The Latest Evidence On E-Cigarettes Are Far Less Harmful Than Smoking

So e cigarettes there's been a lot in
the media about this we do know that
there is a variety of opinion just to
break into your somnolence we're just
going to break it into little table
discussions just for a minute or two and
I want you to work out which one of
those statements is the correct answer
so compared to smoking is use of
e-cigarettes more harmful or equally
harmful to smoking less harmful a lot
less harmful completely harmless or you
haven't a clue
this is the what the great British
public think so in 2013 7 percent
thought that e-cigarettes were more or
equally harmful 39 percent didn't know
22% less harmful 21 percent a lot less
harmful and about 10 percent thought
they were completely harmless and you
can see by 2017 things had moved a bit
so we now had 26% thought that
e-cigarettes were more or equally
harmful going through to 13 percent a
lot less harmful and you can see the
percentages in between and that is the
area of interest so that all of you
voters in those two categories say
you'll be interested to know that you're
already in a minority compared to the
great British public the reality of harm
fantastic infographic from CI UK the
evidence shows so far that e-cigarettes
are far safer than smoking and nicotine
is addictive but nicotine itself is not
carcinogenic very interesting a
cigarette c-can't a nicotine but not the
cancer-causing chemicals found in
combustible tobacco and there is no
evidence to date that e-cigarettes harm
bystanders so it does not look as though
that there's any passive effects from
smoking the clouds of vapor you see as
you walk down the streets in
particularly in London I've noticed and
what we need to bear in mind is tobacco
still remains the biggest cause of
preventable death not only in the UK but
actually globally so what's new smoking
prevalence it's down to about sixteen
point nine percent which is really
encouraging there had sort of been a
plateauing so this is the average a
plateau in which then has gone on
southwards since then what is if we then
interpret the data I showed you about
the shifting public opinion which is
going in the wrong direction
it does mean that we still have nine
million smokers in the UK which is an
average of 284 per full-time GP and
depending on which authoritative
information you read it's around about a
hundred thousand some say 122 thousand
some say 91 thousand but a hundred
thousand will probably be a good average
we still have that number of deaths
attributed to smoking each year every
year and clearly where there is a piece
of work for us to do in explaining the
option of e-cigarettes and again we'll
come on to that in a minute or two what
we know is that cessation medication or
cessation chemical usage plus support
provides the best results since 2013
east cigarettes have become the most
popular quitting aid despite any input
from the medical world smoking GP has
voted with their feet and their pockets
they're going to the vaping shops and
research from CI UK suggests that in
just 215 alone electronic cigarettes
contributed to 18,000 long-term extra X
smokers so ash as you know are very
active in this area they had a
publication in May which showed for the
first time that more than half of
vaporous so e cigarette users more than
half and now X combustible tobacco users
so they are solely users say of the 9
million who smoke 3 million have never
tried vaping and of these 23 thousands
have not because of safety concerns so
that means for an average GP there are
22 smokers who are not vaping because
they think it's harmful and we know that
1.3 million are dual smokers so if we
have the opportunity to engage with our
patients and present vaping as one of
the options to assist the professional
support we may have some big impacts on
so the reposition statement is basically
saying that vaping should be seen as
equivalent to nicotine replacement of
whatever form equivalent to be pro peons
Iban so it's really facilitating patient
choice because actually for most
patients their choice is vaping and
certainly in our patch our local smoking
cessation service will accept patients
who want to use vaping as their nicotine
replacement system