Viping Tips Without Coughing Beginners Guide To Viping

I'm going to be teaching all you new
vapors how to vape without coughing and
we're starting right now before we get
into this video I'm going to quickly
mention I am under the weather a little
bit I'm kind of sick so I do have a
from being sick not from vaping I know
the title of this video is how to vape
without coughing so I'm probably gonna
cough but it's because I'm sick not
because I'm vaping improperly okay so
one of the biggest reasons that I feel
like people are unsuccessful
transitioning from smoking cigarettes
into vaping is because they don't know
how to vape they always seem to cough
they can't figure out how to hit it
right they don't know what milligram
juice to buy and all that good stuff
well I'm really not here to explain all
that stuff I'm really just here to teach
you how to properly inhale a vape device
and what signs to look for that will
tell you how to properly inhale that
vape device so let's get started there
are two different ways that you can
inhale a vape device well I'm sure you
could find other ways to inhale things
but anyways let's just start with the
basics so there's two types of ways
right way number one which is very much
like you would hit a cigarette is called
mouth to lung also referred to as MTL so
if you see MTL you know if you buy a
product online you see MTL next to it or
in the name that means mounts along and
what mouth to lung is is when you draw
the vapor into your mouth and then into
your lungs and then back out just like
you would smoke a cigarette for example
I'm gonna take a hit off of this one
this is a mouth to lung hit
see how I did that it's a mouth to lung
that's how you hit something that is
designed to be vaped and a mouth to lung
fashion all right let's try that again
okay so let's just say you went out and
bought a jewel pot you know they're
about 40 bucks or whatever look here I
actually have one in my pocket okay this
one's not necessarily a jewel but this
is a Maile which is very very similar to
a jewel so you would hit a jewel or any
one of these kind of closed pod systems
you're gonna hit these mouths too long
all right they're small they have an
above ohm coil head rating a resistance
and that's what you're gonna look for
I'm going to show you how to look for
that who told you I was gonna call but
anyways here's how you hit a jewel just
like a cigarette okay these are mouth to
lung right now I want to like go over
this quite a bit that way you kind of
get them that way you kind of get an
understanding all right if you're new to
this channel you're gonna quickly learn
that I don't know how to talk alright
but anyways yeah so max along now let's
let's look at the other method of
inhaling so this right here is an RTA
there's also subohm tanks and rdas out
there you may or may not know what those
are but these are designed for direct
lung inhaling I almost lost my words
there but let me show you how to do a
direct line he'll see the difference now
direct lung inhale you're gonna get more
vapor you're gonna get it just depends
on what you're using but you could
potentially get more flavor and
definitely more clouds with a direct
lung hit alright so let's take a look at
the screen I'm gonna show you what to
look for as far as resistance goes and
you'll be able to determine whether or
not you need to Maps along it or you
need to direct along it alright so right
there next to my finger it says ohms
0.33 alright
that is sub ohm which means under and
ohm okay so if it were 1.3 that's above
oh this is sub ohm so typically with sub
ohm resistances you know point three
point two all the way up until
about I would say point 8.9 around that
range is when you start going into mouth
to lung alright so down to about point
one that's all gonna be sub on vaping so
zero point one to zero point eight eight
and a half eight point five or excuse me
zero point eight five that's gonna be
sub on vaping which means direct lung
inhale just like this alright so the
best analogy that I can think of without
confusing anybody because this video is
here to inform people I'm not making
this video to get millions of views I'm
making this video to help you say off
cigarettes so what you're gonna do is
think of it like filling up a straw okay
so you've got a little bit of drink left
in your in your cup and you've got your
straw and you know if you go it's gonna
make all that gurgling noise but if you
sip real slow but fast enough you get a
steady flow of liquid it's just like
that except that you're not drinking out
of a straw you're not gonna hold the
vapor in your mouth you're gonna do that
thing with your lungs so you're gonna
pull from your lungs and try to get a
smooth steady flow of vapor pretty much
as much as you can handle without
coughing and you'll learn that over time
that's how you do a direct long inhale
it's not up you don't have to like suck
your brains out you know how to become a
vacuum but you want a steady flow and
with the different resistances the ohms
okay you're gonna see ohms all over your
coil head and that will pretty much
you'll start to get a feel of how to
vape alright so for example here we go
okay so what I did was is I took a hit
and as it started falling in my mouth I
realized how hard I need to suck to keep
that steady flow and so that I'm not
sitting there just letting it burn in my
mouth like this okay see that's probably
why you clicked on this video it's
because you're doing exactly that you're
letting it boil in your mouth or you're
not sucking in fasting
now again you do not have to suck too
hard here's an example of inhaling too
hard see it was weak I didn't even get
any flavor and it was just real quick
and loud and obnoxious so you're gonna
try I've got this only at 45 watts and
as you move on in your vaping journey
you'll figure out what wattage you like
to vape at what resistance you like your
coil heads and and all that good stuff
I'm just here strictly to teach you how
to vape without coughing all right and
here's how you do it just a smooth
steady flow of air going to your lungs
okay now let's go back and recover mouth
to lung mouth to lung coil heads okay so
most of you have probably already picked
up a kit if you're if you're looking at
this video I assume you're coughing so
what you need to look for is on the side
of your cool head I'll post a picture of
a coil head up here and on that Cola
head it's gonna tell you it's gonna have
a little ohm symbol and it's gonna be
like 0.15 or it may just have a decimal
point one five that is sub ohm vaping
now the other side of that for mouth to
lung vaping above on vaping it's gonna
be one point something yeah I don't
think they go up to I mean they do there
are some coil heads that go up to three
ohms and that's without a doubt massive
longing but traditionally with these
newer style pod systems they're gonna be
about 1.4 1.5 somewhere in that area and
those are all gonna be mouths along so
you're gonna hit it just like you would
a cigarette just like this see I pulled
the vapor into my mouth and then I
finished drawing and then I went just
like that now not as dramatically is
that you don't have to go you don't have
to be dramatic about it but here's how I
like to vape
and see with Maxo mugging you're not
gonna get ridiculous clouds so if you're
looking maybe you picked up vaping
because you were interested in blowing a
lot of clouds and you just can't seem to
figure it out well then sub owned vaping
our direct lung inhaling might be the
way for you to go now here's a few tips
alright if you're looking for a
cigarette like taste or draw or feel or
throat hit we'll get into all that later
on I've got plenty of videos for your
new beginners coming soon but if you're
looking for something very similar to a
cigarette maybe again like you picked up
a Joule or something you're gonna hit
that just like you would a cigarette so
my suggestion is maybe pod systems like
this make the jewel as much controversy
as it brings for minors vaping and all
that shit it's actually a very very good
tool for you to use to quit smoking
cigarettes it's very much like a
cigarette alright now if you're looking
to experience different flavors and you
want to you know go to your local vape
shop and try all kinds of crazy flavors
and and you want to you know blow huge
clouds then sub-ohm vaping is a way to
go and there's about roughly three
different options that I use okay I use
a sub ohm tank which is something like
smoke mix I'll post a picture of like a
baby beast or something right there
that's a sub ohm tank there's already a
switch I'll show you one right here this
is an RDA so it doesn't actually have a
tank but again if you just picked up
vaping you're probably not I doubt
you're using an RDA at the moment but
there are tons of different options for
sub ohm vaping which means direct lung
inhaling alright now let me say this I
wanted to make this video because I know
a lot of people are gonna try to quit
smoking the new year is approaching I
think we got like ten days or something
left of this year and I figured this
would be a great video for everyone
who's gonna try to use their new year's
resolution to quit smoking I figured
they're gonna be using vaping of course
right so I just I'm just here to tell
you don't give up I know it's gonna
choke you at first please believe me I
quit smoking after eight years using a
sub ohm tank actually I didn't use math
to lung devices pod systems weren't very
popular when I quit smoking so I got
myself like a sub ohm tank
and I just had to figure out how to do
that perfect draw you know you may see
the guys on the internet reviewers and
stuff like me we're using you know 80 90
watts you don't have to do 80 90 watts
most coil heads nowadays will tell you
the resistance that'll tell you which
how you need to inhale which is sub ohm
or above ohm which is not so long or sub
ohm excuse me Matalin or directly on
your nail remember not so long is above
them sub ohm is directly you know but
the coil heads will tell you the
resistance and what watt is that you
need to vape at so I suggest pick
yourself up like a regulated box or
maybe like a stick like a built in stick
that's gonna fire automatically
depending on the resistance of your coil
there's a bunch of different beginner
kits out there I'll go ahead and show
you one so this is a perfect kit for
beginners it's only fires up to sixty
watts and the coil head is rated for
about the same wattage so all you just
press the button that's sub ohm vaping
alright the coil head is like a point
one five that's gonna be for direct lung
inhaling I will also be making a
separate video on my top 5 best beginner
devices for 2019 that way you guys can
get an idea maybe you're looking at this
video because you've tried vaping in the
past and you always see me coughing you
wanna you know revisit that I'm gonna
have a video of the top 5 beginning
moths make sure you do check that out
alright that does wrap up today's video
if you have any questions concerns maybe
you have a device and you don't know how
to figure out what the resistance is or
anything like that if you have any
questions at all please leave them down
below I'm here to help you that is kind
of why I do this thing make sure you
drop a like on this video that's the
only way that more people more beginning