👍SMOK Nord AIO 22 Pen Vape Kit Review|Mesh NORD Coil System

hi there for you today I have the smock
AI Oh kits ones a little smaller this is
the smock a IO 19 and this one's a
little bit bigger with a bigger battery
slightly bigger tank and this is the
smock nord AIO 22 oh I almost forgot if
you guys want to see me live and in
person making a fool of myself I will be
at Mohegan Sun in Connecticut that's how
March 16th
well the conventions 16 and 17 but I
will for sure be there March 16th at the
merch booth yeah kind of weird at the
merch booth I don't think I'll be
selling any merch I'm there to see you
guys I could give a crap about their
merch here's how the Nord all-in-one
kits come packaged and I'm guessing this
number refers to the diameter of the
tube both of them come with a manual and
this little card which shows you how to
verify the products authenticity and on
the back it's also a warranty card here
are the specs for each kit if you want
to pause the video here is the bigger
one 22 there's airflow on the sides this
is the fire button more airflow over
here in the USB port for charging on the
bottom a tiny hole for battery
ventilation at the top a dollar and drip
tip this is not a standard size it has a
top fill design push the button swivel
out and fill here there is no standard
connection so this is the only Adi that
you can use with this the kit comes with
two coils one of them is a regular coil
and this one is 1.4 ohms
it's a tiny hole you can barely see that
coil in there the other coil is a point
6 own and this one's mesh can you see
anything in there
the smaller kit comes with the exact
same coils the quills pop in like this
this is all one piece and the glass is
not removable when it's brand new
do give it like a little rinse rinse out
the tank and then let it air dry I'm
gonna stick the one point 4 ohm coil
into the smaller kit
it just makes more sense because guys
our battery surprise it's tea time oh my
goodness not again yeah this one's apple
spice and oh it's I like it I like it
it's like an apple cinnamon flavor but
the cinnamon is not really overpowering
mm-hmm this is zero milligrams for the
purposes of this review keeping it drug
free over here with a new coil inside
give it like five minutes so that cotton
can saturate one two three four five
turns it on there's a little white light
and then you push the button to vape oh
my god dummy I pulled out the coil that
I had in my smock Nordo the tank was
complete or the pod whatever you want to
call it was completely filled and I
yanked out the coil and a liquid just
came out of them both Ness but yeah it
appears that the coils that are in here
are the same ones that they're using in
Nord a IO kiss I guess that's why
they're calling it a Nord so originally
it was a pod with these coils and now
these coils are in a tube that's okay
they're not bad coils dude they're
pretty good they're flavorful they're
not the best out there but they're
decent coils but with these they're
trying to do like two different things
with this the one point 4 ohm is more
like MTL mount long and then the point 6
oh well that's a sub ohm coil so it's
more of a direct 2 long kinda hit which
is fine they can do two different things
but for that I would like to have
adjustable air flow the air flow it is
what it is it's fully opening on both of
them on here the smaller one it is more
restrictive than this one this is the
airiest one so airiest
more restrictive and then the most
restrictive one of all of them would be
this so first out there's there's this
one the Nord I like the pole on this
thing Nord AIO 19
both of these had the one point four ohm
coil and this one's got the point six or
mesh coil my favorite one is still this
but I can see why they decided to make a
two version of it bigger batteries but
your batteries will last you longer but
I think this this actually works better
with a 1.4 ohm because it's got more
restrictive air flow and this does work
better with the point is 6 ohm if you
stick to 1.4 in here it's just it really
doesn't make any sense yeah it's just
way too airy for a 1 point 4 ohm coil I
don't I don't get it but I also don't
get is why not just put a standard drip
tip on here they're not you can't use
any of your own you can't replace the
glass and you can't use any other
Addie's with this it is what it is and
it's meant to be a really basic simple
starter kit but if you drop it and break
the glass you're gonna have to get a new
kit but I will say like the top fill on
I like smocks little button because
without the button this could
accidentally open up on you so how these
things work is they hit up max wattage
and then slowly drain the battery once
it can't hit anymore it just tells you
it needs to recharge basically that
little tiny light you see right there
it'll it'll blink and that's it that's
your only indication that these things
need to charge I mean you might feel the
loss of power that might be another
indicator but yeah there's no indicator
light or any type of warning it just
shuts off I might have a couple extra I
have 219 kits and 222 kits so I guess
two of them I'll giveaway right here on
youtube to enter check down below
there's a link click on that and I look
for something that says giveaway
information it'll tell you everything
that you need to know so that's for the
22 and then the 19 I'll give away a
little later on my Instagram page so
that does it that completes this review
if you guys are interested in picking up
one of these I think this one's around
20 bucks this
like just under 30 something like that