The Best Vape Mod Guide&Review 2019

Oh welcome to the green wings vaping
Channel yesterday's video if you watched
it was my favorite tank of this year my
favorite tank this video like
yesterday's video is going to be a
favorite of the year so I favorite of an
earth 2019 and this is gonna be my
favorite mod of 2019 remember this is my
choice not influenced by company's
sponsorship partnership money nothing
this is completely 100% my choice and my
vape in mud of 2019 is gonna be after
this quick story when this mod first
came out earlier on in the year I bought
one myself I was baking it I was loving
things happen in life I didn't get ran
to vaping it just just circumstances and
everything I think it ran to vaping it
circumstances happening I think it ran
to reviewing it other I don't know what
think it went to fight me I've liked it
for a good month when I was getting
ready to do the review things happen I
didn't get a review there then I lost it
and then I lost it I've lost two mods in
my lifetime one of them was this that
sort of replaced and one of them was
another mod that I lost in the snow
about three or four years ago
really upset me I lost this or honored
on a camping trip I lost it well that's
what I've been called or stick I've just
known I've lost it I lost it a good
other night probably three months ago
but I never got the hand to reviewing it
I'm waffling on you want to know
remember this is my personal choice it's
my choice so if you ain't a police but
what your choice is in the comments
below and remember I've only chosen out
of what I've had this year so what taint
what mods I've had this year can't just
randomly pick one I'm sure there
probably is better ones but firing
adamant it's them I can't come pick that
as being my favorite mod here my
favorite mod of the year is it's quite a
popular one as well this is this is
quite a popular mod the vapor vessel gin
lookie here this is a new color this is
a new one this is in a new color so I've
got some new colors there and I've got I
think I've got green and and some other
colors where they blend into this black
and looking
see I will go over why this is my
favorite model do you look at that this
is a 220 watt mod it's the gin the gin
from vapor oh so it's the top they're
just giving you a quick look at the
because it it does look nice look at
that does look nice look looks he's
gonna obviously be one of them but go
over the factors of weight I just want
to show you if you purchase the kit if
you purchase the kit it will come like
this let's just show you what you get
inside you will get it like this you'll
obviously get the mod there that will be
sitting there just like that and it also
comes with the scar
it ain't messin a 10 millimeter tank I
never got back to using this one yet
that's an eight millimeter tank that is
a very decent tank there is nothing
wrong with that tank at all getting it
as a kit tank it's this lovely you fill
it up easily just like this nice white
hole there to fill it up you can see
there and he sold eight mil it's a beast
of a tank and we've got free air flows
at the bottom it's a very decent tank to
keep in a kit you also get some space in
there you get some spare coils spare
glasses a flat glass I think that drops
it down to five mil but is this all
you're mainly then all where's all that
stuff that's a very decent tank but
we're not talking about tanks we did
that yesterday we are talking about just
the mud I'm gonna stick a tank on it you
know if just speak to any old tankers
one knife just been vaping today just
because I needed a fight let's go over
the points on why this is my favorite
bait modded year
point number one the ease of use lock a
lot of weight mods this year that have
come out this is the only one that
either that's got the extra menu but
having the third button is so easy
because you can tap that three times I
thing is straight into your menu system
if we're focused as you can see there
you're straight into all your things
you've got a dedicated menu bun that's
point number one no mods that I've got
this year they didn't have a extra ban
and there's a few of them that really
needed extra bun point number two the
light weight is the light weight this is
so light weight if you're using a mod
all day when I lost this I missed it
because of the light weight or when
you've if you're vaping all day and
you've always got Locker if you're like
me you're vaping all day and you've
always got a mod vape kick in you and
it's so nice when they're like I've got
some kits over there that smoke make
free that'll have you done it's channel
that thing is really heavy and it starts
to become uncomfortable but when
something is this light it's just nice
you kind of Faqih it's there and it's
just moves with a flow point one the
ease of use like I said just want to go
back over to the ease of use because the
ease of use goes to this screen as well
I thought over you can see it but on the
battery percentage there it's actually
got a battery percentage normally they
just have these bars done light and the
bars go down this one actually has the
percentage like you finally this one is
currently saying 80% so I know I've got
eighty percent battery life I like that
it's little things like that
dar light you've got if we think on the
screen it's just easy the screen when
got my big massive screen we ain't got
no touchscreen we got none of that which
is got easy-to-use screen like I said it
goes up to 220 watts which is that's
enough I don't go close to that I don't
go close there you've got the pulse mode
you've got some other modes you've got a
power Eco mode and I've put it into the
Eco mode now it says eco they don't have
you seen but he says eco there and the
thing is with the difference released
this eco mode on this and to some eco
modes I've seen on some other mods this
one don't seem to affect the vapor I've
got another couple of mods that I've got
like an eco mode and they just all they
seem to do he's saying if I open at 50
watts people in Eco mode
don't tell you it's doing this but what
it seems like it's doing behind the
screens he's flopping the wattage to
like 20 what she don't want now this
seems like it's still doing the 55 watts
off going on but somehow it saved
in the back way whether he does or not I
don't know but it's got an eco mode
there I don't use it anyway but I was
just pointing that out for all you eco
mode lovers point number three the
battery door like I say it's the little
things it's all the little things that
add up to make the big things so the
battery door on this one is absolutely
there is
it's like that the battery door and it's
got two magnets is absolutely solid it
does not move at all it does not well it
does not shake it does it's just on
there solid unlike certain you know
things like that really normally in your
hand and the battery doors all moving
not this one back the door is absolutely
that was my winglets making that noise
but back the door is absolutely solid
that is not moving that little happiness
that battery door is solid lightweight
we've got we've got easy to use we've
got lightweight we've got battery door
is solid like I say it's only or Easton
the old tiny things we've got the third
band we've got the Eco mode that don't
seem to affect the power we've got the
ease to use on the battery where you
getting a bit battery percentage is like
I said it's all the little things also
if you've never held one of these gym
mods it's got kind of lock of blood
provides codeine I don't know what a
coating is but if you have a guy and you
know I'm talking about it's just cut
this sword smooth rub and it just makes
it so comfortable twelve it's nice to
oldish Scott it's sort of it doesn't
look like it from there but it has got a
sort of rubberized coating and it still
get all small bit so then attention to
detail we've got a soft purpley Blacky
mod but then we've got a little colored
gold soft part there we've got the gold
button we've got the coloured up/down
buttons in the memory that menu button
we've got the gold logo there and even
on the collective dripped it even on the
we've even got that coloured
this sort of like rose gold I think this
one looks really good I chose this color
because I just think it looks really
nice and I ain't got no purple mod so
off or get the perp walk sever break but
this 50 when you put it in its little
things like this like when you pull it
in it says new mod yes or no when you
press yes it says scanning it's scanning
it scans e little things it's the little
things so you go that's my that's my
fake modern human look at like you
digested eat some people that commented
and said what their favorite tank of the
year was comment as well see if you
think I've made a good choice member
it's all my choices if if you think I've
made a good choice in picking this as
the faint mod in here
if you haven't used this now are totally
recommending you will not be
disappointed with this it's a powerhouse
easy to use comfortable to hold
lightweight beast of a fake mod coming
in a close second now coming in a close
second of the day yesterday there's a
runner up the run of up is this Aegis X
this is quite popular this is a popular
mod this is a good-looking mod it's
comfortable 12 as well it's a little bit
heavier or quite a lot heavier and we've
got the waterproof released the
shockproof we've got the massive screen
it's close it's a close second that I
just X and I ain't had it that long he
said close second but when I didn't have
this I missed a Venus so these winners
it the most popular probably one of the
most popular vape to you this one now
now there's a few issues with this that
I don't like and I might do a video for
your for things that I don't like about
this maybe maybe maybe do that video
I've got time I've got site there's so
much coming on this channel on a squeeze
all in before Christmas but we've got
our Christmas giveaway coming will we
have a couple of items from vapor isso
in there well thing is one iron from
vapor sewing it might be to I can't
remember what's in the box the box is
growing by today
hopefully that's gonna come next week we
also have coming up next week we have an
exclusive look from a vapor their
Christmas fist if lineup it's a couple
of them their social subscribe for them
sort of videos well giveaways we've got
more vape reviews we got a lot of stuff
I'm gonna try a squeeze in before
Christmas you luck take care of yourself
like I said number one bite mods 2019