👆 Snowwolf MFeng UX Vape Mod And Wolf Tank Review

it also doubles as a nail file for today
show-and-tell I have something from
sigelei this is the snow wolf em Fang UX
yeah it does kind of look like the
previous one except it doesn't have that
three dimensional wolf head the front of
it looks almost identical the interface
is slightly different let me show you
guys this thing oh yeah it's annoying
when companies are forced to lie there's
absolutely no no nicotine in here on the
back of the box are the specs if you
want to pause the video and here are
their social media handles this one is
black and gold in here is the charge
cable and it actually looks like a
really nice cable with like a lot of
length this is not your standard dinky
charge cable Pro obviously here is the
mod but underneath everything I'm
guessing this is where you would
normally find the manual but mine didn't
come with one I do have the pre-release
version so all I got was all this stuff
so these mods aren't gonna come in like
five different colors obviously this is
the black and gold one here it is in
Chrome red space blue pearl white and
gold and finally chrome blue and when
this is brand new it'll have like a
little film over the screen to protect
it so this part right here is made with
a carving process well that's what they
called it it's got a little bit of a
texture to it at the top a centered 510
connection you can fit some nice size
Addie's on here and it is spring loaded
it's pretty springy this is the fire
button also the on and off button it's
pretty big and the whole thing is
clickable obviously here's the screen up
and down or plus the minus buttons USB
port one thing I don't really see on the
device is battery ventilation the back
door just comes off like this it's held
on by three magnets and when I
as you can clearly see which way to put
the batteries in this holds 218 650s
which are not included once the
batteries are in there the mod
automatically turns on and I do have the
child lock on just so I could show you
guys how it works it only turns on when
I remove the battery if you shut down
the device and turn it back on it won't
be child locked I'm wrong it's not just
when you take out the battery it's also
when you lock the device to lock the
device one two three clicks locks it and
now if you want to use it again you got
to put in the code I'm always very
creative with my codes there it is hold
down the fire button and Amin without
the child lock it'll automatically go to
the main screen
so in wattage mode this goes all the way
up to 200 watts and then it stops if I
keep going
it'll round-robin love that and it goes
up and down in increments of 0.1 however
you hold one of these buttons down it
does this a lot faster so they sent me
this wolf tank but it wasn't part of the
kit it just came in a box like this here
are the specs if you want to pause the
video and take a closer look I'm gonna
be honest the first time I filled this
up and I could have sworn I had
everything in there really tight it
leaked on me so this thing has a top
fill where you just unscrew the drip tip
and then pour your liquid into here the
drip tip on this is size 8 to 10 but
it's not goon style and the tank does
not have like a little rubber piece
inside either so supposedly this mod has
smart wattage recognition see how it
went from my 40 something to 80
something that's where it thinks I
should be vaping this just based on a
resistance of the coil and the coils can
be raped in temperature control because
these are made out of stainless steel
316l and here is the other coil this
thing can be vape between a hundred to
230 watts that's just crazy to get into
the menu these two buttons down here
have to be pushed at the same time you
know I'm in the menu first one up is
mode in here I can select power which is
wattage mode
there's also temperature control so
there's TCR nickel titanium stainless
see ours temperature coefficient of
resistance there's five different memory
settings if I go into one of these down
I cannot dose this part but I have no
manual it would be really nice to have
it to see if they even have a range for
for each type of metal more for advanced
users if you don't know what's going on
just skip it here you can select what
temperature unit it's in so there's
Celsius and Fahrenheit in Fahrenheit
this goes all the way to 570 then it
stops and it does round-robin that's it
for mode next one down is display power
saving I don't have the manual I don't
actually know what this is cuz the
screen is like timing out the same
whether I have it on or off so I don't
know a screen times out in about like 10
seconds next one down is brightness
pretty self-explanatory this is a screen
brightness and that's it in there set
here you can set a preheat take a little
boost so this does go all the way up to
the full 200 watts then it stops and if
you keep going it does round-robin so
once you have that where you want it go
down here and you can adjust how many
seconds this preheat will happen for and
it goes all the way up to one second and
then tell us around Robin the next one
is that child lock you've already seen
it so I'm not gonna explain it I'm gonna
turn it off so I was in temperature
control now if I have this set to
wattage mode and then I go into the menu
and to set the preheat will look a
little different you can pick different
babe strings or it's hard
normal soft and user the other ones are
preset user is custom
as you saw I got the tank and the mod
separately like their package separate
but I'm wondering if they send it
together because it's going to be a kit
I'm not sure and they didn't tell me the
coils are insane I like to vape at lower
wattages and these are crazy like the
one I have in here right now supposedly
you can vape it up to a hundred and
fifty watts I don't like doing this I
don't like to but here we go let's test
out this coil alder one goes up to like
two hundred and thirty the mod doesn't
it goes up to two hundred I'm not even
gonna I'm not even gonna go there I'm
sticking with this coil and this is
overkill it's overkill for me some of
you might enjoy this I'm gonna start
this at 90 watts air flow completely
open and let's see where this goes I
will say I'm impressed
that's a galley actually put in the
material of the coil which is 316l
stainless steel which means you can use
it in temperature control and wattage
one done oh yeah it's getting warmer and
warmer the tank is starting to heat up
just the tank the mod seems to be fine
I'm gonna bump this up to 120 yeah a
vapor is getting very very warm beyond
my comfort level I like a warm vape kind
of actually I kind of like it in-between
not too cold not too warm here it of 140
and finally 150
that's just too hot it's way too hot the
tank is hard the mod is starting to get
a little warm mm-hmm but the coil the
coil is still flavorful like I'm not
getting a burnt hit so maybe work they
do work if you like a really hot vape
but like I said an up-close part of the
video the first time I stuck this coil
and I don't know if I didn't tighten it
enough or what the heck happened but all
my eliquid came out second time I like
poured everything in there and made sure
it is tight as I can be and now it's
fine I haven't had any leaking so oh but
back to the mod the look of it I like it
and I like that it comes in nice classy
colors this part right here you hear
that it fires really quick this part
right here it's like a nail file like
you can literally follow your nail on
here look at that it also doubles as a
nail file yeah listen to that it fires
bad but it is a finger print magnet and
I'm a clammy girl so this thing looks
filthy it round robins and it round
robins all over the place so whether
your wattage or temperature whatever
setting you're in once it gets to the
maximum it stops and if you keep going
it goes to the lowest number 1 2 3 4 5
clicks turns it on and I haven't had
many issues with the fire button firing
while I'm doing that I'm actually really
impressed I was gonna recommend like an
on and off button but it's doing fine on
the older version in order to get to the
menu one two three clicks brings me to
the menu and I think I complained that
the fire button was doing too much I
usually do so on this one to get to the
menu you click these two buttons at the
same time even without a manual I
thought this thing was pretty user
friendly the only thing I don't know is
power saving whether it's on or off I'm
not really sure what it does
would have helped to get a manual would
have but don't worry the retail version
that will have the manual this is like a
trial or pre-release a sample version
there is no rattle to the device however
the battery door it does have like a
little tiny bit of movement not much in
this Ziggler
it does have some insulation here but I
would've liked to see more I've seen a
lot of people's vapes and it scares me
because the batteries are really messed
up you don't don't ever put batteries in
that are damaged in any way but people
do and that's why that insulation is
really important because you don't want
metal touching metal to literally lose
that that's it I don't know how much
these are gonna be I found one site that
will have the mod and they had it listed
for like 65 bucks it was ecig City but I
I don't know if it's gonna come out as a
kit or just a mod or what the heck
they're doing cuz it's not even on their
site or store sigelei I'm talking about
so yeah that's it I gotta go if you want
to buy meals from also on Facebook
Twitter Instagram and my other silly
channel called just Sophie