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Michigan State University Helps You Understand Vaping

Uwell Crown Pod System Kit Review

hi there I'm Sophie and this Christmas
and the days before and after it I'm
just asking for one thing don't impeach
my babe
come on it's Christmas you wouldn't
after Christmas please don't please
leave my flavors alone I'm an adult I
need a lot of flavor honestly I wouldn't
be too upset if we just treated this
like alcohol and kept every flavor
imaginable this is better than alcohol I
can honestly say that I want to keep my
flavors for this well yeah but honestly
if alcohol is flavor realize I'm still I
just wanted to get drunk when I was
younger I really didn't care what flavor
it could have came and vomit I would
have drank it I can put whatever I want
in to my little vape but I should
probably stick with like store-bought
stuff since the CDC or recently said
that all those beeping lung diseases and
illnesses that were like sweeping the
nations at epidemic levels of like 54
deaths all of that stuff was due to
vitamin E acetate in illegal THC
cartridges which this is not this is Mt
it's an open pod system yes I have not
put the covers back on my electrical
outlets yet I would love to do a vape
giveaway but I can't okay I'm not
allowed to on like any platform so
instead I'm going to fulfill one
followers hopes I keep hoping for a
little Santa outfit cynthy there I did
mm-hmm all right all right there it is
I'm the only thing that's decorated in
this house like maybe like a drunk Santa
Claus lady or do you just want me to
talk normal did you know that smoking
kills roughly 7 million people worldwide
annually and vaping has killed I did
some research recently the media was
fooled into thinking that vaping had
killed about 48 to 54 people 48 to 54
people have recently died from what the
CDC identified as a vitamin E I used to
smoke nasty stinky smelly sticks no
cigarettes as much as I enjoyed smelling
like a tray of butts I decided to try
vaping so I quit smoking through vaping
and originally I did have nicotine in
there but the last two years I have not
so I quit smoking through vaping and
then I quit nicotine through baby
but to me vaping is open pod system
something like this oh by the way this
video is sponsored by a company called
and this kit is called the crown pop
comes packaged
so the pods come apart in some way like
this one you just remove the top cap and
then I take my favorite eliquid oh just
blueberry peppermint I know it says
candy cane but they did change that to
peppermint and I stick it into this hole
squeeze my liquid in my liquid that has
no nicotine this is just VG vegetable
glycerin PG propylene glycol and the
blueberry peppermint flavor and that's
it oh and this pot also has this airflow
control I've never seen it like this
before I guess I should actually do it
unboxing so here we go
i unbox things so inside of the box
there's a manual a warning card that
just basically says don't give this to
kids don't freaking do it I mean really
in the end who's responsible for putting
bait products in the kids hand adults
why not just blame the responsible
parties why not why not increase the
penalties for selling stuff to minors
there's a standard super dinky USB cable
for charging it plugs into the bottom
and then inside there's already a
battery it's twelve hundred and fifty
mili amp hours here's the device and
ears a pod
so one pods in the Box other pod is on
the device one is 0.6 ohms resistance
the other one is one ohmic resistance
and then on the bottom you can see all
that information along with the vape
watch yeah there's no settings on here
just on and off and then you push the
button today one
five clicks turns it on one two three
four five quick turn people you actually
don't even need to push the button it's
that simple you just put the tip near
your mouth put your lips over the tip
just suck and blow this thing this is
not for kids so while I wait for my
cotton to saturate let me tell you some
more stuff at the CDC you said about
smoking if smoking continues at the
current rate among us youth 5.6 million
5.6 million of todays Americans younger
than 18 years of age are expected to die
prematurely the most smoking-related
illness so this represents about one in
every 13 Americans age 17 years or
younger who are alive today that won't
be alive later because oh yeah no one
vaping vitamin E acetate through illegal
THC cartridges has killed about 54 in
the last few months
that's an epidemic 54 we should let some
governor's know across the country just
start doing based bans 7 million die
from smoking annually
I'm not here to make this look cool okay
yes I know you can't really see the
vapor because the white background in
the vapor is white but I'm not here to
make this attractive for you
I'm just here letting smokers know that
there's another option that's poor farm
so you're smoking far far
less likely to kill you so don't impeach
my babe hasn't done anything wrong
in fact it saved lives and saved the
smokers who would have died and possibly
some kids to who would have died in them
deadly but I'm not here to support that
sounds terrible
I'm not here to support kids but this is
a great device for smokers and that's
what I'm gonna recommend it to adults
that are currently smoking cigarettes
stop it
seriously stop there is other
alternatives to smoking give it a shot
security slug spend at least a few
months with it listen I didn't like it
right away it took me like six seven
months before I switched
I'm glad I did I'm glad I did and my
doctor was really happy with my results
too because my lungs girl boy santa baby
so hurry down the chimney tonight gotta
go don't forget to subscribe please
please subscribe
ring that bell as well and i'll see you
guys next time
hopefully to literally lose


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