Vaping Devices In Public Banned In The Franklin County

the Franklin County Fiscal Court has
added vaping devices to the county
smoking ban the court says they hope the
new policy will help enforce social
change lex18 Jacqueline high reports
the Franklin County Health Department
says that through their studies they
found kids he used joules are going
through two Joule pods a day in one pack
of cigarettes there is 21 milligrams of
nicotine whereas just one Joule pot has
41 milligrams of nicotine as more brands
have come out they've actually tripled
the amount of nicotine in that I think
believe in the highest dosage there's
actually 91 milligrams in one pod and
that is part of the reason the Franklin
County Fiscal Court added vape products
they're already existing smoking ban the
vaping devices emit chemicals like
acetone and pesticides but when there is
secondhand smoke and vapor that comes
out of a device like this you're not
making that personal choice someone else
has made the personal choice to use that
device and then it puts out a cloud of
chemicals that can be very toxic and
harmful to you in the long run
Magistrate sherry sebastian says the
court is trying to be proactive instead
of reactive when things are not as
prevalent to you and you're not having
access to them as easily it does help
diminish the capacity for somebody to
say okay I think I want to try that so
now it's were not right in your face so
they're not doing it as much the county
joins 16 other Kentucky communities that
have a ban in place in Frankfort
Jacqueline Nye lex18 news