❤ Vaporessos BEST Gen 220W E-Cig Mod Review

hi there for show-and-tell today I have
paper rustles Jen mod it came packaged
like this and there was also this charge
cable user manual and a 90-day warranty
card inside of the manual here are the
specs if you want to pause the video it
says press the fire button for five
times four or five times that's
confusing four or five times for three
oh my goodness paper rustle I guess you
shouldn't have fired your translator for
no reason
am i a little sour about that I am I am
the girl did not deserve that I might be
upset but this is still a pretty good
mod and it is very nice to look at it's
got this texture to it
I guess there's like three different
coatings on here so the red one has this
hombre effect and the silver one comes
in a solid color these come in a few
different colors but these are the only
two that I was sent to I just took a
bathroom break and I found these keep
appearing in my house I don't know where
they're coming from I'm assuming one of
the closets that's unfinished I have no
idea cause it's like ik I guess it's not
really a closet but like should that
really be like that from a bedroom oh
I'm so glad I'm moving at the top this
is the 510 spring-loaded connection the
mod does hold 218 650s which are not
included these are my own yes batteries
are important in these devices so try to
use some quality high drain batteries I
normally use Sony v TC 5s so that's
positive that's negative this little
ribbon is so you can get out the battery
is easier and the door is on magnets and
as soon as you put the batteries in the
mod does turn on
my clicks turns it off one two three
four five clicks turns it on this button
makes it go down that button makes it go
up and then the center button is a mode
button so if you hold that down you can
change the modes so the first one in
here is pulse mode which for some reason
is the default and this continues boost
flavor great that is helpful
well since the paper rustles not very
good at explaining stuff let's just see
what it does at 80 watts it really
doesn't do anything I am going to fry
the coil demonstrating this at a hundred
it still really does nothing let's try
220 which is the max that this goes to I
don't know I don't really know what it's
doing maybe it's doing a pulse effect
not really sure when though just know
that it continues boost flavor after
pulse mode there's power eco I'm not
really sure what it does comes just
wattage mode but the mod has a smart
function so when the resistance is
really low it'll go into super player
mode which I'll show you in a sec and
when the battery is lower than 20% it
will automatic
option to go to eco mode eco power eco
mode to let you have longer battery life
so I guess it's some power saving mode
yes I am really stressed out right now
I'm buying a house and I am chewing all
my nails so I know they're ugly next up
is Smart TV so if I go into here it is
temperature control goes to 600
Fahrenheit it does Celsius as well and
the smart portion is that it recognizes
the kind of material that's in the coil
if it's for temperature control
temperature control mode automatic
recognize coil material just one step to
complete setting let the mode button you
can hold it down or you can click it
three times
next up DIY mode there's all
bunch of stuff in here there maybe now
you can see it VW is just wattage mode
if I click on the mode button I have the
option to have it in soft normal or hard
beep strength and that's that's all
about this part is next one over
vt in here you can select stainless
steel nickel titanium and I'm guessing
this is a memory setting so in here you
can adjust a TCR temperature coefficient
of resistance you can adjust the wattage
as well
keep it up preheat or boost and that's
it I'm not really sure how to get to the
okay I think I just push the fire button
and now it's set after that V V this is
voltage in voltage mode it goes as low
as apparently zero and then as high as
nine and just keeps going CCW this is a
custom power curve so I'm here you can
adjust each and every single one of
these little bars and this is for
wattage so once you have it where you
want it click the fire button and you
can adjust it and again this gives you
like a little preheat or boost and after
that there is BP which a bypass mode
it'll basically act like huh unregulated
device but of course it still has all
the safety features
so with that mode it just hits at max
wattage or voltage and then slowly
drains the battery next up is super
player mode this is for RDAs if you have
something that like has a really low
resistance it'll fire as low as point
zero three owns all the way to five and
it's just wattage mode and that's it in
this one next one over system set there
is a puff counter so you can reset that
if you want to there's also a puff time
I'm just gonna exit out of here it's
pretty self-explanatory next one over is
the screen brightness that's pretty
self-explanatory as well see flip screen
after flip screen there's default so you
can reset those to factory settings
it'll be how it was when it was new
and version this is the chipset that
they're using and it's actually pretty
good one two three clicks as a fire
button I got this little lock symbol now
so I can't change any of my settings but
I can still fire the device one two
three unlocks it so there it is $30 2003
Versace shirt from eBay so what if it's
from 2003 it's kind of like the screen
it's a little old-school but I like it
I love screens that look like this fires
really centered 510 connection and it's
pretty big Eddie's too like this you all
mullerian do like I don't really know if
the smart TC works or not cuz I'm just a
wattage only kind of girl and for me
this just has like too many modes and
things to do I'd be fine but just like
wattage or bolted but if you're into
hold and other stuff this house it's got
a lot of it and I like how there's a
mode button cuz it annoys me when the
fire button does too much so very nice
very nice anything I don't like about it
of course I'm a complainer I always find
something I don't like the pulse mode I
don't I don't get it
I don't get it I don't feel a difference
between that and like a regular wattage
mode or any of the other ones I'm
assuming it pulses but maybe it's just
such a light pulse that I'm not picking
up on it oh and I don't like that it
doesn't around Robin I like my mods too
round robin all over the damn place so
there it is the gen my vapor SL price
point it's kind of all over the place
I've seen them between like forty-five
to sixty five-plus so yeah that's it
that's everything I wanted to tell you
oh I forgot to show you it may look like
the screen gets really scratched
but there is a protective film over it
so that to complete this video to dilute
early lose I gotta go
don't forget to subscribe ring that
annoying Bell as well and I'll see you
next time
oh yeah someone said don't put my hand
in their face I'm just gonna turn off
the camera bye guys