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Michigan State University Helps You Understand Vaping

๐Ÿ˜Š Uwell Amulet Watch Style Vape Kit Review

do you know what time it is yeah I do
watch this it's a vaporizer and it's a
watch it's a vape watch watch vape I
don't know no this is the vaporizer and
then it goes into this band and it's
just a basic watch with military time
it's a basic vape - the thing is draw
activated so you just pour your liquid
in and that's it
yeah you could use your phone to tell
the time but remember watches and how
easy that was
yeah check out the amulet by ul amulet
comes packaged like this on the back of
the box was a false warning there is no
none of stuff that's kind of fancy it's
not a standard black box this one's made
from plastic inside of the box there's
an attention card it shows you how to
release the device from the band there's
also a warning card mostly with some
boring FDA regulation stuff and this is
the user manual here are the specs if
you want to pause the video and yep this
device does have a bunch of safety
features so there it is
the amulet and on the bottom of the box
is this little dinky charge cable I
think they could have done better so how
do you vape a watch well over here is
the release button I push on that it
releases the device when you're taking
this thing in and out the device it does
snap in so once you hear the snap you're
good to go so it's really just this part
here that's the vaporizer inside is a
370 milliamp hour rechargeable battery
recharges through here 1 2 3 4 5 clicks
turns it on 1 2 3 4 5 clicks turns it
off 1350 you may have noticed it is in
military time so the time is 150 you can
adjust the time 1 2 3 clicks of that
and really quick brings you to the
screen you can't really see it they're
barely visible but there is buttons on
this side it is a touchscreen so this UP
button and there was also this down
button for the minus and the plus button
you can also change the date and to
navigate I'm using this button and then
to change stuff I'm using the screen
buttons on the screen there's a
resistance of the quill there's a
battery life indicator time date and the
day there is only one correct way to put
this in it will not fit on the other
side I don't really wear watches but if
I did I'd wear it on my left hand I'm
right-handed because I want to be able
to click this button with my thumb but
it's really personal preference to
change that hold the button for four
seconds it'll flip the screen flip the
watch and now the buttons on this side
so the pod is this portion right here
and that just pops out like this it
holds two milliliters of a liquid and
you'll notice over here it has a midline
so try to keep your liquid at that line
or higher on the bottom it's the juice
fill hole so it's got this little dinky
stopper and you can fill through here I
think they should have done this on like
a latch system something a little
fancier than a black stopper check out T
times raspberry lime aid can't wait to
try this
it is zero milligrams which means
there's just vegetable glycerin
propylene glycol and some flavorings
nothing else with a new pod once it's
filled up give it like five minutes so
the cotton in there can saturate and
that's it it is a draw activated device
so there's no buttons to push when I
first saw it I was like how do I hide my
vape it but it just comes out like this
weird huh
holy moly I don't need a purse I don't
need a pocket just an arm it's so simple
any idiot can use it obviously thickness
can be good depending on what you're
talking about but is a thick watch
that's good
I don't know I think thick watches are
kinda back in style
I don't know I'm clearly not in style
but but are they are thick watches
popular I mean this thing is it's thick
oh yeah sure you bet yeah of course the
holes were extra but their quality holes
all right I kind of feel like the little
mouthpiece is a bit short I've noticed
when I'm vaping this it gets kind of hot
around my lips so I'm gonna chain babe
this and see how it does Yeah right
about there I also got it on the first
hit and then this hit that I just took
now I did feel it get pretty warm around
my lip so yeah I just think the
mouthpiece could have been a little bit
longer but flavor out of it it's doing
really well it's actually pretty tasty
for a pod kit I'm surprised cuz I was
like wow not gimmicky at all the pods
are refillable a couple times a few
times depending on won't liquid you're
using if it has a lot of sweetener it
might ruin the coils a lot quicker and
then once it ruins it the replacement
cartridges come packaged like this on ul
sight they have it for like 1099 and
then this handy-dandy watch is $49.99
retail it's not waterproof it isn't but
it would be really cool if it was so you
well I know you're listening you're
always listening this you commenting on
a lot of my videos so if you could make
something like this that's waterproof oh
that would be nice also more colors
would be nice I like black but I want
more options and I think this is more
marketed toward
men with larger wrists I have this on
the very last setting like barely fit
yeah it would be nice if this was a
SmartWatch but it's not it's just got
this simple little clock on here and
it's a vape oh yeah the first time I saw
this I'm like this is so stupid but I'll
be using it mm-hmm I will be using this
because it's just it's a vape that goes
on up and it's a watch that's a vape on
a band on my hand
not in my purse not in my pocket I'm
obsessed with the silly little thing so
so yeah that's it that's my whole video
I gotta go to Italy later I'll talk to
you guys next time


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