👆 Vaping RELX Vape Kit Review|Better Than Cigarette

I'm gonna go vape okay yeah not in your
house out there by the pool smells like
old socks
so the relics comes packaged like this
and this time the warnings actually spot
on this does contain nicotine here's a
peek at the back of the box and this is
a closed pod system so it's really nice
that they have a manufacturer date on
here that we actually know how old that
pod is yeah the pod that's included does
contain a quite a bit of nicotine
replacement pods they come packaged like
this this comes in a whole bunch of
different flavors but because I'm
traveling I wanted to save on space so I
didn't bring all of them sorry guys I
love mango so this is the one I'm gonna
be using five percent that is that is a
bit much for me so I'm not gonna use the
one in here I'm just gonna use this one
so this opens up like so
and they come in packages of three this
product is definitely geared toward
smokers as soon as you open up the box
it says break that habit it's right up
this is the user manual here are the
specs for the pod and the device if you
want to pause the video so this is a
device it's really the battery portion
of the whole vape inside is a 350
milliamps hour rechargeable battery and
our recharges through the USB port on
the bottom so here I am on a relic so
the website as you can see this device
comes in a few different colors over
here this is the charge cable yeah
please focus on the charge cable I know
that's exactly what you're looking at
right now and the last thing in here is
a pod we do give you one pod in the kit
and this one packs quite a punch
this is the full five percent so I'm not
even going to be trying this and I'm
pretty sure these are bigger than Jewel
pods they hold two milliliters of a
liquid I'm going for tomato it's a
simple poem puffs a draw activated kind
of device and as a closed pod system so
it comes with a liquid already in these
pods you pop it in
dr. Sophie babes I thought you quit
nicotine yeah for the most part but once
you've been hanging out with your
parents for a few days you know as an
adult kind of back at their house for a
week or so there comes a time where you
just you just kind of need to vape a
little more I haven't like entirely quit
nicotine for the most part like 90% of
the time I don't use any but once in a
while on weekends I will and today's
Friday it's good enough that's that of
the weekend it is though Cheers
the big ducky keeps raccoons away that's
what it's also there for fun
36 year old lady in Boca yeah my job is
like really hard this video is not a
drug-free video it's also not to
monetize her YouTube's policies I'm kind
of not exactly like for this kind of
stuff on unless you're a heavy smoker
and trying to get off of cigarettes and
yes but don't don't make this into like
a daily daily habit at first yeah but if
you're still doing this after a couple
years you're doing something wrong
unless you don't want to quit and then I
guess you're on the right path the
continuation of nicotine and you guys
know I'm really big on tanning that's
why I'm so pale oh yeah
so what is a complete kit there is
nothing else that you need to get except
well eventually more pods and that's
ready to get you we're gonna want you to
buy more pods and luckily it doesn't
have like a specific charger like jewel
it just uses a regular charger that you
probably have laying around your house
anyway so if you lose it not a big deal
lighting is terrible on getting
everything wired to but that's okay I'm
sure a lot of you don't buy it
love the shadow effect that I got going
on right here it's very beautiful comes
in a whole bunch of colors you guys
already saw the price coin $39.99 and
then the replacement pods are I don't
know I didn't even look I should
oh look I will look as soon as I get out
of the pool
oh I don't even have a swimsuit I
totally forgot to bring one so this is
one that mom bought but her boobs are
bigger than mine and they didn't have
turn into it so now it's fine
and that's how you vape in the pool you
probably shouldn't do that do you as I
say not as I do
a bad example
I'm a terrible influence guys they
should offer it in lower nicotine
strength so that people can't start at
the highest work their way down to zero
relics please offer zero thank you
mostly busy today
so I think I think that's it that's
pretty much all I wanted to say but how
much can you say about a draw activated
close pot system you know if you're
interested in this device I will have
some links down below it'll be like a
link and then you click on that it'll be
more links to other stuff too Lily
leaves I gotta go bye guys