👍Veiik Airo Vape Pod Kit Review|A Classy Vape

the aero kit comes packaged like this
the color is on the sticker I've already
gotten my clammy palms on this one but
the other one I'm gonna give away a
little bit later on my Instagram page
yeah they come in like four different
colors inside the box er as a quality
control pass user manual some pictures
here are the specs if you want to pause
the video here is the arrow inside is
the 360 milliamp hour rechargeable
battery now recharges through here this
little hole on the side that's for
the pods are just pop out like this
they're held on by a couple of magnets
when it's brand new
they'll be this little sticker on the
bottom there's only one correct way to
put these in this way it's on both sides
cuz if I put it in the other way it
looks like if it's on this side but not
here to fill the pod lift up this little
silicon piece right here and then
squeeze your liquid into that hole yeah
normally these are somehow connected to
the pod but this one is just loose so
it's really easy to lose it do
milliliter capacity with the new pod
give it like 5 minutes of that cotton
can saturate and you're ready to go
inside of that accessory box I'm happy
to see that there's additional plugs
there's also a charge cable and inside
of here
an additional pod
so yeah pretty comfy mouthpiece or pod
whatever you want to call it I like that
design they have kind of reminds me of
my clarinet that I had in high school
I was no high school band no I didn't go
to band camp did not go to band camp but
that in college I did go to I'm not the
biggest fan of side bill design would be
nice that they figured out a way to do
it from from the top I also don't like
that it's not attached to the pod really
easy to lose but luckily they don't give
you extra you do give you extra the draw
on this I really like it it's not too
Airy even though the name says it's not
too Airy and it's not really restrictive
either it's kind of somewhere in the
I like the pull on here however if
you're getting this to be discreet it's
not that discreet let's check out the
giant light on the bottom it's got a
breathing light and it's pretty big for
a device of this size that also is a
battery life indicator so it's white
your battery's pretty much good to go if
it's blue it's between like 30 70
percent power and ready should probably
recharge it unfortunately there is no
option to turn off the lights if you
don't like it cover it or just don't get
the device oh and you can get bigger
hits out of this if you just suck on it
longer it does have an automatic shutoff
I think
boy there is a lot of pod style devices
out there I really don't know what else
to say about it I mean that's pretty
much subjective you're either gonna like
the way it looks or not it comes in four
different colors