The Irreversible Damage Of Vaping to Teeth

have you heard anything about teeth the
effect that vaping has on your teeth
collectin I don't know anything about
what it does to your teeth why is it
different is there something different
here's what scientists are finding we
extracted these says from healthy donors
at this lab at Laval University
researchers took cells from a healthy
mouth and exposed them to e-cigarettes
or vape products
professor Mahmoud Rabia expected vaping
would be much less harmful than smoking
when we did the first experiments we
were puzzled so we found something which
is a little bit strange results showed a
cigarette vapor led to cell death after
just two or three exposures
comparatively not as bad as smoking but
clearly harmful repeated experiments
confirmed it and also found vaping
delayed wound healing in the mouth you
see these blue dots here this means that
the cells is dying when we did that
experiments and we saw there is some
damage of The Reckoning cigarette we
moved on from positive feeling to real
negative feeling we know smoking
traditional cigarettes causes disease
and damage to the mouth with a list of
conditions ranging from stained teeth
and cavities to gum disease coated
tongue and oral cancer but dentists say
vaping isn't far off a lot of the damage
that's been caused here is irreversible
and the effects that vaping has dr.
Michael glogauer is seeing the effects
firsthand it's on the top image you can
see this is a healthy mouth you have
nice pink gum tissue we have nice clean
teeth then add heat flavoured bait
chemicals and nicotine down here on a
patient who's been vaping significantly
you can see significant recession where
the gum tissue is being destroyed or
killed by the chemicals in the vaping
solution vaping is too new to know the
long-term effects dr. glogauer expects
it will take the heaviest toll on young
people so somebody who can start when
they're 18 buy their time they're 21
they can have significant recession and
a significant stain buildup on the teeth
oh that's really quick and that's news
to some vapors I imagine there could be
a problem because it's still colored
juices yeah
baby might mean fewer harms for an
ex-smoker it's unleashing new harms on
people who might never have picked up a
Christine Burak CBC News Toronto