Vaping Does Help Smokers To Quit

what's up guys Nick from vape meat here
I've been reporting pretty often on
misinformation in the media and honestly
the negative press surrounding vaping
really seems to away the good it does
for former smokers there actually is
some good news circulating so I wanted
to switch it up today and take a look at
those stories before we get into it
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odhh news everyone our first story comes
from Fox News I was really surprised to
see such an honest outlook on the issue
coming from fox's greg gutfeld rather
than breaking down his statements i'll
just let it speak for itself this in
response to people getting sick and some
dying from bootleg THC vapes so in
response to the effects of an illegal
product they are get the legal users
many who took up vaping to quit smoking
could end up dying
thanks to decisions that run roughshod
over data because vaping is far less
harmful than smoking smokers who
switched to vaping improve their health
why because it's not the nicotine that
kills in combustible cigarettes it's the
tar though now of course vaping
shouldn't be marketed to kids and if
there's something harmful in a vaping
product that products got to be removed
but too often bureaucrats prefer
fear-mongering over fact-checking vaping
has helped many to quit smoking
including me when the government cracks
down on anything it's never thoughtful
it's always rash and there's all these
businesses that started up by people who
quit smoking and they're happy and
they're trying to help other people and
now they're gonna close their business
and it's the next story I find hasn't
been as heavily publicized as it should
be on September 15th New York Governor
Andrew Cuomo announced an emergency ban
on flavored vaping products on October
3rd the ban was suspended just one day
before it was to go into effect the VTA
or vapor Technology Association has
argued for an injunction to the
appellate court and the Supreme Court in
Albany is scheduled to hear out their
case the judge has also ruled for the
state to produce evidence that deaths
from vaping contaminated THC relate to
the ban of flavor of a products
the case is set to resume on October
18th and if all goes well it could set a
precedent that other states could use to
fight against bands our next story has
made some really big waves in the past
week and Emeril oh man is in the
hospital tonight thankful to be alive
after what he says was a near-death
experience caused by vaping a man named
Ben Camarillo was hospitalized for a
so-called vaping related illness the
news really took the opportunity to push
that his East cigarette use was the
Benjamin Camarillo says he went to the
hospital because he thought he had
pneumonia Ben later came out and told
the truth with Kris Goodwin the owner of
806 vapes also based out of Amarillo
Texas Ben is one of the very very few
people that have gotten sick and told
the truth Ben is one of the very few
people that have gotten sick and said
hey I was using cannabis products and
everybody ignored it and I have a
feeling that they tried to pressure
Ben's mind into thinking you're baking
Ben it's great that the truth actually
came out and if you want to see the
whole story I highly recommend checking
it out on the 806 Babes youtube channel
our next story comes from CNBC where dr.
Sally Satele an addiction psychiatrist
was interviewed about vaping the CNBC
host seems skeptical but still made some
excellent points vaping nicotine for
smokers and that is the intended
audience and that's certainly the
population for whom east cigarettes were
developed back in around 2007 it's
actually the holy grail of public health
in for smoking in that it supplies
nicotine which in and of itself is
relatively harmless but it supplies the
nicotine without the smoke and the smoke
is what comes from burning tobacco and
cigarettes and that's what has the tar
and the carbon monoxide and that's what
carries the carcinogens and what's
harmful for hearts and the
cardiovascular system in general when
asked about flavor bands which have been
put in motion in the US
so tell had this to say we have to be
concerned about the children and the
access at the same time figure out a way
to make these devices more love it more
available to smokers because there's so
much less harmful for our last story I
want to take a step away from the us a
recent article from The Associated Press
discussed the epidemic of vaping in the
states with some UK health experts as
you may know the Royal College of
Physicians openly supports vaping and
even recommends UK doctors to advise
vaping to patients who need to quit
smoking the Royal College are the same
people who stayed vaping to be
ninety-five percent less harmful than
smoking dr. John Britain who's a
director for the UK Centre for tobacco
and alcohol studies in the University of
Nottingham said the US reaction to
vaping is complete madness and goes on
to say the reality was smoking is if you
tell people to stop vaping they'll go
back to tobacco and tobacco kills in
dr. Britain also put out his own article
examining the decrease in smoking rates
due to implementation of vaping
unsurprisingly the UK has seen a
tremendous decline in smokers in recent
years it really seems that we could
learn something from the UK with such
heavy promotion of vaping isn't it
interesting that we haven't seen a
single illness appear over there
I hope these stories inspire you to not
give up hope and see that many people
still stand behind vaping more than
anything I don't want to see the trend
of vapors going back to smoking continue
it's so important to do your own
research so you can make an informed
decision what do you think about today's
stories let's talk about it in the
comments below as always I'm Nick from
vape me thanks for watching