The Potential Health Risks of Vaping Including the Potential for MRSA Infections

So the e is short for electronic so it's
a lock electronic cigarette a cigarette
and they were created they were invented
in China ten years ago and within a year
they became international and of course
now they're adding seven new brands per
month is exploding seven thousand seven
hundred flavors and what was the purpose
behind this what why was this invented
particularly there have been many people
who have created smokeless tobacco
devices and you know different forms of
taking and nicotine because people like
taking a nicotine it makes them feel
good and some people are addicted and
it's impossible to quit a lot of times
so this was created as another device
that hopefully would be safer than
conventional smoking of cigarettes I got
it so the idea was this would be safer
and a way to transition away from
cigarettes so yeah the studies that have
compared the safety long-term of vaping
versus cigarettes there are none so then
how can anybody believe it's safer I
think those of us who have taken care of
patients who have cancer and emphysema
COPD and cardiovascular disease from
smoking cigarettes I mean it's such a
terrible thing it causes so many
diseases and kill so many people that
it's hard to imagine something worse
this is smoking cigarette yes so there's
not a doctor I've ever had on this show
that said smoking is good for something
right I mean it's always been and
smoking makes it worse right no matter
what the topic is so as a lung doctor
and the physician in general like I
desperately want an option that is safer
than cigarettes because if we could get
our patients off of it so many people
would be happy but again is a lung
doctor inhaling these chemicals I
automatically say well there's no way
this is going to be good for you one and
two cause no problems at all
so now the research that we're doing is
just to determine you know how safe is
it how bad is it