long as I
just let my coils soak for a little bit
but sometimes I'd like to prime them and
all that is is just putting a couple
droplets of a liquid directly on to the
cotton to keep this video drug-free 0
milligrams yeah of course it's tea time
a little loose stuff I can vape it all
day long because there's no added
sweeteners in the box there was also
extra parts for the tank and protective
abandoned you can stick this on here
so and get a little extra protection for
the glass here is the morph 219 mod so
yeah does go up to 219 Watts on the back
is this image it is an image it's not
resin and there's a protective cover on
both the image and on the screen
sometimes these trial versions don't
come with a manual
mine mine did not but they did send me a
battery safety card this one here
explains how to verify the products
authenticity and on the back is a
warranty card last thing in the Box is
this cable it is for charging and
firmware updates the mod is a firmer
upgradeable it uses 218 650s I do like
the battery positioning indicators on
the outside and they're also on the
inside as well this end is positive this
side is negative at the top a 510
spring-loaded connection so here's the
fire button it may look like it's this
long but it's not clicky until about
halfway up five clicks of this fire
button quickly turns the device on the
beginning stuff we don't need that and
just need the device to turn on one two
three four is my code this is like a
child lock it's a safety feature on here
you don't have to set this up but I did
for demonstration purposes now if I get
my code wrong it'll say I failed I
I just keep failing eventually it'll ask
security questions and I don't know what
my favorite numbers are locking numbers
I'm just gonna keep trying and I just
cannot get into my device now if you
actually don't remember your security
questions or the code I'm not sure how
to bypass this there's got to be a way
but but I don't know it so this is a
touchscreen but as long as this symbol
is locked you can't adjust anything on
here to unlock this there is a button or
here now just quickly pushing the button
will make the mod go into stealth mode
so it just makes the screen dark long
pressing the button unlocks the device
so now I can adjust my wattage and this
does go to 219 watts once it gets there
it stops and unfortunately it does not
I'm gonna take this off because I can
see the resistance is still showing like
whatever I had on there before this tank
normally it does ask me if I if it's a
new coil or an old coil but it didn't
this time see now it is somewhat yes it
is a new one so down here is resistance
voltage you can see when you're vaping
well I don't know if you can see it yeah
no you can't because you'd have to be
looking at the screen while you're
vaping just kind of hard this is a puff
counter and this is amps and on the
bottom is a battery life indicator for
each battery over here is how you get
into the menu but first I gonna unlock
this tap that first thing in here is
mode I am on wattage mode there is
different vape strengths normal soft
hard and I can also adjust my wattage in
here there's also temperature control
here right on the same screen you can
adjust 40 CR and also wattage after mode
is my mode and here you have four
different spots where you can program
whatever settings you want but I think
there's only wattage I don't have the
manuals I don't know if this works for
temperature control so you can adjust
wattage to preheat the vape strength in
here if I click on this
come on am i not touching it okay wow I
can actually type in whatever flavor I'm
using and on the bottom you can even
type in your Nick strength and I believe
this goes all the way to like 36 next
one up is puff so here you can set a
maximum amount of puffs I'm already at a
hundred and five and I can clear it just
by clicking this the very last thing in
year settings here's some info about it
the factory reset you can restore it to
factory settings if you so wish
accessibility so here you can have the
mod auto lock after screen timeout or
not and power off this is another way to
turn off the device however one two
three four five clicks turns it off as
well well not entirely get to this
screen you gotta click yes and then
turns it off and in settings there's
more info on the chip theme that is
holders wallpaper these honestly you can
barely see them but there's those scream
color this changes some of the color so
no everything's purple very last thing
on here scream timeout this is like a
standby time scream timeout time how
many seconds before it goes dark very
last thing is passcode so that's that
password in the beginning line is one
two three four very creative if I click
on this I can turn it off or leave it on
and I can change it too as well if you
turn off the device someone else tries
to turn it on they will be faced with
this screen if you if you set it up oh
and one more thing one two three clicks
of the fire button locks and unlocks
the fire button so when it's locked I
can't fire it what I don't understand is
why they did two different finishes it's
really nice when kits match because this
I don't I don't consider it mad
and finish that they have on the mod
this paint took a mirror and it is a
fingerprint magnet I like the way they
haven't set up I think it makes it
pretty user-friendly and what's nice for
example when you're in temperature
control you can adjust your TCR and
wattage all on the same screen the only
thing I really would have changed on
here is the battery life indicators I
would have preferred to see that in
percentages for both it could be like
this and percentages because there's
definitely room for it oh and the
wallpaper option I don't think you can
it just looks like a dark screen
probably but I do have a wallpaper
selected it's not very visible
I think the wallpaper is kind of
pointless however on the bright side the
screen is it's really bright you can see
it indoors outdoors there's no issues
seen seeing the screen however there is
no way to adjust a screen brightness for
the most part the mod is really
responsive so whatever I click it just
works right away except for one thing
one thing I'll probably never use which
is the keyboard so when I click on that
it doesn't always register it I think
it's kinda neat that it does have a full
keyboard I've never seen that before on
a mod I would have liked to see it
round-robin so once it gets to 219 for
it to go back to 1 watt if I keep going
up I would have liked to see it
round-robin all over the place but the
only place that really does it is
temperature control the tank the TF sub
ohm tank I liked that they went with a
resin drip tip it's got that locking
mechanism that their previous ones do
where you push the button swivel it out
it's really nice to have that because it
won't accidentally open in your purse or
pocket but I think one of the neatest
features are those pull and plug coils
however if you have a liquid in there
and you pull one out well you'll see
what happens
oh it spills out the drip tip so that's
there's the morph 219 kit it's around
like 80 bucks retail right now