👆Vapmor VPEN Portable Pen Kit Review|Produces Tremendous Power And Satisfying Clouds

Vapmor VPEN Portable Pen Kit Review|Produces Tremendous Power And Satisfying Clouds

dear diary this is the V pen and it
comes to me from a company called veep
more or is it that more this thing comes
in a whole bunch of different colors
there's green black brown blue purple
red silver and gold the v pen comes
packaged like this on the back of the
list of contents but i would have liked
to see the specs on here as well inside
of here is a 600 milliamp hour
rechargeable battery recharges through
here in the bottom of the box they do
include a charge cable along with a
manual which might look thick but it
just comes in a few different languages
the VPN is 133 millimeters wide and it's
16 millimeters thick the cap just comes
off like this like it would on a pen
then this portion right here is the pod
these pods hold 2 milliliters of a
liquid and they're refillable through
the hole that's underneath here so I
just kind of take my nail and try to pry
that up not always the easiest thing to
do and that hole is pretty itty-bitty
but I can fit the style of bottle into
it just fine
with a brand new pod give it like five
minutes so that cotton can saturate then
you just stick it in here any direction
it does a little vibrate the light
blinks and it's ready to go
it's draw activate it so there's no
buttons to push so there it is
definitely a discrete device until that
part so the box that I was scribbling on
earlier this is how all of this came on
here it says time is wasted the world is
noisy I have to be vigilant the world is
noisy that's why I'm recording in this
room instead of the other one because
there's three houses being built on that
side and two more that are gonna go up
on on this side so here are the eight
colors well you've already seen the
eight colors they sent me all of them
the one I'm using is not in the box
anymore obviously and the rest of these
I'm gonna give away on my Instagram page
and maybe my facebook as well I'm just
gonna split them up so if you go there
and you don't see the giveaway just wait
a little bit I will be posting it soon
here are the specs if you want to pause
the video oh yeah one last thing I
wanted to show you guys in the booklet
is the coils are gold-plated brass the
cap on here it's great as a dust cover
so you don't get any schmutz --iv into
your mouthpiece it only goes on really
two ways one is this or you can see this
part right here it took a little window
into the tank and if you flip it the cap
also fits on the other side but it does
not fit anywhere else and it's kind of a
bummer that the cap doesn't really fit
on the end I mean like just barely
barely it's not enough to like really
hold it on there so when you're vaping
and just kind of have to hold on to the
I would like the cap to fit on here more
like it would on a pen I kind of like
how the fill hole has this little like
latch door doohickey on a spring it's
not always the easiest thing to open but
I just stick my nail in there and pry it
open like this I do prefer this over
those little rubber pieces that you mush
in sometimes they're attached sometimes
they're not but even when they are is
really easy to rip them off and lose
them so kind of a neat design oh and
with these pods with a brand new one
don't just fill it up stick it in here
and start vaping give it like five
minutes so that cotton can saturate and
if you look over here it looks like
there's a little hole but it's not that
is a light to get in there and turned
white if you see white that means the
batteries between like thirty to a
hundred percent power and if it's red
it's 30 percent or less then you should
probably recharge it it does support
pass-through charging so I can plug it
in and keep using it however I'm kind of
confused on that because the manual says
vaping is not suggested while charging
the device however when I went on the
website vape more.com it listed it as
one of the features that it has passed
through charging so it's a feature
don't use it it's a big bummer that it
only comes with one pod I don't know if
it's one pod because I got the sample
versions these are like the pre-release
ones or if it's gonna be one pod in the
retail version I'm not sure I hope they
do include two that would be that would
be nice and like most vape devices this
thing comes jam-packed with a whole
bunch of different safety features and
one of them is 1/8 a second cutoff so if
you're pulling on this thing for 8
seconds it will cut off power to the
device but here's all 8 seconds well not
really because I'm going to fast-forward
through this part
so that's it there is the the pin and a
price point no clue I have no idea I
haven't seen it anywhere that more beat
more housing told me still I don't know
I do apologize yeah if I find any links
I'll put them down below if you guys
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forget to subscribe or unsubscribe but
whatever you want to do and I'll see you
guys next time