💙 SMOK NOVO 2 Refillable Vape Pod Kit Review 800mAh

this just happens every 28 days so so
yeah you know what else keeps happening
well smoke smoke smoke smoke videos I
give credit to Mike Bates for the smokes
mock this is the Novo to I went with the
festive red for for today it's hot it's
cold it's just not a fun day today for
me so let's just get right down to the
point inside of the box there is a user
manual warranty card on the back of that
it shows you how to check the products
authenticity don't eat this there's also
a charge cable and I'm feeling bloated
here's the device I can't be bothered
with makeup today but what I can be
bothered with adjusting to the
temperature of course I just don't know
but what I do know that I want to do is
just a really simple carefree kind of
put some liquid into my vape stick it on
there and and vape because I don't want
to deal with settings today I really
don't want to deal with anything today I
probably shouldn't have tossed that over
there because what I wanted to show you
is these pant pots these pods one of
them is an Emmet TL 1 point 4 ohm coil
inside of there and the other one is 1
ohm and this one is mesh the pods hold 2
milliliters and they fill from the side
so you lift up this little dinky stopper
thing and then fill in the hole so this
is the battery portion it's 800 milliamp
hours and it recharges through the
bottom and both sides have this
protective wrap on the outside I'm not
that into colors it's just not my thing
but this kit comes in 8 colors and some
so there's a red and yellow that I had
along with green and red yellow and
purple 7 color which is like rainbow on
the outside like a rainbow finish
in black black and white blue and brown
and then there's this new one they're
calling seven color spray I've never
seen this one before I actually didn't
see it in their store either so maybe it
is there now but it wasn't when I looked
so so yeah technically yeah there's more
color options than this but you know
what silly wearing hats inside stickers
for vapes novo two original novo what
are the differences oh all right
let's just cover the whole screen with
that well now you can see what the
differences are between the two devices
basically the newer novo two has a
bigger battery 800 milliamp hours which
is great because that battery's gonna
last you for like up to the companies
saying 600 puffs which is at 200 puffs a
day about three days maybe two to three
days it really depends how much you've a
but I should probably start baby cuz I
don't think I've aimed yet during this
video oh that's that's nicer than the
Novo the original novo the poll on here
is a little bit more restrictive
I remember the noble original was more
Airy then this must be the coils unless
they changed something I know the
airflow is coming in through the sides
right here and on the original one I
have no idea where that airflow came in
wasn't through the USB port no good but
I don't I don't see where it could have
came in from so back to the stickers
they sent me this horrible clown there
is a front and a back you can barely see
it but
well on one of these stickers
tada I've now made it uglier
ya know scary stuff is just not really
my thing
yeah man mm-hmm
oh I should probably show you this they
told me I couldn't win but that you guys
still had a chance I don't know if this
comes with the purchase if you have to
purchase it directly to them or through
who or how it's gonna work but it's a
little scratch off card and you may win
extra prizes like first prize smoke no
vote to kit all colors all the colors
second prize the morph 219 kit novo 2-1
t-shirt and a cap and the third prize is
a novo 2 kits they're gonna have a whole
bunch of different pods with different
coils in them for these things and I'm
saying these things because you can use
the pods from this one on this one and
vice versa so it's a lot harder to get a
pot onto this one that is this one this
was a lot too loose not even a little
way loose so they fixed the issue the
differences aren't really that
noticeable to the naked eye
I think the retail on this is gonna be
around 35 bucks
something like that and that's it all I
wanted to say so that's the toodle-loo
delete loose I gotta go I gotta go put
some clothes on see you guys later bye