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Michigan State University Helps You Understand Vaping

๐Ÿ˜‰ Tips On How to Wick Damn Vape Doom RTA

damn babe what have they created now the
doom RTA it's a mesh RTA so this is
gonna be fun I can't wait to try to wake
this thing so yeah this is how it comes
packaged and here's what it looks like
as you saw it does come in three
different colors so there's rainbow
stainless steel and black I'm gonna wick
it two different ways one of them I did
not follow the instructions and the
other one did so let's see which one
works out better let's check out this
thing of course this is actually a tool
that's called a mesh jig I'll show you
guys that later but first this doom RTA
and as you can see there is an extra
piece of glass at the top there's a size
810 drip tip and it is removable RT is
top filling so this portion unscrews and
then you fill through all those big
holes on the sides there's three airflow
holes on each side and air flow is
adjustable also on a stopper I'm gonna
get that white thing out of there I
think it's in there 40 PD compliance
because in some other countries the tank
size can only be two milliliters so
without this pesky thing now the tank
size is four milliliters so the base
unscrews from the top and the glass is
removable in case you need to wash it or
replace it if it breaks and let me just
stop right there because I feel like
idiot let me show you why
remember the wraptor that I just
reviewed I think I've been using too
many pod kits because I put the glass on
like this and then I tried to screw this
in from the top but if I just put the
glass in from the top and then screwed
it in I would not have looked like such
an idiot but yeah I'm a dummy so with
this you can you can put the glass on
the base first and then screw in the top
or you can put it into the top portion
first like a smart person
and then screw it into the base but hey
we didn't start beeping cuz we're smart
remember we did smoke first so so
there's that the deck just pulls out
like this and you can't see it get it
solved there we go
there's the deck underneath here there
is a user manual and it's really nice it
feels nice it feels like quality paper
it's like almost plastic but anyways
there's pictures a step by step process
and it's in eight different languages
however both the manual and the box are
missing specs
I guess the diameter somewhere between
25 and 26 millimeters and the tank
capacity is 4 is there anything else on
here and there's the suggested retail
price also in the back is some organic
cotton additional parts and a couple
tools and there's also a couple of mesh
coils I only need one coil for this I'm
gonna put it on my mesh jig and just
bend it a few years back I had this mod
custom painted by vapor central group
that's a plumb vez no one knows what it
is so make sure your mod is off if
you're gonna be doing this on a mod
loosen up the screws it's a clamp style
deck so one ends gonna clamp into here
and then the other one into here
step two they want me to install and
adjust the coil I'm gonna do a little
different I'm gonna insert part of the
coil and I'm gonna slip my cotton
underneath this coil squeezing this
just cut off cotton at the edge of deck
and I'm gonna stuff some of it into that
hole I wasn't sure if I could fit all of
it try to make it look like the picture
it just said to insert cotton but
judging by the picture it looks like it
is going into that hole
of course it's tea time I like how
there's no added sweeteners
I hate sweeteners I hate the way they
make me feel I just get really nauseous
so if you guys know of any other liquids
that don't have sweeteners comment down
below and this stuff is zero milligrams
so there is just vegetable glycerin
propylene glycol and some flavorings
it's all food grade stuff got my mod
back on I'm just gonna lightly pulse it
at 20 watts just to get that liquid into
the cotton I didn't get extra coils but
I did get extra cotton so it looks like
damn vape is gonna be selling supplies
too I ended up removing a little bit
more of the cotton from each side my
hands are all icky sticky from the
liquid and I was still able to remove
the top so that's really nice I like the
extra detail on this cap let's see how
well it goes when you don't follow the
instruction I'm gonna start this off at
40 watts do like three heads and then
bump it up slowly so far so good
45 50 watts it's hot it is a very very
warm beep I'm not so sure it can do 55
here we go I'm gonna try the other
wicking method mesh quayle's they're
there they're tasty but they're also
very finicky that cotton better be very
saturated and also touching every single
part of that mesh coil when you hit the
fire button because if you don't you're
gonna get a really nasty burnt head so
now let's follow the instructions
there we go I'm gonna try to cut it
right to that edge I'm not gonna flop it
this time I'm just gonna stick a little
bit of it into here and set all of it on
the picture it looks like it's all of it
but maybe I stuck too much in there and
then I'll round off the rest of it with
my scissors
I don't know if you noticed or not but
the two mesh coils that they provide
they are slightly different the mesh on
them is like one house like a little
round holes and the other one is more
square like here we go round two
they're wicking method I hope this one
works a lot better than mine I was gonna
start this off out of 40 watts but I
forgot to put them on back down so it's
up 55 watts and I'm just gonna keep
going so 55 watts let's see if I
couldn't change a pit Wow
wow what a difference I I didn't wick it
correctly mm-hmm nope did not but that
second time the flavors coming through
really nice I'm not getting like any
burnt flavors at all no dry heads no
Burt it's nothing like that let's see
how far this can go I think the coils
are rated up to 70 watts it's gonna be
awfully warm at 70 watts I'm gonna try
but first
60 watts not as flavorful not as
flavorful at 60 watts I really don't
want to go any higher okay it's working
but I wouldn't shame vape it I don't
feel like that cotton is saturating fast
enough if I took a couple more hits it
would end very unpleasantly I think I
don't think you can chain vape this coil
at 70 watts let's see if I can even vape
it it's working
yeah works up to 70 watts
I might be able to bring it even further
but boy it is a warm almost hot vapor I
think a taste of the best around 55
watts that's my sweet spot this thing if
wick correctly it can be a very
flavorful RTA I really do wish you the
best of luck wicking this thing I don't
recommend it for beginners intermediate
to advanced go for it because once you
get it to wick right it works like a
dream it's kind of true for most RTA's
kind of finicky when it comes to wicking
them this is to the manual said cut the
cotton it didn't stay to put it into the
hole yet the picture was showing it all
stuffed in the hole so that's kind of
confusing to me and I'm pretty sure it's
gonna be confusing to other people
I love the manual I like how there's
pictures how it explains everything in
words as well but I think I need more
words why more pictures or both building
on the deck it's easy it's the wicking
that's gonna get you well I got me it
might not get you so hopefully after
this you'll have a better idea of how to
wick this thing correctly I really
wanted to try both methods to see if
there was a difference mmm there is
that's it - Lulla loose I'll talk to you
guys next time if you want to find me
also I'm also on Facebook Twitter
Instagram my other channel called - just
as OFI and don't forget to subscribe
ring in the bell as well and I'll see
you later


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