👍Vaporesso Luxe ZV 200W Kit ALeaf Coils Review

I'm pretty excited about today not just
because I get to use a mech mod which I
love mech mods but I also cleaned up my
mech mod and replace the coils my
motivation came when this little package
arrived this one came to me from a leaf
and inside I have like 10 different sets
of coils handmade inner part nichrome 80
kidney puncher of the outer part
nichrome 80 twisted messes so these are
some fancy pantsy coils I'm not gonna do
10 different builds just to just a
couple and then I'll show you guys all
of the rest of the coils really really
yeah supposedly these coils are handmade
and on the little container you can see
they're made out of my chrome over here
is the diameter and the resistance here
is the manufacturers website but to
actually get these coils go check out my
vPro com I'll have a link down below and
this I believe has to do with the gauge
of the wire inner and outer here's a
much closer look at those these are the
fused Clapton's and they retail for
about $4.99 next up another set of fuse
Clapton's but these ones are a little
bit smaller here is a peek at those and
another set of fuse Clapton's so these
appear to be yet even smaller here's the
two I just pulled out in here's all the
Clapton's I got a side by side from
smallest to biggest these are the ones I
showed you guys first and there's more
fuse Clapton's boy they sent me a lot of
these but they're all different sizes
for example this one has 230 gauge wires
that are wrapped in a 40 gauge nichrome
wire so the bigger this number is like
for example this one is 32 making this
probably the smallest fuse clapton that
they send me unless there's more in the
inner 32 on this one inner 30 on that
one and it looks like these are designed
for like single coil RTA's are already a
since the leads are already going in
opposite directions next up these tricor
fuse Clapton's these ones I saw on the
my vPro site for $5.99 so they're like a
buck more than the fuse Clapton's at
around $6.99 here are the state
coils here's some more in the $6.99
price range framed staple coils here's a
peek at those in the $8.99 price range
they have staggered fuse Clapton's I'm
gonna be honest this is probably my
least favorite style of coil because it
takes the most work to get them to fire
correctly and lastly in the bunch one of
my favorites but you tend to be kind of
expensive alien coils I do findings to
be more flavorful than some of the other
but these ones are around $9.99 to date
I would say my favorite single coil RTA
is the Manta MTL but I broke the glass
so I cleaned everything out and I'm
gonna replace the coil as well I'm gonna
go ahead and go with the smallest coils
that I got bigger the numbers smaller
the coil I am pretty excited about this
I'm not gonna lie I love it when they
have the coils with the leads already
going in opposite sides since coils like
to move when I'm tightening them down I
stick something through it and then I
tighten it down
so I've decided I want this more of a
space to coil these are pretty malleable
so I can just stretch it out with my
finger yeah no I'm on a dry Burnett to
get off any gunk and also to make sure
it's firing correctly but it's a spaced
coil so should be no issue she's stuck
in a coil and turned out spaced and you
don't want it spaced you can't mush it
back together
but let our TAS I tend to do space
because it's just easier I think a leaf
has cotton as well they didn't send me
any aside from what was with the coils
so now that my Mex kind of cleaned up
I'm gonna show it a little love with
these fuse Clapton's
I'm not the biggest fan of dry-firing
coils on a mech cause that's at full
blast but that's the only way I can do
it with this thing cuz it's it's all one
yeah this is Kennedy Ruby 25 version too
I believe
yes are they handmade the company says
they are and are performing like other
coils that I've had that were handmade
so maybe I should believe them maybe I
should they're nice they're nice
flavorful coils I don't know if there's
really a difference in flavor from one
to the other but I will say that alien
coils alien coils are some of my
favorites I just think they taste a
little bit better than some other stuff
although fused Clapton's are usually my
go-to when it comes to pre-made coils
that's what I have in here and they're
cheaper too and for that like a teeny
tiny amount of flavor booth from one to
the other I would just go with the
cheaper ones
I'm gonna be using them again I'll use
them and up close parts and videos in
the future yeah
these are being added to my core coil
collection that's like actually getting
pretty low oh wow I'm glad they sent
these because I'm almost little coils