TOP 3 Tobacco Flavored Vape Juices

Today we're doing a taste test of the
top three vape bought tobacco flavors
today we're gonna be testing mental type ry for life
and Grand Poobah and if you want to read
that blog I mentioned earlier just check
it out over here in the top right corner
all right I'm trying menthol type which
is a menthol tobacco flavor let's see
how it tastes
I'm getting a lot more mental than
tobacco it's mainly to cement they'll
hit but it's not as strong as like ice
cold ice cold is like super super strong
menthol this is like more subtle so as I
was doing this blog I didn't have that
many menthol flavors because I was
trying to stick more close to tobacco
flavors but menthol type is actually one
of my favorites it's got tons of menthol
in it it's got a great kick I mean that
tobacco is there on the exhale but if
you're looking for a really strong
menthol flavour this is the one for you
next up is ry for life and for a lot of
you guys have been vaping for a long
time you probably know this flavor
profile it's a classic it's tobacco
caramel vanilla a really a desert flavor
if you think about it pretty heavy on
the tobacco but you still get those
vanilla and caramel notes in there but
it's really smooth like univee you're
not like a de backo vapor like this
would be a good flavor just to try out
and have every once in a while yeah I
mean right off the bat you just taste
that caramel that's a little sweet it's
a little I don't know it's just really
good it's just like a really good
dessert flavor it's not hard to know why
I mean this flavor is just deserty right
off the bat but not overwhelmingly sweet
and it's got that perfect amount of
tobacco taste and it's just a really
balanced flavor yeah right for life is
one of the first flavors that come out
of the vaping industry everybody's made
their own version of it I mean ever
since I started vaping back in 2013 I
mean I've seen a ride for lives on the
shelves probably long before that they
had them too and now moving on to number
one the one and only Grand Poobah before
I tell you what I think I'm going to
take a few puffs you really give that
peanut butter and
in there the tobacco is kind of subtle
so it's it would be really good for
people transitioning from tobacco
flavors to deserty flavors because you
get that familiar phase of flavor of
tobacco right off the top you get the
strong banana notes you get some that
peanut butter on the exhale the tobacco
is just barely there it kind of walks on
by just Moses on by really quick it's
not too strong at all if you have a
craving for just a tobacco flavor like
this has just enough of it to get you
through so that was our taste testing
for the top three bait ball tobacco