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Will Vaping Increase The Risk of Depression

What Are The Vape Brands That Made People Sick?

We're gonna talk about which were
the top fake brands that were actually
getting people sick let's go ahead and
get into it let's do a what's good based
on militia base drop tees here I'm
you're filling neighborhood Negro and
we're back with another one this is your
first time on the channel you want to
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how to damn cooker with cannabis and all
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let's go ahead and get into today's
video today's video we're doing a news
of the day video this is just basically
when I keep you updated so that you know
what's going on when it comes to
different things for this particular
video here you guys know I've done a lot
of videos on fake carts and the problems
with fake carts the numbers have come in
now now we know what are the brands are
actually getting people sick I will link
all the information that I'm telling you
I will have the links form in the
description of the video so if you want
to look at it yourself you can
definitely do that so let's go ahead and
get into the information and get up out
of here here we go so if you look right
here you can see that it says officials
list the pop fake brands reporting in
the US outbreak dating vapes
was the brand used by 56% of the
hospitalized patients nationwide as you
can see there
also if you check it out
TKO 15% smart cart 13% and Rove which I
never heard of 12% as you can see right
here it says that it's not likely that a
single brand is responsible for an
outbreak but they just let you know of
the people that got sick what was the
percentage of people that used a TKO
smart cart and Rove also if you look
right here
bill Lux the co-founder of TKO say this
company only sells to lessen
dispensaries in California so if you
bought them outside of California you
are the proud owner of things on the
different videos that we've done on the
channel I get people all the time asking
is this brand fake is that brand fake
you heard it right here from the founder
of TKO if you guys have any tea killed
pins and they were not bought in
California you got yourself some fix
there also if you guys interested in
reading everything here is the actual
report from the CDC itself you see that
as a December 3rd 2019 all 50 states in
the District of Columbia and the two
territories reported 2291 patients
hospitalized it gives you gives you all
the numbers if you want to go through
that yourself you can you can see 67%
were male meeting the age of 24 it goes
to a lot of different things right but
the main thing is that you need to take
from this is dank vapes what's the most
frequently reported brand 56% people awful eyes
TKO smart carts and road those were the
culprits of this particular one so if
you guys are messing with any of those
you know what time it is we've already
gone over numerous amounts of times
about the fake carts hope everybody is being safe 


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