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Will Vaping Increase The Risk of Depression

Vape Industry in China Produces A Vast Majority Of The E-Cigs On Earth

Hi, I'm Chelsea from the Vice office in Brooklyn. Our colleagues at our China office took a look at the vaping industry in their country. In this episode they explore this lucrative market, and what the future of vaping will look like. This is what we buy; ecigs.This might look like a Friday night at a crappy Beijing nightclub, but is actually the 2015 China vape expo in Shenzhen. I walked in to find models showing vapes on the catwalk, surrounded by guys with heavy cameras. Pretty much what you'd expect from a Chinese trade show. Vaporizers are a simple electronic product. Nicotine oil, or e-juice goes into the vape and the atomizer turns it into vapour while you inhale. E-juice comes in all kinds of flavours, from cake and mojito to chilli pepper flavour. The expo is full of foreign brands, mainly American companies. So I talked to some of them about today's vape market. We have very high expectations for the Asian market you know, Asia is sending us all the hardware So, why don't we sell China a safe alternative of American or European juices. And The expectation is that we have a very good chance to get a good chair in the Asian or Chinese market We hear a lot about a growing market in Asia I mean you have so many people smoking This is the future of tobacco The vaporizer market is already maturing in the U.S. and an emerging one in China. The interesting thing is China produces most of the world's vapes and 90% of them were manufactured in Shenzhen I met up with Greg, the owner of NY Vape Shop He lives in Shenzhen, where he oversees production
for his brand. Amy is a factory owner, and a long term business partner of Greg's. She is only 28, but has already found her place in the electronics industry.We're purchasing on occa- like, during busy seasons thousands of vaporizers and they're able to produce it very quickly So, the battery for example. This is uhh-This is for putting together the PCB fab I mean this is very simple technology. There are dozens of companies that'll sell product for 80 dollars, or 60 dollars, or 50 dollars. But it's all the same.The only difference is we're putting a different brand on it. We also distribute as well but we focus more of our time with our online business, compared to the big brands.
We sell them at a much more affordable price for the consumer.It's still really hot back in the States, people are still buying. Just the problem is the vaporizer shops just have way too much inventory to be able to sell so much. These don't have enough foot-traffic to be able to sell a lot, keep buying.Supporters of vaping say it's not bad for you,
but how true is that?I met with Dr. Zhang Shunan to find out.In busy areas like Beijing's [inaudible],more and more vape stores are popping up Even if vaping might not help me quit smoking, I still wanted to see what kind of fun you could have with vapes. So I went to check out Lee vape shop The way I see it, vaping is just a substitute for smoking. Sellers might claim it can help you quit smoking, but it seems more likely a marketing trick It seems ironic that Chinese made vapes. get exported around the world, and then come back to China; marketed as part of foreign vaping culture.


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