UWELL Soulkeeper Tube-Based Vape Mod Review|Glow In The Dark

oh yeah oh this is the solo keeper
well you have an aunt just go for it no
matter where it is blah I'm so sexy
woman the sole keeper mod by ul it comes
in a box with a false warning
I'm gonna use my sexy long nails to get
through the spa so there's the black one
and then it comes with a battery safety
card if your battery battery wrap is
damaged in any freakin way don't use it
don't use the battery it has to be in
absolutely perfect condition
or don't use it and there's also a sole
manual and the mod accepts three
different sizes of batteries which is
kind of cool so 18 650s 20 721 700 as
it has safety features short-circuit
protection low power alert vaping
overtime alert open circuit it just
keeps going temperature protection
reverse battery protection or reverse
polarity protection so here is the white
one as you can see it goes really well
with my outfit and yes I have only
purchased happy shirt it's just cheaper
that way you know also my scars over on
this side and the side doesn't have one
so it looks like I'm completely scar
free color I'm really curious about this
one they're calling it fluorescent
oh yeah that's crazy-looking I think it
would have been really neat if they made
this with a rechargeable battery already
in there instead of me having to buy
batteries at the top is the 510 s
spring-loaded connection and this whole
part does come out as well so this thing
is ninety three point five millimeters
in height and it's twenty six point five
millimeters in diameter and then on the
bottom of this thing is the fire button
it's like a magma
but it's not a mech mod because it has
all the safety features so somewhere in
there there's a chip with an 18 650 you
just take off this part stuff the
battery in there and close it back up
and then you push the button to vape but
obviously there's no atomizer on there
now with a bigger battery like a 2700 or
a 21 700 I'm gonna take the top of this
with the 510 connection and 1s
slippity-slop II that's right I'm gonna
take this side you put it on the bottom
first I like to draw up things before I
apply them back on no I'm gonna stick
that in there and then the bottom piece
with the button is now gonna go on top
and you'll see that it extended it a
little bit so much better than stuffing
sleeves in there do it again this
battery should be pretty drained this is
ambition vapors twister RDA I did a
video with it it wasn't a review or
anything but it's ready to go and I
don't feel like building on anything
else and I couldn't find anything that's
matching this I'm sure I have stuff but
it's in a box I'm starting to pack again
cuz I'm gonna be moving so now you can
see what kind of looks orange on camera
but it is a red light that battery is
like pretty low I'm gonna put in my
fully charged battery and you can see
now the light is green
I like how responsive it is fires pretty
quick it's the green light battery is
pretty much got to go blue light it's
somewhere in the middle and then a red
light change out the battery and you
can't charge it there is no USB port on
here so you are gonna need an external
battery charger if you have the 21700
battery in there and is that like full
charge it'll hit at the max 110 watts
and then slowly drain the battery until
until it cuts it off cuz it's not gonna
keep letting you drain it until there's
nothing left
well the other to the white and the
black one you all has the price around
like sixty sixty one dollars and then
this one is more they have it at like
eighty eight bucks
maybe it's the pattern maybe it's cuz it
clothes doesn't light up or does it glow
I think it just glows in the dark so
let's charge it up oh yeah
it glows it's definitely glow in the
dark that's so cool it's just like me so
that's this one I don't think the other
two colors do this they're just black
and white that's probably why they're