Vandy Vape Mutant RDA Coil Installation And Review|4 Airflow Configs + Vertical Build Deck

for review today I have the mutant RDA
and I know it looks like smoke back
but it's just paper no matter what my
mom says it's just a vapor so this thing
is a collaboration between Vandy vape
and vaping with twisted 4/20 he's
another vape reviewer here on YouTube it
does come with a squonk pin which is
your bottom-feeding mods but that
doesn't mean you have to use it with
bottom-feeding mounts if you don't have
something like this and you don't have
the money to get something like this no
big deal it does come with a regular pin
as well in fact let me show you guys
this thing up closed and I'm also gonna
tell us a build on there so here's how
this RDA comes packaged in this little
black box could I use some specs on here
like at least the diameter of the thing
they also sent it to me in matte black
this one I'm gonna give away a little
later on my Instagram page as you can
see it comes pre-installed with a squawk
pin however down below there's a quality
control certificate a couple of coils
spare parts and tools these are triple
fused Clapton coils and they are made
out of my chrome inside of the other bag
there's a regular 510 pin case II don't
feel like squawking cuz all the ones for
bottom-feeding mods this is a 510
driptip adaptor additional screws or
rings and two allen keys at the very top
is a size eight to ten drip tip when
this is brand new it's kind of hard to
remove the tip you have to go from the
inside but once you've used it it's
pretty easy to remove the drip tip so
this thing opens up like so it has a few
different air flow styles there's one
two three four and it is designed for
two coils it is not made for a single
coil here's a look at the inside of the
cap oh yeah I'm kind of trying really
hard not to drop everything down below
you know you gotta take a little risk
when you make these videos so here's a
look at the deck and a red end to get
these loose just take an allen key and
loosen it up and you'll see that in
order to unloosened this side I have to
go in from
the other side now carefully observe as
I do with this complicated task of
installing the all cam Don may want to
position it in the center but it is now
in there
next stop is to tighten it down I want
to tighten that one let me go in from
this side
I don't tighten them all the way right
away I just kind of tighten them until I
feel resistance in case they want to
move the coil around and then this one
will be over here now I'm gonna go in
and actually tighten it fly on my leg
get off shoo so let's plops key in the
other one and tighten it to from the
other side okay that is good enough for
me I'm gonna go ahead and tighten this
one all the way down
that's right I'm not wearing makeup yet
because I need your attention I figured
that we'd get it so please as you can
see the coils are awfully close to the
center when metal touches metal there
can be a shortened and I don't want that
so I want to make sure that these aren't
touching the center and now you can see
well that's touching so next up I'm
taking my handy dandy coil master travel
case and opening it up not the biggest
fan of coil masters wire cutters see we
are out really quick but I love this
case I do i I do like traveling with
this it makes it really convenient to
prevent wires from just flying
everywhere I take my finger and I hold
it on the wire I want to cut and then
they cut off the excess wire oh your
thunder it's very bad my dry burn I do
like to have my water it's a little bit
lower than this usually under 30 between
like 20 and 30 I'm go 30 on this one and
then I lightly pulse it's also gets a
lot of schmutz off the coils and it
helps me see if they're firing correctly
cuz often times they're not not a big
deal that's that's just the name of the
game then I take some ceramic tweezers
cuz ceramic tweezers can touch metal
don't don't do metal on metal that well
that'll end up really bad but this this
is okay so as I'm driving I can pinch
and strum the coils if needed this one
needs it to see but it does have some
hot spots oh right there
when there's hot spots just lightly
so in the end I want them heating up
evenly without any hot spots and I also
need them to fire at the same time all
of these cool next up cotton so I'm
gonna use kendo babe cotton this is just
a basic one I prefer they're like gold
edition but I'm just kind of using up
letters laying around some people don't
like this stuff because well it rips
really easily but that's what I like
about it oh whoops
I already started waking this I want to
show you guys first how the squonk works
on here there's some liquid down below
I'm gonna go ahead and give it a little
squeeze and you can see how it's
squawking up and into the coins
if you don't have a bottom-feeding mod
that's fine just replace the pin with
the regular one so take the beefier the
bigger allen key get that out of there
oh oh it's starting to rain oh here's
one thing where they didn't think ahead
in order to put this pin in you're gonna
need an additional tool that they don't
provide a nice to use tools that were
not necessarily designed for this
alright it's time to bring this inside
because it's it's raining I can't grab
that with your hand use a tool not gonna
need this much cotton so I'm gonna rip
some of this off twist up this end and
sometimes it can be easier if you trim
the end and then stick it into the other
I got the ends touching the bottom which
is also called the juice well I ended up
reworking this cuz I realized I was
squawking without the post in the center
so here it is a fresh cotton let's see
how well it's Kwong's onto it so it's
definitely squawking up into there and
the cotton is slowly saturating you can
help it along by just dripping onto it
but it does look like you can eventually
squawk enough liquid on there to soak
all of it inside of here oh my goodness
it's tea time
I love this stuff because there's no out
of sweeteners and sweeteners make me
feel really nauseous so that's why I
love this and there is no nicotine to
keep this video drug-free so next up you
pick whatever airflow you want position
it on there put the top cap back on
so if you're switching pins between the
regular and the squonk pin and you
removed a swamp in that whole post kind
of falls out so if you want it back and
then you gotta make sure that this is
here and it doesn't really like tighten
down in any way until you get that pin
to put it in this way put in the pin
tighten this down if it's still really
loose tighten it from the top so there
it is I'm just glad it's not another pod
system but but they're coming guessing
they're calling it a mutant because of
all these different air flows there's
like four different kinds of air flows
I'm gonna give it a pro but you do have
to rearrange them every time I mean yeah
this top cap it does move around so you
could position it over any airflow but
it won't line up with the coils so you
kind of have to pick this up pick this
up find the airflow you want to use
stick it on there stick the top cap back
on here and one thing I didn't really
show you guys know
you know it does kind of lock into place
it's a very subtle movement here it is
with this airflow you have these two
layers right here that cap and then the
barrel eliquid does get between them so
when you pick this up all oftentimes
like the whole thing oftentimes when I
grab the cap end up grabbing both pieces
at once but of course now it's not gonna
happen on camera unless I I try to make
it do that so now it just works
perfectly every single time it's
probably because I have a bunch of a
liquid in there but once in a while I
have noticed that like both the barrel
and the cap come up at the same time not
really not not a huge deal the biggest
deals that I'm getting a liquid all over
my hands every single time I try I try
to change the air flow so let's change
it to something else my favorite one
covered it's so much liquid I'm like
struggling to put this into place but my
favorite air flow is this one I just
feel that I get the most flavor out of
there's also one really similar to it
but with slightly bigger holes let me
give it a little squonk
squonk really nicely into here I just
need one squonk and then I'm good to go
for a few hits honestly I really don't
see much of a difference between the
different air flows except for the one
that's my favorite I feel that one
slightly different like it's a little
bit more restrictive and more flavorful
this airflow with the splits would be
even better if I could adjust my airflow
without having to move this whole thing
but it is but it is what it is
squonk my last squonk no you don't care
but I recently discovered something in
my backyard and it's very exciting yeah
if you're wondering why I haven't been
doing a whole lot of videos cuz I'm
looking for a house in Florida and I
live in Georgia oh now yeah I'm going
back the winters scared me off and also
like the constant problem internet like
I've never had this many issues with the
internet before and the power going out
more than ever before for like no reason
at all just awful there's no state
income tax in Florida and I got walloped
this year in Georgia
flavor out of this it's good it's like
not the best party I've ever had but
it's definitely not the worst I want to
put it slightly above average but I will
say the airflow is smooth out of all of
them my favorite of course being this
one the build deck is really simple to
build on if you get pre-made coils and
the leads are both facing the same way
just bend one of the other way that's
really all you have to do however when
it comes to wicking this it can be a
little bit of a challenge you don't have
to do it the way I did it where you put
it through one and any Bridget across to
the other one you can do two separate
wicks that's totally fine it'll still
work it'll still squawk down on to the
cotton or you could even cut it once you
cut it afterwards or just do it the way
I did it's really up to you there's no
like one perfect way to do it and that's
kind of how rebuildable stuff goes you
build it to how you like it there is no
perfect way just be sure it's not
touching metal because the coils do get
awfully close to that center post
squonk post so just be careful of that
move them before you fire them make sure
everything is right and they do have a
tendency to move especially if you're
bridging and kind of yanking their
cotton just make sure the coils are
still positioned correctly
that's that I had a go if you guys are
interested in this I think they're
around 30 something they're not really
out yet I believe the real estate it's
gonna be like June 20th maybe earlier
maybe later I don't really know I know
element vape is going to have them even
though it says out of stock they just
don't have them yet I think they have on
for like 33 my vPro they're gonna have
them as well and I'm sure a lot of other
places will have them also that's it -
literally loose I gotta go bye