These Vaping Statistics of Teens In Canada Might Surprise You

Is vaping addictive true or false no it can't be every high school has its types he got the jocks the brains and the
drama students but recently a new species of high schooler has entered the picture the vapors no I can't I cannot I can tape over there sup dude what's going in they are everywhere there on the sidewalks the hallways the
bathrooms even in the classrooms but how much do kids actually know about vaping well I decided to find out true or false question is it perfectly legal for 17 year old to purchase a vape pen I'm gonna say that's false false definitely
not no sir false oh that is correct you have to be 18 to buy any vaping products in Canada and in some provinces you have to be 19 is vaping addictive true or false I'm gonna say true true true yeah I think it's pretty addictive true no it can't be it is it is definitely not I don't think so don't be you don't think so no well it is addictive what faves who would nicotine in them are highly addictive vape pens will never have as much nicotine as cigarettes true or false false false true false boss that's false true I don't think did you false many vaping liquids have as much or more nicotine than cigarettes vaping can be deadly true or false no it cannot false true I'm gonna say true true I think it can true at least 34 deaths have been linked to vaping in the u.s. one in six high schoolers vape in the US is this true think it's false I think there's more false oh it's definitely more than that false one in for high schoolers vape in
the u.s. vaping is banned in China true or false it definitely is true let's say true true false false but it's illegal in India oh you know what false but it's illegal in India if vaping is so bad for us how do we get here shouldn't health officials have seen this coming and done more to stop it because here we are with another generation addicted to nicotine
great job Canada for tips on how to quit go to CBC kids news CA I'm Matthew boom in Winnipeg