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Nova Scotia Becomes First Province To Adopt Ban On Flavoured Vaping Products

US President Donald Trump Reverse Course On Flavor Ban for E-Cigarettes

Monday mix 4 it's a strawberry Cola
coca-cola have it here vaping retailers
in the US are breathing easier after
President Trump retreated on his threat
to ban flavored vaping products where
they're talking about fully banned in it
that's when I started to realize we're
losing I was losing like a lot of sales
on the other
disposables that Jules started talking a
few the customers they're all saying
they've been hearing people are dying
from it that uh this and a lot of people
got scared House unsub opened one of the
biggest milk shops in Miami Beach about
six months ago I actually for a second
start to debate it in my head yeah
because the number one sales the most
thing I'm selling right now is that uh
everything to do with vaping if you look
my whole like practically all my
inventory is weight from the e-liquid to
the disposables to everything that's
like the most inventory I got in here
and it's the number one selling the trip
administration is debating how to
respond to public alarm over a
nationwide outbreak of beeping related
illness well then two thousand people
have become sick and at least 47 deaths
are linked to the e-cigarette use
government scientists are pointing to
vitamin E acetate as a possible cause
and that's the additive found in the
black-market vapes containing the
marijuana component THC
legal vaping suppliers say they're
worried about the impact on sales we
don't know if there are fake news or or
real news but they get affected because
the people who stopped buying like from
the stores I mean if they stop buying
from the store they stop buying for loss
at a recent White House meeting convened
by the president industry leaders health
advocates and politicians debated how to
address the main concern
the popularity of vaping products among
children because of flavours 66 percent
of the kids addicted to these products
are saying they didn't even know it had
nicotine in it they thought it was just
a candy type product it's a it's the
flavor the strong the kids then it's a
health emergency President Trump said he
now believes a federal ban would simply
push buyers underground they're gonna
make it but instead of Reynolds or Joule
or you know legitimate companies good
companies making something that's safe
they're gonna be selling stuff in a
street corner they could be horrible
that's the one problem I can't seem to
forget back in Miami Beach
retailers stand by their products I'm
not gonna I don't see no difference
flavored or not yeah I understand it
makes it a little more tempting or but
it's all the same in the end of the day
not only thing there's but I don't think
this stuff's really bad for you the only
action President Trump now openly
supports is raising the legal age to buy
tobacco products to 21 with reports
indicating a flavored vape ban could
cost industry jobs and alienate voters
the White House for now is pausing for a
smoke break meets Asuna deputies Sujit
en Miami


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