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Michigan State University Helps You Understand Vaping

☺ Uwell Valyrian II Vape KIT Review 300W

there I am your messy whatever did you
see the message on the box it's wrong
there's not other stuff mmm so inside of
this big box are two smaller boxes one
contains the tank and the other one
contains the mod you all goes the extra
step to put stuff in plastic boxes it's
not just cardboard anymore
here's a user manual for the tank
there's also this little yellow card
with some warnings I just dropped
something what was it extra parts like
Oh rings feels this is not for eating
there's a tank there's an extra coil
there already is a coil inside of the
tank and this right here is an
additional piece of glass inside of the
glass which is the same size glass as
the tank has that's nice because
sometimes companies put like two
different sizes I don't get that but
this is like a dust cover schmutz cover
the tank the velaryon 2 tank holds 6
milliliters this thing has a flip top so
you just push the button this just pops
up and you pour your like weird into one
of those 2 holes not the center though
don't pour it on the bottom there's
three slits this is the adjustable
airflow and it is on the stopper to get
this thing apart grab the base twist it
blammo whoa that is a big coil quill
twists out it's a big boy so this one is
0.32 ohms it can be made between ninety
and a hundred watts there's also a
midline so try to keep your liquid at or
above that it's just a big coil and it
is mesh style they're both kind of big
so this is the one that was
pre-installed and this is the additional
coil this is a point 1 4 ohm coil and it
can be vape between 80 and 90 watts it
also has that mid line and this is a
dual mesh coil
there we go I personally don't like me
being that high I kind of cap it out at
60 watts anything hires just well it's
ridiculous ridiculous is my middle name
so here we go I'm gonna go ahead and
prime this coil which just means putting
a couple drops on the inside a couple
drops and I rarely do this I rarely do
it but I've seen other people do it and
they say it helps I just I just stick
the coil on there I fill the tank with
some liquid and I let it sit 5 10
minutes if it's a really big coil and it
works fine if for some crazy reason you
gonna try to stop this thing into your
pocket just know that if you squeeze
this it pops up yeah it might have the
nicotine warnings on here but this
liquid does not contain any any of that
stuff this is a drug-free kind of video
next up a mod also on a plastic box it
comes with a battery carry guys so if
your batteries are messed up in any way
like if they're damaged and the
wrappings damaged just don't use them
there's also this other warning card
which is probably less important
something about FDA nonsense hmm and
then this is the user manual there's
some specs if you want to pause the
there's the mod and it does come with a
charge cable but since this uses 18 650s
three of them I do recommend getting an
external battery charger at the top is a
5-10 spring-loaded connection and this
thing is very springy at first I thought
this was dirty when I first opened it up
but it's just a little picture and it
says ul on the bottom under is battery
ventilation and this thing opens like
this deep inside of the mod you can see
battery positioning indicators
as soon as I stick the batteries in the
mod does turn on so this is the fire
button it's also the on and off button
obviously there's your screen up and
down or plus the minus buttons in the
USB port one of my batteries was not at
full charge you really shouldn't do that
make sure all the batteries have equal
charge but do as I say not as I do when
I hold down the fire button on the
screen you can see voltage resistance
and the time I'm holding the button for
when I like go eventually the voltage
and time will reset to zero it'll fire
as low as five lakhs then you can use
these buttons to change the wattage if
you hold down one of these buttons I
don't do this a lot faster and since
this thing holds three batteries it goes
up pretty far 300 watts and once it gets
to 300 watts it'll stop and if you keep
it goes back to fire so round robins but
of course is something this big there is
more than wattage mode 1 2 3 clicks of
the fire button this will blink once
it's blinking I can switch from wattage
or power to temperature control and
there's also TCR 1 2 3 clicks if I go
over to temperature control and I click
on the fire button next option is to
change my wattage this gives me like a
little preheat or a boost it does cap
out up 120 and no it does not
round-robin so after that it's set and
now I can adjust the temperature and it
does round-robin between Fahrenheit and
Celsius so in Celsius this goes all the
way down to hundred and if I keep going
and switches to Fahrenheit Fahrenheit
goes up to 600 yup temp mode only works
in stainless steel 904 the temp mode
only fits with stainless steel 904 L
coils from ul and then TCR temperature
coefficient of resistance this is for
DIY coils the manual does provide a TCR
range for stainless steel 316 and nickel
200 to lock the device you can hold down
the plus button and the fire button at
same time and now it's locked it's kind
of confusing though because right now I
just have these buttons locked and it
says minus plus I was thinking okay I
hold down these two but no to unlock it
again it's plus and the fire button come
this works before there we go so that
locks these buttons but if you want to
lock all of it including the fire button
hold down the minus button and the fire
button at the same time locked all and
then to unlock it same thing because you
can't right now you can't do anything
unlock it fire button minus button hold
it unlock it very trashed it's just kind
of gotten like this over time mostly cuz
I really don't give a crap because I'm
moving soon and everything has to go
into boxes so I got a pile of boxes
ready to go just been collecting them as
things come in boxes go over there so
there it is and I really don't have that
many complaints on it flavor from these
coils it's really good I also like that
the mod is kind of on the smaller side
for a triple 18 650 anyways I mean they
got it pretty small for for holding
three batteries really the only thing I
don't like about the mod is that the
fire button does everything so when I
want to switch from well I never want to
because I'm a wanted kind of girl but if
I wanted to
I'd have to click the button three times
and you hear that it fires so if you
have it set really high you might fry
your coils
I also like that it's pretty simple to
use there's no complicated menu system
you just click the fire button three
times you can change from wattage to
temperature control to TCR and then you
do everything right on the screen very
basic they haven't overcomplicated
anything user-friendly I like oh I kind
of blend into the walls of this hair
color ugly I can't wait to buy a house I
can paint walls whatever color I want
stead of just painting hair whatever
color I kind of Mistah the old do hmmmm
and I'm sure if they could have they
would have but they didn't the 510
connection is not centered if it was I'm
guessing the mod would be bigger it is a
nice kit I do like it and works well
flavors great but get ready for another
column because price point on this it's
uh depending on where you look between a
hundred and like a hundred and thirty
bucks for this so yeah that's it that's
all I want to tell you guys I gotta go
to New Delhi leaves don't forget to
subscribe or ring that Bell as well
sudden noise the absolute shit out of


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