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give it a little crank Rooney
there wouldn't be a dollar amount for
you to agree to review this product oh
no he'll know what's going on ladies and
gentlemen boys and this is Sophie babes
coming back at you with another not
another vape video this is a car video
no it is a vaping Channel I am gonna
vape just like a little bit this video
is brought to you by vapor wrestle the
makers of the renova zero small cheap
simple the Renova zero vapor Russell
wasn't exactly sure what the content of
this video would be but hey if you do
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check it out remember that post I posted
on Instagram no oh my god she's got a
Honda she's got this she's got that I
mean there was like what ten comments
and every one of you guys got it right I
did get a freaking Honda and it is a
sonata I'm just done with all types of
muscle man not that I ever started ever
since I couldn't afford it I'm done I
jumped from like it seems like it it
seems like it over the years I jump from
one car next to the next the next I've
learned to buy them older and cheap
they're not an investment not at all
it's like the pit from the movie 300 you
just take your money and you throw it in
that's owning a car or leasing cuz
leasing you have to put a down payment
and then you pay on a car that will
never be yours never I started when I
was young when I was 17 I got my first
car first small car I was probably a lot
younger when I got something this size
it was a red Geo Prizm
read Ross big bust holes I was one of
the first dudettes in Minnesota to drive
a half a rusted car I bought from
someone's yard that had been sitting
there for months so I just put in an
offer people had some Russ but before I
arrived no one had seen rust damage like
this and I remember when I got that
mother Chalker I was driving around city
limits Minnesota wait isn't that a state
people weren't looking at me like I was
some poor schlub man people go nuts over
rusted out exhaust systems and noise I
mean the way people looked at my car you
think it was worth 50 bucks they're
great cars they're even great after the
body rust the way I'm not gonna talk
about it I already did a review so if
you want to see my full review on let's
go check out the video I'll have a link
down below if I remember I might not I
like to hold on to my car is until
something really bad happens and then
then I get another one I'm just a serial
stay-at-home person that doesn't really
need cars cuz I review babe stuff once I
imagine renting a Lamborghini and then I
realize like I'm not that into sports
guys or or wasting my money I don't
leave my house I'm terrified after like
forty miles an hour I also imagined
owning a BMW Mercedes Corvette or really
anything worth over 10k however after
very little research I decided to
purchase something else three years ago
and I believe the car I got it's
freaking a practical drives from A to B
you know what let me show you guys a car
I got three years ago here is ladies and
gentlemen my 2009 Hyundai Sonata
standard package metallic blue you got
the factory hubcaps the reason I didn't
go with a different model is money and
check it out 175 horsepower standard v4
engine but yeah I'm gonna show you some
other pics of my car cuz I just kind of
want to show it off and here's one
you've already seen check out the
interior 5-speed automatic gray cloth
interior in my opinion just
practical car and I'll prepare your ears
for impact you guys can see I'm using a
camera no kidding huh anyways I'm not
gonna be driving because if I'm driving
and focusing on you guys it's probably
not gonna be too safe I'm gonna go ahead
and take my seat I like to stay up give
it a little crank Rooney and that's
another thing about this seat belts are
so far back I can't even like way over
here where they usually are whatever
every car you buy you get this new car
syndrome you get sick of it and you want
to move on to the next car but then you
realize it's just not in the budget so
you're gonna have to suck it up
buttercup you will own this car so long
you will become one with the car you're
one with the car the car is one with you
and it makes you a better driver too it
would all be better drivers that the car
just did all the work for us through
self-driving imagine a machine that
safely takes you places doesn't mean
it's funner it ain't fun er but it is
safer telling you right now I'm telling
you that vaping is also safer than
smoking how much saver I don't know
this car it drives on the road
front-wheel drive oh yeah it gets me to
where I need to go yeah buddy so that's
a look at the Hyundai Sonata se 2009
standard package I hope you guys enjoyed
this video
where's the future the future now is now
to literally lose