VooPoo Vinci X 70 Watt Mod Pod Review

oh yeah the most powerful a out kit I've
ever seen vapes all the way up to 70
watts and it's called the Vinci extra
boo boo yeah boy this is basically a
predecessor of the Vinci like I said
called the Vinci X so the difference
between this Vinci X and the Vinci is
okay this puppy cheddar the new guy is
larger takes a single 18 650 battery
which is killer phased out 270 watts but
does not have an auto firing feature
whereas the Vinci she's a little bit
smaller has a built in battery saved up
to 40 watts max and she does have an
auto firing feature so it all depends on
what you're looking for let's say you're
out and about okay you carry 18 650s
with you you got like five or six of
them okay man this thing will last all
dadgum day cuz you can pull one battery
out let's say dies off you pull it out
you pop another one in what or if you
want the Vinci you want something a
little bit smaller like I said built-in
battery got that auto firing feature and
also if you don't care by 18 650s if you
don't care about taking batteries out
and popping them in you just want
charged up you're good you got that
option too now you know me I love my
built-in batteries but that other device
it ain't gonna go forever
I can only get maybe four or five hours
max out of that thing if I'm on a road
trip I'll just carry a bunch of
batteries with me and just go go go like
a mojo go with this thing like I said
Vinci X poopoo but that being said if
you miss my vinci video the original
check it out links down in the
description so as far as the Vinci X
here's the packaging she comes in looks
just like the original packaging that
the Vinci came in inside that packaging
you're gonna get your normal
informational cards it comes with the
Vinci X and by the way I personally seen
two color options for this I know they
got more color options coming but the
two that I've seen is a carbon fiber and
gunmetal or the Aurora and gunmetal yeah
I kind of like this color man even
though it's reflective and shiny
I think it's freakin cool man house like
you know just it's different if you
light bounces off this thing differently
that's what I like about it but like I
said I'm not really a big fan of shiny
stuff if you don't want the shiny stuff
go with that carbon fiber fake carbon
fiber you'd be rocket also in the
packaging you're gonna receive a USB
cable for charging now this kit also
comes a to mesh heads you get a point
three over with organic cotton and a
point six armor with organic cotton as
you mother chuck as you can see the
point three homer has a larger bore than
the point six
personally I prefer the point three
because of that larger bore because
you're gonna have the larger boy you're
gonna get more air flow I like more air
flow but that each is their own and I
also like this point three over because
the vapor flavor is killer especially
for an AIO kit hell it's killer for any
whoo buddy look at that oh yeah and I'm
vaping at 28
that's it 28 I mean that is some
chucking some that's crazy
if you'd asked me a couple years ago if
a nail kit would have took this much
flavor paper whatever I said hell no get
out of here with that boo boo I like you
now this point 6oa that I'm vaping right
now she gives me a more restricted lung
it and the flavor I get off this thing
hey it's good not quite as good as the
point three but it's freaking good man I
got said more restricted now another
thing I want to point out about both
these heads I mean you could do a mops
alone but you're not gonna get that
legit mouthful on hit even off 2.6 over
and oh yeah by the way this does have
adjustable airflow it doesn't have the
up the airflow you're thinking you know
the adjustable airflow most you guys see
on our DA's RTA sub ohm tanks this has
not had that type of airflow but how the
adjustable air flow works with this
let's say you want to lose your draw you
pull the pot out you turn in one
direction pop it back in if you want a
tighter draw you pull the pod back out
turn in another direction pop it back in
so yeah you only got two options it's
not hard to do but to be honest with you
I really don't notice that much of a
difference maybe a little bit personally
I wish you'd had regular adjustable air
flow but that's just me so on one side
of the Vinci X it's got a fire button a
mini screen a wash up and wash down
button and a USB port on the opposite
side of this mod it says vu poo this one
has a reflective rainbow panel on each
side and I think that's dope man like I
said the way the light bounces off of it
snick again though I'm not a big fan of
reflective stuff but I gotta admit it
looks dope man it looks extra at the top
of this kit it's got the same 5.5 mm
refillable pod that the original Vinci
had very comfortable mouthpiece go ahead
press fits in the base you got the
refillable plug down here or over here
like I said guys 5.5 freaking mils of
juice and a freaking ayo kit I'm saying
freaking lot in this video because it's
friggin awesome 5.5 mils of juice is a
lot for any kit I think it's cool as
heck that the original Vinci can all the
same amount of juice is this thing cuz
it's smaller it's lighter yeah this
thing is heavy just want to point that
well it takes in 18 650 so it's gonna be
heavier than the other kid but you're
gonna get more battery life there's
always a given to take to all these
devices guys it all depends on what
you're looking for oh yeah and on the
mod up here on each side you got the air
slots three on one side three on the
other and here's the inside of the pod
mod where you know your pod slides into
remember after you fill this puppy
chucker you want to let it sit for a
good 5 minutes gotta let her sit so that
cata can soak up all the juice in here
if you don't let it sit you could get a
burn hit and if you get a bird hit off
any of these cools it could ruin them so
I got to point that out let it sit let
it soak you'll be rocking no joke
another thing I got to show you the pod
it's got a magnetic
name of the mod nice strong magnets hell
I can hold like this and then going
now is there a little bit of play barely
for an AO KITT with a magnetic pock
connection it's good oh yeah at the
bottom of the veggie X is where the 18
650 cap is batteries aren't included
guys but as far as having a cap at the
bottom I like how its threaded because
it's gonna be more secure you never have
to worry about this cap breaking on five
clicks of the fire button turns his mana
Jemma on pretty much the same mini
screen as the original guys at the top
it says vu pou to the right you got your
battery gauge under that you got your
waters you get the lock symbol says
wattage w4 wattage she's got the puffs
the time P which is basically the firing
switch but yeah besides that you got the
resistance and the volts now to lock
this device the whole device all you got
to do is hold down the fire button and
the watch up button that's another
feature I really like you can also clear
the puff counter by holding down the
fire button and the waters down button
down at the same time and you can also
set your post by holding down the wall
chilled water down buns down at the same
time like I said this bad girl vapes all
the way up to 70 watts 5 to 70 watts to
be exact but she does not round robin
that's a food con to me oh yeah and
another thing I got to point out about
this okay like I said it bakes up to 70
watts right but with the two coeds that
come with this you can't use the full 70
watts with the point-three head it maxes
out but 40 watts and with the point six
head it maxes out to 28 watts now the
reason why she maxes out on you is so
you don't get dry hits it's like a
safety precaution I think it's smart
food P to do that it's something else I
got to point out the reason why they set
this thing to go up 70 watts is because
they got higher water cooler heads
coming and they got an RBA section
coming I can't wait to get that public
juggler in my hands whoo-hoo-hoo
now before I let you guys go here's a
quick comparison between the Vinci X and
the original Vinci they look pretty much
the same but the Vinci X is obviously
longer and thicker now as far as price
point gosh this puppy chucker I'm seeing
her sell online about 40 bucks of course
you know me I'll post a link down the
description of site that I know of there
is credible that will be carrying this
thing or as Karen is saying I'm done
that's it I am out mother truckers this
is Rick shippers and remember smoking is
dead babies the future in the future
later Gator