❤ VPFIT Trii Review Smoke Smelly Sticks

I'm about to do something really
dangerous Oh wall sugar I love a lot of
different flavors that come to me
mmm it's probably why I've gained a
bunch of weight some of you have noticed
that's sugar mm-hmm what am i percent I
love it
this one's called the Tri by VP fit yep
it's another pod KITT sorry I'm sorry
that it's just another pod carry view
pod kids actually Oh
pod kits actually do help smokers get
off cigarettes so that's whatever
eventually all show something else but
for now I just keep getting a lot of pod
kits I wouldn't exactly call it a bad
thing I know it makes for kind of a
boring review because I'm not showing
all these functions builds and stuff but
I think having a 200-watt plus device
with temperature control TCR power
curves bypass and all those other things
kind of discourages smokers from
switching from smoking to vaping so pod
kids really aren't all that bad because
they're really simple to use especially
this one cause it's draw activated Oh
Sian soda sweet that means I got to do a
drop test does it still work after
following on ceramic floor the pods hold
one point eight milliliters that you
like really and just rip out of the
thing like this pull and then the fill
hole is on the side not my favorite I
mean it's better than being on the
bottom on the bottom I think is just the
but it's so itty-bitty and tiny and like
not the most convenient thing to lift
out yeah that's the hole it can be kind
but take this is the biggest con this is
really the only con when it comes to
this thing it's trying to stick stupid
thing so now as you can see I still have
not closed it and now that my hair is
covering my face this is even more
difficult to do so I found that if I
kind of like lift it up a little bit and
then I can position it over the hole
I still can't stick it in lift it up
position it over the hole stick it there
we go so that's what I've had to do it
doesn't just like plop back in I
actually have to lift it position it
push it down the battery is in here in
this portion and there is a USB port on
the bottom the battery is 400 milliamp
hours and from a dead battery it takes
roughly an hour just under an hour to
recharge it and while it's charging now
you're not really supposed to do this
with vapes I do sometimes you can stick
in the USB cable and continue vaping so
it does have pass-through charging it's
a how long will it last you about 200 to
250 puffs it really depends what setting
you have it on
and that light comes on when you're
vaping as well so it's not just when
you're clicking through it it's when
you're vaping also so red is 3 volts 1 2
3 clicks blue light is 3 point 4 volts
and then the last one on here is green
green is 3.8 volts with a lot of
vaporizers usually that light that you
see while you're vaping is a battery
life indicator but with this there
really is none I guess that could be
another con once the battery is
completely dead you're gonna see that
little light blink red 5 times and then
you have to recharge it so it really
isn't much of a warning last video I did
the bottle was never even open I don't
drink vodka a little bit that's gone
it's actually Kimmy vapes bottle she
brought it over and I'm a beer girl I
drink like 3 3 4 beers a week at most
laughs fine I like this is the flavor
you know flavor BAM
so that drunk video is all about the
flavor ban and how ridiculous it is that
they're banning vapes
but they're not banning flavored oil I
mean we already tried that with
prohibition it didn't really work out so
I got something else that should be
banned because it's also dangerous for
your health there's a sugar epidemic
that's right folks it's killing
thousands yearly and some people feed
this crap to their kids I mean who'd do
such a thing endangering your child's
life like that was wrong with you I mean
I was an adult I feel that I should have
access to this stuff even though it's
really dangerous for me but Save the
for God's sakes and it comes in so many
fantastic flavors and colors all right
we should just ban everything that's
anything with flavors aren't Hollow this
is bad
colors as well the world should just be
black and white
and flavorless to protect the children
hmm sugar disguise and delicious little
shapes and it was terrible for you I
think we should ban it
I should be grandfathered in so I can
still buy it but it should be banned for
everyone else after mm-hmm
bores back to us yeah my parents taught
me not to speak with my mouth full of
food but they also fed me sugar so were
they good parents I shut these people
let me go trick-or-treating on Halloween
can you believe that I hope you all know
I'm kidding about the banning a sugary
thing but it is bad for you all right so
just kind of back off a little bit a
little bit of billable listen I'm trying
to make these pod kit videos a little
more interesting if you don't appreciate
it please don't unsubscribe this is
gonna come in six different colors I
have no idea who's gonna be selling it I
couldn't find anything on Google I can
give you guys a website to the company
but but that's about it so yay I'm sorry
I'm sorry I know I know I know they
should have given me a link or a retail
price or at least told me who's going to
be selling it in the future
but it's coming - a search engine near
you mmm chocolate is perfect for when
you're filming mm-hmm
so this is how it'll come packaged so
the battery inside of here I already
mentioned it's 400 milliamp hours and
according to the company you can
recharge it up to 300 times and then
that's it because it's an internal
battery they do eventually wear out
batteries do wear out it comes with a
user manual a dinky little charge cable
an additional pod adults come with a
bunch of safety features it's not
explode on you it also has a ten-second
cut off so if you're puffing on this for
10 seconds it'll automatically turn off
the power to the device it doesn't turn
it off it just cuts off the power so I'm
gonna fast-forward through this part and
and test it out I don't know who needs
10 seconds with a pod kit but the
options there it's not for me I kind of
just and that's good enough but yeah if
you're sitting there maybe on it for too
long it will stop you the coils inside
of these pods I can't show it to you
because that's like buried in there and
I can't take it apart but they're made
from ceramic I have no idea what the
metal is they didn't didn't tell me
so flavor is actually pretty decent and
then the draw or pull on here it's great
if you're just getting off of cigarettes
it's more restrictive than a lot of
other beeps out there I won't even say
this comes close to the pole that jewel
has I gave it to a jewel user earlier
today and he said that it's just a
little bit more Airy than the jewel but
not much so that is hopefully this
review is a little bit more professional
and some of other ones I've been doing
I'm sorry I like to have fun once in a
while especially when I'm mad about
something and helps me with my mood and
I'm a moody kind of person so depending
on my mood is what the video of the
day's gonna be about so I gotta go don't
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ii annoy the absolute shit out of you
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