👆 Vandy Vape Trident Waterproof Vape Pen Kit Review

I don't like to ruin my vapes but we
gather here once again to see a
dustproof shockproof and waterproof
device do you understand what that means
yes you do it's called the Trident and
it's made by Vandy veep well it was nice
knowing you in the condition that you
were in the tanks not gonna make it
through this process for safety reasons
I think I'm gonna remove the battery as
it actually looks really good still one
place I could definitely see this mod
being used a construction zone and after
a hard day of work all you got to do to
clean this thing up as Washington
so here's how the Trident comes packaged
on the side is a scratch-off
authenticity code on the back kit
contents here's a closer look at the
tank at the top is a resin drip tip this
is removable in size 510 the tank is top
filling it's just a little turn lift up
and then pour liquid into here it has
adjustable airflow on the bottom two of
these slits and then to get to the coil
or to clean out the tank you can remove
the glass as well twist off the base the
glass just pops off like this
and then the coil twists out the kit
comes with two coils the other ones
inside of the box they're both the same
and there's also an extra glass piece
for the tank so these are mesh coils and
they can be made between 50 and 90 watts
the 0.15 ohms and both sides have a
midline so try to keep your liquid above
that line here is the mod it's basically
like a mech mod but with safety features
little hit at max voltage and then
slowly drain the battery once it gets to
2.8 volts it won't fire anymore then you
have to recharge the battery so this
uses 118 650 negative side facing down
and positive will be facing up at the
top is a 510 connection but it does not
feel springy there's very little
movement to it 1 2 3 4 5 clicks turns
the device on and there's no Adi on here
and you click the button the lights will
just flash so these lights right here
that are purple right now are also a
battery life indicator once they get to
red recharge the battery and you may
have noticed but there is no USB port
and I hope it's not hidden somewhere but
I don't think it is because there was no
charge cable in the box and the manual
doesn't mention anything about charging
the device also in the box was this
proper user guidance card the warranty
is for a hundred and eighty days for
defective products and that looks like
there's some extra parts
the metal got a little bit scratched up
when I chucked it on the pavement let's
see if any dust got in there battery
looks clean under the cover looks clean
it turned on that's a good sign but it
no longer fires I'm wrong it's not the
device it's not the device works just
fine here it is same exact one you can
tell us the same one because because of
the scratch is that I put into it by
chucking it around
it was flashing a red light like 10
times that means there's a short-circuit
so chances are the issues in the coil so
first I just stuck a tank I already had
some liquid in on here and it works just
fine here's the coil that shorted out
and I don't know why it shorted out
because torture test was not done with
the tank on the mod so I put the other
coil into the tank let's see if it works
the flavor out of these coils it's it's
really good they're very very yummy
coils I would say it's above average for
a mesh coil so this is kind of like a
mecha mod a mechanical mod however it
does have safety features short-circuit
protection overheat protection and a
ten-second cutoff so if you're pushing
the fire button after 10 seconds it'll
shut off power to the device so like a
mech mod it basically just fires at max
voltage or wattage and then slowly
drains the battery but unlike a mech mod
which will keep on firing it'll keep on
firing even if it's not safe for the
battery this thing will not it'll cut
off power at 2.8 volts and then you have
to recharge the battery with a freshly
charged battery this will hit like just
under a hundred watts and then slowly go
down however with a single 18 650 you
really shouldn't go below point 2 ohms
and the coils are point 1 5 you
shouldn't be fine as long as you're
using like good nice quality high drain
batteries like Sony LG Samsung any of
like the bigger names
for the cons we have a little bit of
looseness going on around this top area
and his field at the driptip a little
bit too loose there and the top fill as
well I think maybe it should be a little
more of a turn than just that because
it's just it's too easy to unscrew it
I'm complaining that it's too easy well
my concern is that that'll come apart
but I don't carry things in my pocket or
my purse anymore not big things I bring
like the little pod kids with me if I'm
going out and that's really it I don't
have any other cons here it is with the
airflow completely open and then my
favorite setting for this about 60% open
yeah I just feel that the airflow
completely open and it's a little bit
too Airy so I do recommend closing off
some of that airflow and I do like the
airflow control ring like it's not too
loose not too tight nice and smooth
yep burst reminds me of a mech mod kind
of is a mech mod but not really sound so
yeah there it is if you're interested in
getting one of these I think they're
around a 50 bucks I'll have a link down
below if you click on that it'll bring
in two more links so that's it I gotta
go to Lulu's