The Product Marketing And Disease Of Vaping Devices

hi I'm Stacey Hoppus my guest today is
Craig Turner director of youth and
social services Craig thank you so much
for being here today thanks for having
me Stacey you're welcome so we're here
today to talk about vaping indeed it is
the most talked about topic in town
right now one of the most talked about
topics in town right now so why don't
you tell us a little bit about what it
is so let's start there
great so as most people know vaping is a
form of perceived form of smoking that
came on a market a few years back with
the intent at least the tent as
described by those who are selling the
product was a safer alternatives to
smoking we have since learned that that
is not accurate tonight because there's
actually more nicotine in a vape product
than in a cigarette in fact quite a bit
more which we'll get to later and from
those initial kind of smoking apparatus
it then became a much more interesting
field with the development specifically
a vaping equipment an apparatus that was
really targeting a youth market me and I
brought a variety of different samples
to kind of show the the evolution of the
process in addition to some ones that
probably people don't even know up on
the market at this point okay we just
pull them out randomly so people can get
a sense of them
all right so we have Q you well don't
know that one
this would be a good one to discuss okay
now I've noticed that a lot of these
different babes are in all shapes and
sizes right so some of the bigger larger
ones are some of the earlier type
because they had a specific attraction
in the field okay so if your parents are
looking for these this is the reason for
them to know what these are going to
look like well they should at least be
aware if their child is talking about
vaping or asking about it you can
describe a little bit more in terms of
what it is or what it was okay
which is kind of cool these are products
that a little more common on the market
now yeah jewel is the one we care of on
ta all the time right so I'll leave that
one in the bag just because it's kind of
boiled up so basically what you have is
I'm an evolutionary process so this is
one of the early ones when you talk
about e-cigarettes this really was oh
yes right look familiar
so that is one of the first things that
kind of lit up on the end and gave a
little puff and you can inhale it
there's a little it's just like a
cigarette right and so it gave people
the kind of the notion that they were
smoking but not smoking nicotine so that
only wasn't too bad okay and then these
are just different types of atomizers
vaporizers where you would heat it up
put the product in it would turn into a
large vapor if you see people smoking in
that huge plume of smoke that comes out
these are really kind of what those
products did and those hold like flavors
and that's not just flavors are not
depending on what people are interested
in it's really up to the buyer bring on
so this is just one of the refills so
that's out the actual liquid that you
are into so's liquid that oh okay right
basically is how that's how it's
marketed smooth tobacco tobacco right
and then this is the e-liquid
okay the vaporizers so that plume of
smoke did just did not really appeal to
to the larger masses and so what they
were looking for was to find a product
that would appeal to a broader part of
the population potentially including new
users not unlike the tobacco industry
back in the 50s and 60s when they went
to filters and menthols and I think's
different lengths marketing them towards
women and marketing towards individuals
of a particular peculiar variety
whatever that would be right Slim's and
yeah exactly yes even using cartoons to
sell their product right right yeah and
a lot of other ways so a perfect example
of a 4-pack of but what are the pods now
for the Joule okay so we basically
without getting into them you can kind
of see the process they get slicker
it's kind of neat her and they became
more technically adaptable so this is a
really interesting one this you would
plug into your computer oh right or any
USB port any USB port and you would just
drop this in there and that's your
charging when it was needed up charge it
up and you're good to go
that kind of beautiful hmm so you
wouldn't even necessarily see that if
you could just put that in your hand so
there were sweet knees and some of the
other ones this very little smoke or
vapor comes out so you can't see this
and you really can't smell it right so
it's really easy to conceal okay so what
happened is in the marketing concealing
the product concealing the use of the
product became as important as using the
product right so probably the best
example of that would be this one I can
get about usually in this so it looks
like a Fitbit washi o'clock yeah that's
like a like I watch a SmartWatch it's
pretty cool looks pretty smart yeah
that is crazy it even tells the time and
if you good has a it comes right off so
that you can recharge and of course the
strap is stuck in there no so it has a
strap on this you can actually wear it
well just like it right on there perfect
that's scary amazing it is scary amazing
so scary so there you have it okay
beautiful camera you got that camera
that is a lock so you can put that on
and you could just pick that up put it
on your wrist but no one would know
right and you can actually inhale it
from there recharge it easy enough
beautiful thing I've never seen that so
they have them in ring forms now how can
I wear a ring and that's actually the
device you can just do this and not even
see it except for the ring it's quite
sophisticated so that's the insidious
side of the design of the product
because who would that appeal to that's
going to appeal to your team's someone
who's trying to hide what they're doing
right so most adults don't have to hide
it it's kind of like the paper bag
mentality where you don't really see the
bottle but you probably know what's in
there maybe if you look closely enough
so the downside of these products was
not only were they attractive and
working they were not only used for what
they were intended to use but then they
be a they have different types of
products that were not necessarily
produced by reputable businesses so fake
products right right kind of like black
market pots and you never knew what was
in them okay and other issues so one of
the dynamics that was dispelled early on
was that they were not healthy
man in fact the degree of nicotine that
isn't a simple pod for my party packs so
one of these as the equivalent of a pack
of cigarettes okay so twenty cigarettes
is one of those worth of nicotine okay
so if you're just a casual smoker of a
pod you would probably take that in two
days okay so you're smoking a pack every
two days so that would be three packs a
week that's a pretty bad habit for a
smoker absolutely even two packs would
be preserved for people that think that
they're actually doing something
beneficial by switching to a vape
instead of cigarettes they're actually
causing themselves more harm right so
the downside on the other aspects of the
downside is the intensity of the other
products in terms of what they do to
damage your lungs not the chemicals and
right so there's a propylene glycol
which is actually a food additive that
they use in the oils that they
specifically put in there to hide the
distaste of nicotine along with the
flavoring right st. can't taste it so
historically when we use it for food it
gets to your stomach when you eat your
food and it's digested and broken up by
the acids in your stomach okay so it's
until this product came along there's
really no other commercial use of that
for human beings so when you have a p--
or inhale this it sticks to your lungs
right it doesn't get digested by your
stomach so this is something new and
different we really didn't know what
that would do man but it doesn't break
down that's what we know through the
research so it actually sticks to your
log and there's a phrase that's called
popcorn why are you Jackson a part of
that Creed almost sounds like you have a
bronchial cough okay so actually some of
the latest research something came out
as recently as today has a done a
longitudinal study looking at some of
the side effects the negative effects of
long term vaping Wow which include
asthma bronchitis and potentially lung
cancer so that sounds very similar to
tobacco right except with tobacco it
takes years to develop those condition
this is happening much more quickly
because they're already having cases of
this where people are only using this
for months or years right one or two
years versus 50 years of smoking
cigarettes right so one of the other
concerns is people are hearing on the
radio the TV these cases they're getting
at the hospital where people are having
to have you know their lungs are
basically wasting away and they may need
a transplant or something so most of
those are associated with marijuana
being used either in a pod we're in a
dab pen which is what this is and I'm
not taking it out because if I took it
out but if I'm messing but if you look
really carefully at the bottom with this
you can see the oil yes right so that's
the that's the THC oil okay so the
downside of this is if you can imagine
the THC that you're looking at is
concentrated relative to what you and I
would consider like a marijuana joint
okay so that's the equivalent of six
that's six and then I'm sure so in other
words that that goes very quickly goes
very quickly right so we have like this
gonna interpret remember we have two
minutes left so I just want to make sure
that we get this information out there
about the marijuana they things great so
that's where we're gonna we're gonna end
on that because that's really the
serious one and the reason they this is
serious is because it's highly addictive
right and leads to a number of issues
because where are you going in your drug
culture experimentation once this
doesn't work right and it's only a
matter of time when this doesn't work
and while this is working the real risk
here now is that is psychosis because of
the level of th sake Wow
it it is not your father's marijuana
this is heavy duty very intense highly
addictive and downright dangerous so
these are also very calm
they're used in middle school they're
used in high school
and at least from the experience that
we're having in our office it's not a
causal effect I'm not saying to say it
causes the condition that kids are in
but there's a correlation between the
use of a DAT pen with marijuana and
suicide ideation or suicide attempts
which comes first how they get there in
psychosis it's just a correlation we
don't it's not a causal effect but if
you see anything like this you should be
very very concerned if you see any of
these products I would recommend that
you take them away right and keep them
search their rooms carefully and make
sure that they don't have anything in it
and if you have any further questions on
the topic they can call our office and
we'll be happy to answer them more fully
but this is kind of an awareness
campaign to get people to say yeah I
think I've seen this what do I do
well this is very important and I
appreciate you coming on and sharing all
this with us today and yes reach out to
social services if you have any
additional questions once again I am
Stacey Hoppus and I will see you around