Uwell Nunchaku 2 Pen Starter Kit Review

hello what's up I wanted to show you
this nunchuck ooh two kids because I got
paper so I'm gonna go ahead and just
start with the unboxing oh do not eat
inside of the box
oh this card is now wet but it was
originally not wet there is a warning
card so we should probably read any any
warning cars before using a product it's
really this one's actually not that
important but this one this one is very
important because this is the battery
warning card of course there's a user
there's spare parts for the tank and
here is a peek inside of the box
there's an additional piece of glass an
extra coil other coils in here and this
is a cable for charging but
unfortunately it is long which is nice
as longer than most but it's not c-type
I do prefer c-type it's just your
standard USB cable the nunchuck a two
one two three four five clicks turns it
on once it's on one two three clicks
lets you change the mode and then you
just don't
I'm an entire change mode and that's
also how you change the temperature or
wattage or whatever the heck you're on I
can't see what's going on on the screen
but I can tell you that there's power
there's factory settings there's TCR
mode and there's also MEC mode so if I
click on a TCR once I'm at this screen I
can tilt the device again to change the
temperature and once it caps out if I
keep going it'll switch to Fahrenheit so
there's Celsius and there's also
Fahrenheit and I can tilt in either
so once you're happy with a temperature
click the fire button and you'll see the
wattage will start to blink so now you
can tilt it and adjust the wattage is it
adjusting I can't see
I don't know if you can say round robins
in power mode if I tilt it I can adjust
my watch and I do like that this thing
round-robin so once it caps out its
gonna stop here we go round round-robin
this way round-robin this way
round-robin other way over here in Mecca
you really can't
well you can't adjust anything it's just
mech mode hits at max voltage and then
slowly drains the battery to a certain
point because this is still regulated
it's not an unregulated device it does
have safety features what some of you
don't like my nails so here is the
nunchuck ooh two tank or atomizer it
holds five milliliters of a liquid at
the top is a pretty wide driptip this
thing is removable but it's not that
wide at the bottom so it looks really
wide at the top but then it tapers down
to size 510 you can see it has some
slits at the bottom that's for airflow
and it is adjustable to fill it grab the
top it's just a little tiny turn and
then lift up so you may have noticed
there's a little seal right here that's
to prevent leaking and then to get the
tank part grab the tank twist the base
and on these coils they just pop in and
out they're not actually like twisted in
there they're just kind of jammed in
there we go here's a peek at the bottom
of the tank and then this part the glass
does pop off if you want to replace it
it pops off trust me it's just not the
easiest thing just believe me just
believe me that the glass comes off kind
of a pain but oh yeah one more thing
about the device this does not come with
its own battery but what it does do is
take three different sizes of batteries
if you take a look inside you can see a
battery positioning indicator and
one on the cover as well this is an
adapter for 18 650s i'm using a sony VT
c5 battery this side is negative stick
that in there and then put the cover
back on and there's no rattle I've been
using a 2700 with this you don't need
the adapter just sticks right in there
and then you close it up and it does
automatically turn on once the batteries
in and they claim that you can use a 21
700 in this device as well so let's see
if that works
21700 as well one coil was already
pre-installed to the other ones in this
container and was kind of mangled
because I've been trying to get it out I
remember when pills and some of your
probably old enough to remember when you
could just like buy over-the-counter
stuff and like pop a pill out through
the foil but then all these child safety
features were put on everything well
same with this I cannot get it out for
the freakin life of me and don't do this
don't use your teeth mom mom was right
don't use your teeth to open things up
there we go watch the same freaking coil
it's not they're almost the same both of
them can be made between 50 and 60 watts
and they do both appear to be mesh coils
not that you can see or you can kind of
see most coils do work best when they're
saturated but especially mesh coils they
got to be saturated so do try to keep
your a liquid to lease that line or
higher so once you have is all filled up
give it like five minutes so that cotton
can saturate and when it comes time to
replace those coils they come packaged
like this little boxes of four
do remember to open up your airflow
before you babe I'm not the biggest fan
of the firebot and getting me into the
menu because when I do that on this
device it fires it
oh my gosh flavor out of this it's good
it's really good
so that's it that's all I really wanted
to show you guys there's really not much
to it I don't know how I feel about the
tilt but it's simple it is really simple
to use so so that's it I don't really
have any other cons I mean it is a juice
guzzler yeah it does use not any liquid
but it sucks some clouds also you do
have to get your own batteries for this
and it takes three different sizes now I
know most people are probably gonna
recharge it through the device
and there is a USB port which I forgot
to show you guys there's a USB port
right here but with these kinds of
batteries I do recommend getting an
external battery charger so it's up to
you whether you want this or not but I
gotta go happy Halloween talk to you
guys next time
- little aloo bike