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Michigan State University Helps You Understand Vaping

👍Vaporesso Luxe Nano 80W Mini Starter Kit Review 2500mAh|SKRR-S Mini Top Fill Tank

for review today I have something from
vapor wrestle these are the luxe nano
walks up this one this one's Lux zv
full-size i kind of want to compare that
to be it's a really similar it might
have some extras here's how the lux nano
will come packaged and all the boxes
will look different depending on which
color you select inside of this baggie
is the mod and as you can see both sides
do have a protective film on them and
here's the tank I like to call her the
SK RR I but I guess you could call it
skirt I so this tank holds three point
five milliliters of a liquid and it is
Top Billing fill through the two holes
on the sides on the bottom there's three
Li's airflow flips these are adjustable
and on a stopper and the base of this
twists off and there's the coil it last
pops off of here and inside of the kit
there is an additional piece along with
a USB cable for charging and updates
extra seals and Bert's for the tank and
there's also an additional coil alright
the coil was over tightened here's a
coil that was already pre-installed this
is a point one five ohm coil it can be
vape between 50 and 80 watts but they're
saying it's best between 65 and 75 the
spare coil is a point two ohm coil this
one can also be vape between 50 and 80
watts and it is best between 65 and 75
and again wondering what that thing in
the middle is that gold piece that's
meant to prevent a spit back so here
they are side by side this is the Nano
and this is the full size lux this one
is part of the limited edition but the
regular ones are the size as well the
big mod uses 218 650s which are not
included the Nano already has an
internal 2500 milliamp hour battery
which is rechargeable through the USB
part right here on the bottom there's
some battery ventilation at the top
centered 510 spring-loaded connection so
yeah aside from the size and what
batteries these things use the rest is
pretty much the same one two three four
five clicks turn these on this one is a
little bit faster so yeah the screens
look pretty much the same they both time
out to clocks they both have a little
lock symbol on the bottom I think you
can change the way the clock looks as
well so you see this little lock symbol
you have to click the fire button three
times to unlock the device once I do
that I can click this this little VV
press'll logo
three times and it brings me to the menu
and these menus are pretty much
identical so I was just in vwn so that's
just wattage mode normal vein strength
the next one over is SP this is super
player mode the mod will fire down to
point zero three it's recommended for
stuff like this
RDAs so basically stuff you build your
own coils on the next one over is VT ss
this is dumb picture control for
stainless steel and these mom's do go
all the way to 600 degrees Fahrenheit
then it stops and if I keep going it
switches to Celsius after that both of
them have variable voltage mode after
voltage is CC V this is a power curve
then there's BP this is bypass in bypass
it hits a max voltage and then slowly
drains the battery and bypass I would
use with stuff like this
next the screens a little bit different
but it's pretty much the same thing DIY
in this one and then DIY in the Nano
it's just laid out a little bit
differently but it's the same exact
thing so if I go into the first one so V
W set this is for wattage mode you can
adjust for different vape strengths next
one over V T this is for temperature
control s1 doesn't have a lock feature
or this little setting option last one
in here see see you can adjust different
power curves first one in here is
wattage there's also one of these for
voltage and to adjust these you just use
the up and down buttons I guess they're
not really button
that's kind of a touchscreen mod nothing
here is touchable but these three are so
once you have that where you want it
click on the fire button it goes to the
next one
I'm a-gonna Josefa let's say this is
where I want it if I want to set it just
click on that so now if you go oh it's
kind of annoying how it locks so quick
so now if I go into the mode menu see
right here it's a CC V there's my curve
and if I want to change it I can always
go back into here and adjust it this way
last one in here you can adjust some of
the settings you can restore the mod to
default you can set the time adjust
brightness after brightness both Molotov
puff counter next one down is smart on
and off this is for smart watt and
recognition it'll set the wattage based
on the resistance of the coil you don't
have to have it on auto on and off you
can have it automatically turn off
screen time out this is how long before
it goes into like a standby mode max is
60 minutes for both of them you see two
little dots on the bottom and the V
that's what the key light is for you can
adjust the brightness as a maneuvering
through here the mod is vibrating you
don't have to have this on and you can
also adjust the level of vibration and
the last thing on here is the firmware
version the mod is updatable I'd like to
be able to vape this for you guys but I
have to recharge it again that seems to
be the theme with this mod because the
battery it's only 2500 milliamp hours
which isn't that small but if you're
using coils such as this on it yeah it's
gonna drain that battery real quick
they're big coils they need more wattage
so the locks the original locks the
bigger one that uses 2:18 650s what's
the better choice it just is with with
these coils
I just don't think these coils go with
this mod these are great coils are very
flavorful I'm not
getting much spit back they have this
like a reservoir that catches extra
liquid so there's some leaking
prevention I haven't had any leaking out
of this skirt Inc or out of this car
the names the girls we're great with
this because it's got more power but
this one does it doesn't it'll work it
will work it's just you're gonna have to
recharge it quite a bit it does support
pass-through charging so what that means
is I can vape it while charging but when
I do that it does drain the battery so
right now I got this at 23% let me just
show you guys to confirm it's charging
really quickly and right now it's at
well now it's at 24% so let's see what
happens after one hit and I'm going to
do this at 65 watts I am using this
strip coil so that one's best between 65
and 75 yeah yummy coils love the coils
they're like a combination between flax
fiber and cotton which is which is
usually a winning combo so great coils
just too too much for this little device
alright that brought it to 20 percent so
that used about 4 or 5 percent of the
battery let me try again it's not 21 now
it just got there
she's got a whistle I have the airflow
completely open it's got a little bit of
a whistle and I just messed up the thing
I was gonna I was gonna do it was at 21%
now it's at 16% after a couple hits so
I'm gonna hit it one more time and see
how much it drains the battery 12% so
it's roughly taking 4% out of the
battery every single time I hit it at 65
watts so if I do the mouth
that's a roughly 25 hits to drain the
battery at 65 watts
that's that's not much but these
squirrels work wonderfully on dual 18650
devices they just have the power for the
coils this does not and it concerns me
that they put super player mode on here
that's for RDAs like rebuildable
dripping atomizers yeah you really
shouldn't be firing down to like point
zero three on this let's just don't do
it all right you cannot me I might have
a couple extra fur giveaway so three of
them I'm gonna give away here on YouTube
there'll be a link down below in the
video's description click on that and
then find something that says it's
usually towards the bottom give away
information it'll tell you anything that
you need to know about this giveaway and
the other two I'll give away a little
bit later on my Instagram page there's
always something going on there unless I
break an arm then no update on the scar
here it is and the range of motion I'll
be able to fly again
whistle while you babe I'm also finding
myself refilling the tank quite a bit Oh
should I even bother to tell you guys
what I'm vaping today today's tea time
flavour is blueberry peppermint there's
really nothing wrong with the tank or
the quills or even the mod it's just
they don't they don't really go together
that's a cute little thing and I will be
using it again just not with this tank
not with these coils
I like how quickly it charges but that
battery's just not big enough for these
coils I also like that when it's
charging it shows me how many minutes to
a full charge which which is nice I do
like that feature 


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