👆 Vaporesso Target Mini 2 Vape Kit Review

oh my goodness it's back Hey
paper rustles target Mini 2 and it's not
a podcast not a pod cat no it may look
tiny and adorable but don't let that
fool you in fact if you'd like to over
complicate your life let me show you
guys this thing up close let me start
off by doing a little unboxing so here's
the box that it comes in I do not have
any nails left my nails are absolutely
in the most horrific state they've ever
been in in a very long time probably
send some stressful moment in high
school so I don't think I can open this
without a tool today's simple little
tool is just a nail file which I'm not
really sure why I even have they come in
a few different colors and my opinion
they could have used more color these
are the only two that they sent me I
guess I could edit dollars in so these
things have a battery inside it's a 2000
milliamp hour rechargeable battery and
it recharges to the USB port right here
some battery uh ventilation on the
bottom here's all the buttons and the
screen and at the very top is a
spring-loaded 510 connection if you lift
this whole part out towards the bottom
of the box is oh another box and inside
of this box there's more boxes it's like
a nesting doll no I'm just kidding there
is a user manual here's some specs and
pictures if you really want to pause the
video inside of this envelope some more
boring paperwork but I'll show it to you
guys anyway like a warranty card
it's a 90-day warranty card but it's
just for defective products and I guess
that was it I thought they had more in
there yeah and here are some of the more
exciting things that were inside of that
box like this charge cable an additional
glass piece for the
obviously cousin okay moving right along
and inside of this baggie additional
seals or earrings and this key this key
is to open the tank but for me it's just
another thing I'm probably gonna lose
lady so where do you put the key well
let me show you by showing you the tank
first there it is that's it that's the
tank it's called the V M tank
22 it is 22 millimeters in diameter and
it holds two milliliters of a liquid the
drip tip on here it is size of 510 and
of course it's removable this is not a
pod kit let's get serious people it's
not drip tip to fill this with your
juices just grab the top and then do
like a little turn it's not even a full
turn and then squeeze them into that
hole next to this big gaping hole you
can see that there is a place for the
key the key inserts into here and then
in turn it counterclockwise
once the screw is out this part just
lifts up like so and the glass pops out
here's the base oil goes into and this
kit does come with two coils out of the
two I prefer this one it's a 1 ohm coil
it can be vape between 10 and 13 watts
no clue on the material that they're
using it's called an e you see C sell
coil go with this airflow with the
little holes and you really don't even
need all of them open just one or two
the second coil can actually be located
in this bag with the key a little
different it can move a between 16 and
22 watts and this is the e you see
meshed coil and as 0.26 ohms I have been
vaping the meshed coil I'm gonna go
ahead and switch it out to the other one
this end goes in first
and that just plops in like so yeah it's
that easy you just throw it in there
that's it I'm gonna try this stuff and
how all my liquids go there's absolutely
no nicotine none at all zero it's
vegetable glycerin propylene glycol and
some flavorings and this flavour is
Apple Jolly Rancher slushie it's called
village idiot perfect I've had this for
many a month many many months probably
since like the last convention I went to
which was I don't remember a while ago I
don't like stuff with sweetener in it
and I can tell this doesn't have any
that it has very very little probably
doesn't have any at all because check
this out this is what caller returned
when their sweeteners this was this
color I will not be vaping this anymore
there's clearly too much sweetener in it
if they don't stay clear I don't I stay
clear then I stayed clear i stayed clear
of those juices once it's all filled up
i'm gonna give it like five minutes so
that cotton can saturate one two three
four five clicks turns it on and also
one two three four five clicks turns it
off over here is a battery life
indicator this vwn that's the mode i'm
in i'll show you guys that in a sec I am
currently oh yeah it does timeout to a
clock and there's different clock
options which I'll show you that to
later but first I am in wattage mode
over here you can see the resistance of
the coil down below is the puff counter
voltage you can only see you when you're
firing the device and then as soon as
you let go of the button it does
disappear and down here that is a timer
and it does timeout after 10 seconds of
holding the button it's a safety feature
and by time out I mean this it'll stop
the device from firing down here there's
a mode button and next to that is like
the up/down button so in wattage mode
this goes all the way to 50 watts and
then it stops and it's kind of a bummer
that it doesn't round-robin back to five
watts you do have to go all the way back
three clicks of the little tiny button
gets me into the menu one two three here
I can change my vape strength right now
I'm in variable wattage mode V W so
there's hot normal soft and this right
here is a custom power curve I stick
with normal hot will boost your wattage
for a second soft will lower it for a
and CCW here's where you can customize
it and make it your own so you see each
one of these bars is a half second and
you can use the up and down button to
adjust the wattage once you have it
where you want it click the fire button
and go so next one so you can adjust it
I've already put a power curve into here
this is one of my own
so it'll do this for five seconds and
you can pretty much set the wattage like
wherever you want between five and fifty
watts so once you have it where you want
it click okay
so now you'll see what I'm firing for
five seconds it'll do this curve C C W
stands for customized curve of wattage
I'm a wattage kind of girl so I was
hoping it would end here but but it
doesn't there's more SP that stands for
super player mode it's one of vapor as
those things but basically what super
player mode does it's meant for RDAs
rebuildable dripping atomizers super
player mode gives you a broader
resistance range it'll fire down to
point zero three all the way to five
ohms next one over is variable voltage
it goes between point five all the way
to eight point five volts and with this
there's also the option for a custom
power curve but in voltage need more
modes have no fear there's also
temperature control you can use this
with stainless steel wire nickel and
titanium the em1 and em2 these are
memory settings so if I go into any one
of these stainless steel nickel or
titanium and I click the mode button I
can adjust my TCR temperature
coefficient of resistance this is when
you're just kind of manually tweaking
things a little bit and if I go back to
this screen there's also power set I can
adjust my wattage in temperature control
mode so this gives me a look a little
preheat a little ramped up just for like
a second the memory settings look pretty
much the same and you also have the
option temperature control to lock and
unlock the resistance no it's not over
yet there's one more it's bypass mode
and bypass mode what happens is the mod
is going to hit at the max voltage that
it can based on the resistance of the
coil so it kind of acts like a mech mod
and finally there's a set in here
there's a whole bunch of stuff so first
up is default you can reset this to
factory settings it'll be just the way
it was when you got it time set well
that's pretty self-explanatory and there
are different clock options
there's pointer number and completely
off you don't have to have the clock
this one is the pointer clock and this
one is numbers after time set their
screen brightness and this is the
brightest it goes yeah it looks fine on
camera but if you try to take this
outside it's not so great so I don't
even see the point and making it any
dimmer unless you just don't want to see
it at all
after brightness is the puff counter
here you can and reset it or just look
at it if you really want to and you can
also see the amount of time that you've
been puffing on this thing
after puff counter is a smart watered
recognition I'm guessing so if you have
this on the device will automatically
pick a wattage based on the resistance
of the coil and auto-lock on/off so you
can have the mod automatically lock
itself you really want to or not can
turn that off screen this is the timeout
time how many minutes it'll be before
the screen completely goes dark and you
won't see that clock anymore and then
two does not round-robin but something
that all these features and nothing
around the Robins and you can even have
it as low three seconds I work it's
almost over it's almost over this is
just a chip set the version the firmware
I mean there it is how exciting and
finally that's it oh thank goodness
that's it
yeah my office is like really trashed
right now more than usual because I'm
packing it up so everything is
everywhere oh yeah this is definitely
the better coil and that Jews like it I
like it and I rarely venture away from
tea time but this is good
what just happened what did I do
what I don't know if you can see it
scream so dim but it's telling me to
check my atomizer oh it's right there
that's weird
so sometimes it works and sometimes it
tells me to check the atomizer so then I
just kind of look at it push the button
again and I hope I get lucky you know
one conference happened here yeah it's
small but it sure packs a wallop with
all those modes there's so many modes
it's like unnecessary at this point I
mean it's it's overkill I don't think it
needs this many modes
it doesn't need a brighter screen but
but it doesn't need more modes freaking
mode mania over here that's too much for
me but maybe some of you guys are into
that so if you are well there you go
mm milliamp hour battery that's great
it'll get you through the day when it
comes time to recharge it it's like just
under two hours to recharge it from a
dead battery it does support two amp
fast charging do you have meaty fingers
just some big old gritty bv fingers well
then good luck trying to push these
buttons because they're really close to
each other I think these are around like
45 to 60 something dollars depending on
where you look and that's it that's all
I wanted to tell you guys I'm sorry if
you're expecting more so I got a -
Tallulah Lu myself out of here and I'll
talk to you guys next time don't forget
to subscribe
ring that bell as well it's over here in
case you don't know
so see you next time bye