❤ Smoktech RPM40 Vape Pod Mod Kit Review 1500mAh

hey there guys today we review oh my god
like hello it's a podcast but it's a
little more advanced than those pod kids
so yeah it goes between one and all the
way up to 40 watts and that's it
it just has a wattage mode I never know
how to start these things for review
today the smoke rpm 40 kits one two
three four five clicks turns it on and
it goes through all this unnecessary
stuff before you get the screen come on
there it is yay so now if you look at
the screen actually let me turn this
down because it goes from one all the
way to 40 watts and it does not
round-robin it doesn't so let me go back
to like seven and now watch the screen
there is resistance you can also see
voltage but only if you're holding down
the fire button because if you're vaping
well and then the very last thing on
here is the puff counter I mean there's
one more thing colors you can change
colors so if I click the fire button
that's button oh I do believe the puff
counter because I hit the wrong button
if I click this button and the fire
button at the same time it it clears the
puff counter
I've already accidentally done that a
few times I click the older this button
and then the fire button you can see
some of the colors change it does also
fire the device as I'm doing it which is
gonna silly see what I mean fires it
sometimes changes the water doesn't
doing it yeah see oh the best way to do
that I feel like it's missing a button
and then if you hold these two at the
same time you can lock the water no I
can't change it to unlock it just hold
them no we're back in action one two
locks the device so now I can't fire and
I can't change my settings so it locks
everything it does have a battery life
indicator would have been kind of neat
if it wasn't percentages but it's just a
little picture that's good enough the
battery inside of here is a 1500
milliamp hour rechargeable battery and
from a dead battery it takes about two
hours to fully charge this thing through
the USB port on the bottom oh yeah
flavor that's pretty good out of here I
will say that I mean it's not the best
thing out there but it's nice so yeah
and I don't have that many complaints
only - first of all doesn't round-robin
I like when things round-robin all over
the place but it doesn't once I guess
240 Watts that's it if you keep pushing
up it'll do nothing you got to go back
down with the down button if you want to
go down not the biggest deal because it
does move pretty quickly it actually
might move a little too quickly other
con well there's no adjustable airflow
I like adjustable air hole because
everyone has like a different preference
when it comes to the poll or draw this
one for me just seems like it's a little
bit too Airy so it's more on the air.you
side not a big deal for most people but
I've been vaping for a while so just not
to sense you know I've been vaping for a
while and I haven't had any weird and
long things happen because I don't put
illegal drugs in my vapes
if you hear stuff about vaping in the
news read further into the article and
hopefully they include it cuz it's not
from your like store-bought liquids it's
cuz there's dumbasses putting stuff
black market stuff illegal stuff into
their devices and that's that's what
does it
maybe I'm being too picky with the drop
but but I'd still like to have
adjustable air fall you know that's
where the airflow is you can see the
coils a little slits on the bottom so
air will come in through this way and
then get to the coil and come out the
mouthpiece so if you were wondering how
that works maybe you weren't but I told
you anyways yeah the pods on this thing
are pretty big
they hold five milliliters of a liquid
whoops not exactly an empty pod holds
five milliliters that's really weird how
they did this the oils are removable and
you do fill it through the side lift up
a little silicone piece on the arrow end
because the other end is and holds it in
oh my goodness we're back to tee time
and tee time is coming out or they
already did with an Earl Grey tea so I'm
excited to get that but today I'm using
their peppermint tea and as you can see
there's absolutely no drugs in here it's
just VG PG and flavorings zero Nick and
with a brand new can you can see that
and with a brand new pod like this give
it like overfilled it start it give them
like five minutes it's like cotton
concentrate of course there is a user
manual and it's actually got a pretty
nice one the functions are nicely
displayed so here are all the specs if
you want to pause the video there is
also this warranty card and on the back
of that it shows you how to verify the
products authenticity
there's the device yeah this thing come
in a whole bunch of different colors let
me edit them in real quick there they
and it also comes with two pots this one
is the rpm pod and the other one is Nord
let me show you the coils up Oh close
the coil in the RPM pod is the RPM mesh
coil this is a point 4 ohm coil and it's
best at 25 watts let's see if I can
focus on the coil itself barely there it
is all right good enough from the Nord
pod I got the nord a regular coil so
this one's not a mesh coil
it's point 6 ohms and there is no best
at watered range on here so when there
is non just start low and then slowly
increase wattage until it gets to your
sweet spot this cartridge holds 4.3
milliliters of a liquid and this one
holds 4.5 here yard the end of the video
in macro lens world and I'm realizing I
never totally lewd myself out of there
and I also forgot to show you guys at
the screen it does have a protective
cover on it it looks all scratched up
that's because of the plastic on here
yeah no I don't want to go on camera
right now I'm totally blue with my face
because it's not looking so good I've
been packing for about 12 hours and I'm
beat and it shows it so I'm just gonna
to dilute Lilu myself like this and I
hope that's okay I'll see you guys in
the next one but please believe me that
there is a protective wrap on this
device oh gosh damn it you see it's
starting to come up oh I did it I took
the protective cover off alright don't
forget to subscribe ring that bell as
well so gonna know where the absolute
shit out of you and I gotta go bye guys


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