💢 VSticking VKsma Kit Review and Tutorial Auto Filling System

hello I am Sophie vapes and today for
review not a pod can't be case ma not a
pod kit this is the V case ma v ke SMA
so not a pod kit in fact it comes with a
rebuildable deck so here is how mine
came packaged I don't know if this is
the actual retail packaging cuz a lot of
times I do get samples so no clue on
that there's the device and it does come
in a whole bunch of different colors I'm
just gonna toss them up there they are
and underneath this there's a USB cable
for charging to atomizers one was a
rebuildable the other one is not it's
just ready to go there's a baggie with
tools coils screws and there's also some
cotton oh yeah
and lastly the paperwork there's a
warranty card the warranty is for three
months for a defective stuff only not
user error and an instruction manual it
also does not turn on and off with five
clicks it's actually the most
complicated thing I've seen in a really
long time so let me show you how to use
come on over and join me close her up
way too close good that's gone I'm 37
years old
I still got pimples and I bite my nails
inside of the bag there's two coils and
there was also four little screws using
that included tool I'm gonna loosen up
these two screws
with the screws partially out a top in
the coil like so and then you just
tighten this down I'm not a fan of the
little tri tool I thought I'd rather
just use my own tools you want to be
careful not to go too tight the metal on
these screws is pretty soft I guess
that's why you get four extra but yeah I
do see them stripping overtime and then
I even out the coil and make sure that
it's centered and yeah you can use a
little tri tool for this I'm using wire
cutters to remove the excess
and every time I push the fire button me
up it does pump you liquid in there so I
guess let's put some e-liquid in here
that is the juice fill hole and this one
helps you fill it so that there's some
the container holds about three
milliliters of a liquid and it does have
a max line so try to keep it just under
there please just pull in and out like
so so now when I push the fire button I
don't know what the heck happened but it
would not stop making that noise I
didn't see any liquid coming up but
since then I've played around with it
and I've been able to get liquid to come
out of that bottom hole easy and it is
on both sides it's doing it again and
it's telling me there's no liquid um and
that takes some of this cotton twist and
end and then stick it through the coil I
cut it to about there
I like to thin out the ends you don't
have to but oftentimes I do just like a
little bit
with a fresh piece of cotton I like to
squirt some liquid directly on it if
making coils absolutely terrifies you
there is a second tank which is not
rebuildable it already has pre-built
coil so all you do is add a liquid and
on the sides there is adjustable airflow
SMA 8888 standing for auto dripping
atomizer and it's got a point a three
ohm coil it does have this feature to it
worth there really is no illiquid it's
supposed to light up on the screen say
no liquid and prevent you from getting a
burned hit it's got this dry hit
protection I did test it out with the
other coil or tank the one that has a
pre-built coil in it I stuffed it on
here turned it on it with no liquid in
there and I didn't get a burnt hit but
it wasn't very tasty either so I guess
it worked
so next I'm gonna plop the cap on here
and there is two little tiny airflow
holes on each side and they are ever so
slightly adjustable
so every time I push those you here's a
little electrical noise going on in
there because it's pulling up liquid
from the tank but it's kind of weird
like vibrates pretty much every time you
inhale hold it to turn it on three
clicks to lock it and then you hold it
down for about three seconds to turn it
so this number right here is the
e-liquid speed adjustment and it goes
between 15 all the way to 60 and yeah
you do have to click it this way you
can't hold the button down because if
you do it I don't know if you can hear
that or not let me hold it up to the
microphone so by holding one of these
buttons down you're actually squirting a
liquid manually into the tank they're
recommending if you're using nickel wire
to go between 30 and 35 for the speed
and for stainless steel 316 15 to 25 it
can also depend on the kind of liquid
that you're using the PG VG ratio my
nails are not dirty in the video but I
do touch my eye a lot like this and
there's makeup in it and then it gets
yeah alright time for a little
there's no adi on here i had to charge
my mod and i also kind of flooded the
tank so i'm gonna use this one for
demonstration if i hold these two
buttons down at the same time i can
change modes there's DIY mode if i hold
them down again one more time
there's also auto mode so in auto mode
there's this screen once I'm on the
screen one two three four five clicks
brings me to this screen and here I can
adjust my temperature using these
buttons I can go up or down
click the fire button go so next one you
can have this in Celsius or Fahrenheit
and p1 and p2 and that's all there is
it's kind of hard to explain let me just
show you this is how you adjust the
wattages kind of confuse me at first
Michael daggits p1 p2 so if you're using
the point 3 ohm coil p1 is 10 to 15
watts and p2 is 20 to 25 I'm gonna push
these two again and go into DIY mode so
back to DIY mode once I get to this
screen one two three four five clicks
brings me to this screen I can use these
up and down buttons once again to adjust
this time joules and it goes all the way
to 35 does not round-robin so once I
have it where I wanted let's say right
there click the fire button now you can
adjust the temperature and even the
temperature unit once you have it where
you want it just chill out for three
seconds there you go or you know what
don't chill out just keep going click
the button here you can adjust the TC
our temperature coefficient of
resistance last one this is for
resistance I hold down the fire button
nothing happens
so here if I hold down up and down
buttons for a little while it'll read
the resistance and apparently it even
adjust it a little bit so are they both
I'm so confused why are they listing a
one ohm coil if they're not including it
oh I don't know what's going on with
this most vapes I can just pick them up
and use them but with this not so much
and the manual should be a little bit
more descriptive they did alright but I
think I think it needs more you got me
yeah yeah you got me there's some things
I don't really fully understand about
you like DIY mode like I get it I know
what it is but I don't think I can get
it to work so I'm gonna try it one last
time DIY mode I don't know if you can
see that but it said DIY and I'm gonna
try to vape this but I can't because
every time I try to hit the fire button
it just tells me that there's no liquid
really really there's no liquid huh
there's no liquid yeah you pulled a
whole bunch of it out of the little
freaking tank over here and spilled it
all over my hand
DIY mode does not work so the battery in
there is 1400 milliamp hours not sure if
you can see that but it does say it on
the bottom and it recharges through the
port right here and here is the chipset
they're using the yeehee or Yi hi s
yeah it's kind of weird also what the
whole thing is sort of vibrating as I'm
inhaling on it yeah it's weird
but it works
I haven't had to drip in there so there
it is
I think they retail around like 89
something 89 90 aha 90 plus tax I'm
guessing so more than $90 retail I gotta
go before you start throwing tomatoes
and rotten fruit at me to to literally
loose please please subscribe anyways
ring that Bell I don't know what it does
just ring it for fun see what it does
and I'll talk to you next time but
totally loose