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Michigan State University Helps You Understand Vaping

๐Ÿ‘† Vape Zamplebox 64 Flavors Together

all you ever care about is my eloquence
I'm up here hey welcome to today's video
I wouldn't be trying 64 different a
liquids but I'm gonna put them all into
one bottle and it's gonna be wonderful
it's gonna be a really good I'm gonna
take a dropper from each bottle oh by
the way this is the bottle
I don't think sample box really liked
that I posted on Instagram I'm not
really sure why maybe you guys can
figure it out I did get all of these
bottles in 2018 this video is brought to
you by tea time the makers of a liquid
without a sweetener okay the video is
not really sponsored by tea time I just
thought it'd be kind of hilarious guys
want to start a company where other
companies just like give you free things
and then you ship it off to your
customers that that would be a great
company you'd make a lot of money
I hope there's enough room in here for
all this liquid this is one of a few I
actually liked so I capped it out it
does smell pretty good it doesn't have a
dropper so I'm just gonna guess oh that
sucked it up almost all the way to the
top ten out of ten for the dropper
quality bottle right here I'm doing this
video because a lot of you have been
requesting eliquid reviews and i just i
don't use sweetener anymore cuz it used
to make me super nauseous and i just
didn't feel good
plus it messes up my quills yeah i'm
just gonna leave it out but yeah that's
why i don't do them anymore
victory melon melody
it's sweet tooth player is cheat today
let's dump my sweetener into here
next up yeah um
probably not the best spot for the house
terrible dropper
FP 4 or 12 2013 it's now that at least
one of these is not expired I thought me
just holding on to them for like a year
would have made some expired actually
mom Asian pears I don't member felt like
this juice or not close alright and this
one does have an expiration date it
expired me 2018 I don't remember when I
got it but I got a new 20 is buried yeah
I want my really good to come out of a
glue bottle it don't smell like Laffy
Taffy marmalade and flavor is apricot
and there's mixed reasoning again this
one is made 2018 I did get it in 2018
should have been fresher should have
been honestly think I was not gonna
point out the dates on me but it was
like what did you expect when you sent
it to a reviewer well the expected ones
that I stopped doing videos for them
Wow milkman robbers are is the absolute
worst Nagi is the love of fun yes yet
but if felt like this ombre effect if
this is what they're sending to
reviewers to be shown on YouTube then I
don't know what y'all are getting that
are subscribed to this not in 2018 it
was already three years old
do a half dropper I'm not a US base kind
of a dickhead there's no perforated
lines on here like at all
so I really really don't want anyone
getting a minute juice what company uses
too much sweetener yes like the best
video I've made a long time I'm so
excited that I decided to do this it's
like when you pee and then you prove
that's what just happened don't in
spotty girl this one is from 2016
already two years old friend when I got
that feeling of being cocky like this
manufacture 2016 is a 318
it's filled of all can't wait to try
this is making me regret don't few hate
yeah it comes off $30 by itself is $30
and then for me to mine all these new
records for you it'll be another 130 I
can't guarantee that they're all fresh
but not everything in life is fresh
alright so I ended up getting 64
different flavors of a liquid into this
bottle and here they are this is some
really twisted combination of VG PG
sweeteners no nicotine and artificial
flavoring it smells like half of these
to be honest yeah it just smells like
straight-up sweetener and really nothing
else just a sugary thing the fun's about
to begin
the melon came through a little bit Fido
Vita edge of it it's so tasty too it's
just so wrong on so many levels I can't
even describe what's happening in my
mouth right now dude


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