The Union Cabinet Has Given Approval to Ban E-Cigarettes In India

Let's then turn to my top focus on my
talking point tonight the center today
banned cigarettes across the country the
government claims ye cigarettes were
becoming a style statement for the youth
the government has cited studies abroad
that suggest 77% of e-cigarettes are
being used by school kids more than 400
a cigarette brands are now available in
none of them manufactured in the country
they come in over 150 flavors and the
government has imposed a fine of one
lakh rupees and a one-year jail term
if people are found importing or
manufacturing cigarettes listening what
the Cabinet has given approval today is
first a decision to ban e-cigarettes now
what does the ban mean it means
production manufacturing import/export
transport or sale or even distribution
and storage and advertisement relating
EC grades are all banned let me go
across off my face off tonight to dr.
Samir call president of the cancer
foundation also joined by dr. Monica
Arora director health promotion at pH fi
Public Health Foundation of India
appreciate both of you joining us I want
to come to you dr. Cole and understand
this do you believe that he cigarettes
vaping diseases pose a real public
health risk as the government cited
today when banning it because your
foundation seems to have encouraged the
fact that e-cigarettes should be allowed
the fact of the matter is that what
happened today is historical in the
sense of being very sad and completely
the ordinance that has been pushed
through it seems to be under some sort
of a compulsion which is completely
non-scientific because evidence across
the world and and position statements of
most of the credible developed world
garments policy makers Institute's is
that vaping actually is something that
needs to be regulated not banned because
it is the quickest way and the the best
way of tobacco harm reduction if you
understand what I'm saying
tobacco consumes lives 47% of all
cancers in the males in this world are
because of tobacco and about 17% of all
the cancers in the women in this world
are because of tobacco these are
established facts now tell me in a in an
environment where in the even individual
tobacco sticks are sold
even within hundred metres of schools
and campuses and public places which and
there is a clear established link
between combustion of tobacco and the
carcinogens internationally recognized
carcinogens accepted throughout the
world we allow them but on the other
hand the best the scientifically an
innovation against harm reduction which
marketed only to smokers who are wanting
to quit and enough evidence across the
world suggesting that this is the best
way forward even for a country like
India almost all 70 countries in the
world are regulating but is it a public
entire civilized world don't even buy of
course doctor God you are saying it's a
reduced public health risk compared to
cigarettes is it a public health risk
yes yes or no of course it is but yeah
you you have to you have to understand
the awareness of the people that the
cigarette contains tar and nicotine tar
and nicotine it is the tower and the
walk out of the tower which is a
carcinogen it has 400 chemicals out of
it 69 unknown carcinogens formaldehyde s
the aldehyde toluene carbon monoxide
just you just name it it's common its
prude completely across the world for
four decades now and and the electronic
cigarettes or the electronic nicotine
delivery systems dispense only nicotine
and less than 1 milligram which is
completely minuscule non nicotine is
addictive at best but it is completely
the public health England says that it
is 95 percent safer than tobacco smoking
5 percent safe blackcurrant absolutely
ok let me take that to dr. Monica Arora
here you've got dr. semir call cancer
specialist saying nikkor at the snicker
teen in e-cigarettes is 95 percent safer
than cigarettes we have a situation now
in this country where cigarettes will be
freely sold near schools colleges all
across the country but e cigarettes are
banned has the government gotten is
wrong dr. Monica Arora yes or no
absolutely not the government has not
got it wrong it has got it absolutely
right and I would like to say that this
has been a landmark ordinance in the
country I wish to thank and congratulate
the government of India especially the
priority Bell Prime Minister of India
for giving a go ahead to this landmark
ordinance it is absolutely in the
interest of Public Health on the
contrary I would like to mention that 95
percent safe which is the report being
quoted has been condemned in every
publication at scientific forums
this is argument which is definitely not
scientific when we say e cigarettes
contain nicotine nicotine is a drug it
is an addictive drug
that itself qualifies it to be a harmful
product but my question quickly ever
country we now are innocent man just a
minute we are a cunt in a country where
cigarettes will be freely sold even
though there is an acceptance that they
are far more costly on a car seat or
ethnic then e cigarettes I mean come on
widened the wire cigarettes then not
bang why only bad news cigarettes so
cigarettes are being regulated through
the secrets and other tobacco products
act we are at a state what because we
know the scientific evidence countries
like us who have introduced this product
yeah because the countries who have
introduced it as a harm reduction
strategy have actually seen the
deleterious effect of this product they
have seen how their youth have started
using e-cigarettes which was supposed to
be a cessation product but they started
using the e-cigarettes and it is at an
all-time high now young people adults
will all judge too easy will all switch
to cigarettes which is even worse
no definitely not
in fact global adult tobacco survey has
shown that government of India's efforts
has actually brought down cigarette use
the total tobacco use has come down from
10 11 when the survey was done - now it
has come down by 17% so the efforts are
in the right direction and I see great
introduction would only derail the
efforts which have gone in for years
respond now then you're hearing this the
other side doctor call dr. Monica Arora
is saying that there is enough evidence
to suggest that e-cigarettes are if not
just as harmful but certainly just as
addictive and you need therefore to ban
all it needs for anyone in this country
scientifically minded or lay people
including you Rajdeep to just go on the
net and see the current position of the
American Cancer Society the UK the nice
that can be US FDA everybody across the
globe France New Zealand Canada the UK
everywhere in the world all said even
you a next-door they moved from a ban to
a regulation because they started Big
Bend eight when they took medical
evidence on board now apart from that
I'd like to just enlighten my friends
and and the Honourable lady on the
debate tonight that it's absolutely
against medical evidence the the best
way today to give up smoking and it
should be marketed only to smokers only
two smokers not to you you what you're
talking about nicotine addiction is a
problem about young children that is why
we say regulate now if you ban you will
have a market thriving market of
counterfeit copycats and you know what
do you ladies cigarettes the fire is
across this country I mean they just are
getting elected to a secretary shows me
what is regulation what do you mean by
regulation regulation means regulation
means that such things should never be
available to children below the age of
this should be an informed choice and
marketed only to adult smokers who want
to quit smoking specific or who for some
reason cannot give it up and they've
tried do you know that when an average
smoker wants to quit he the the maximum
the minimum number of times he tries
before he succeeds is sixty this is
scientific data and nicotine ladies and
gentlemen is not a poisonous not not
considered a toxin the International
Agency against cancer control it is an
addictive substance much like caffeine
in Yahoo say no no one minute driving
and down the hall are you saying as a
result Agana is the Freddie charges
producer of nicotine in the world are
you saying ban on e-cigarettes more and
more people will return to cigarette
smoking is that what you're claiming is
there any scientific evidence to prove
that is there hard factual evidence of
course you have an e-cigarette they'll
return to cigarette smoking you have you
have there is evidence across the world
that when it in in people who give up
smoking twenty to sixty percent of them
have actually transitioned through the
vaping period and it this is clear
science and clear evidence even if you
go on the net anybody can do it but the
earlier studies the whole thing the
earlier studies may have proved
unfortunately this ordinance has been
brought on the wake of the AIC Amar's
paper white paper that was quickly
pushed before the new Health Minister
joined I don't know under what
compulsion and a very a very biased view
of events was given there and can you
believe it I'll be we are banning a
substance in this country without
conducting a single you say the
cigarette industry well I I wouldn't
well I I wouldn't want to say that on
the face but it appears there is been a
compulsion but it has been a regression
of science doctors because it had other
people's lives and it could it and you
know what is the financial burden on
this country twenty eight billion
dollars tobacco-related diseases cost
this country twenty eight staggering
billion dollars and and we are trying to
see you know she's right when she says
India has come from Ghats one to gets
through our annual smoking cessation pre
rates are 2.2 percent and they're
abysmally low at that rate it will take
us two hundred years to get the
cigarettes of our sites in this country
do you think that's practical and can't
we follow scientific methods of
innovations doctor gives that benefit to
the people of this country ok let let
respond dr. aura at the end of the day
would you concede that the manner in
which this has been done leaves a
question mark the manner in which it has
been period literally done some would
say is a question mark or you believe
this is the only way it could have been
done could it have been done in a stage
process could it have first been attempt
to regulate it see how it worked isn't
that the fear that this has been done at
the behest of the cigarette industry
definitely definitely not this was the
only way this could have been done be
this is very timely the government of
india has taken a decision just at the
right time when the product has not
proliferated into the market youth only
have started experimenting with these
products it is definitely even among the
adults it has huge health effects
studies have shown that e-cigarette
users have 56 percent higher risk of
having heart attacks 30% higher risk of
having strokes so where is the harm
reduction evidence is inconclusive on
harm reduction and as it is harm
reduction strategy cannot be applied as
population level strategy in tobacco
control okay it is very important here
for us to understand that these products
are not safe can anyone vouch that these
are harmless products no they are not
they affect adversely adults and
deleterious lene young minds the
nicotine would even change the way brain
functioning and veil is synapses in the
brain are fortunate map I ask you one
last time which has ma'am huge ma'am you
are not uncertain ization ma'am just a
minute I'm going to ask you the one last
time we now have a country where we are
banning e-cigarettes
but cigarettes will continue to
proliferate so all those objections to
the health risk will be even greater
with cigarettes the temptation will be
for more young people to now go to
cigarettes I know friends of mine who
are taking e-cigarettes and they've
written into me this afternoon saying
it's a terrible decision you are now
forcing me to go back to cigarette
Rajdeep just I would I would just say go
back and check with your friends have
this switched from a cigarette to
quitting they would be becoming dual
users this is what the evidence has
shown those who started eat cigarettes
natural ease became dual users and
continued using both the products so we
are only either shifting the addiction
we are not helping them quit if we do
not have this product in the market we
will motivate people to quit and in fact
evidence is showing that cigarette use
is actually coming down in the country
look why do we envisage that there will
be an increase if a cigarettes are not
available in the market it is definitely
not a cessation product if it is a
cessation product I would request that
it is true over through a clinical trial
and appropriate drug approvals are taken
to introduce it as a cessation tool if
it is such an efficacious product why
till date even in u.s. no trial has been
registered under FDA to prove this as a
cessation tool because it is actually
not a cessation tool it is a harmful
product okay let's leave it there two
views two clear views an issue which
divides in a sense the medical
fraternity should e-cigarettes have been
banned or should they have been
regulated will a band really work in a
country like India these are questions
that will continue to in a sense blow in
the wind thanks both of you for joining
us good to have a serious public health