­čĹŹVaporesso Sky Solo Plus Pen Style Starter Kit Review With Powerful GT Mesh Coil

because doing a review in a car is
really stupid let's go to a park for
review today I have vapor Russell's sky
solo plus kit this thing has 3000
milliamp hour rechargeable battery and
the tank holds eight milliliters next up
let me just show you guys this thing up
close here's how it comes packaged so by
looking at this what color would you
think is inside it says black on the box
and they know what black looks like but
then you flip it around and it's brown
so there's a sky solo along with a
charge cable and over here two coils and
if I flip this over on the back side
there's this little booklet the warranty
card and a user Advisory card so
definitely read this before using the
product didn't get a manual I'm guessing
you'll find it in the back as well with
the retail version but this is the this
is a pre-release version it's just a
sample inside of this tube is a 3000
milliamp hour rechargeable battery
recharges to the USB port and on the
bottom there's a little tiny hole that
is for battery ventilation the tank goes
on top of here and it's the only one you
can use there is no standard 510
connection it's got two air flow slits
and this is not adjustable it is what it
is one two three four five clicks turns
the device on and I don't have the
manual but I'm guessing these other
colors hour battery life indicators so
when you push the button to vape it'll
show a color alright now I don't have an
Adi so I was just doing this but if it
goes to read I recommend recharging it
here is the tank this is exactly how it
comes without a coil in it the glass is
removable you can pop it off like this
but the kit only came with one piece
the delrin drip tip on here it is fixed
you cannot use a different one
and you grab it
unscrew it to fill the tank both coils
that came with us are identical they are
0.18 ohms
mesh coils and they can be vape between
50 and 85 watts so instead of screwing
the coil into a tank you actually screw
it right into the battery portion of
this kit I do like a Eli quit that
doesn't turn dark and sludgy so today
I'm gonna use some tee time
surprise surprise and to keep this video
drug-free zero milligrams
I know I know a lot of you want me to
show all their eliquids but but they
have sweetener
I don't like sweetener
oh there it is
the driptip you can't use any of your
own drip tips it's not a standard tip
it's fixed you actually use it to open
up the tank to fill it top fill i guess
i suppo it's got a pretty easy top fill
the tank same thing you can't you can't
put a different one on here it is what
it is there is no standard 510
connection and the airflow it's
completely open there is no way to
adjust it but flavor is pretty good out
of this I will say that it's not like
the best thing out there but it's good
and it's also a really simple device
this is good for people that want to try
some vaping Chuck some clouds but not
really get into the nitty-gritty details
of it with all the fancy settings guys
so low looks looks like this it's
smaller with a 1500 milliamp hour
battery yeah it's kind of a big
difference between the two this one is
teeny tiny compared to this thing that
battery which is good that's my foot
that's no longer new this might fit
better into your pocket or tiny purse
this this will last you longer so yeah
in vapes it tastes pretty good and it's
super simple