What Is Vape? How Did This Device Become A Trend?

juul who is she let's find out so we
received this email from this girl who
says she got catfished by someone so
we're gonna check that out and see what
that's all about let's call her hey
there my name is Kishida we have bill all over here too
I just reached out because I feel like
I've been getting catfished and I wanted
to get to the bottom of it okay well
that's why we're here we're healthy to get through that
so who's this email like what where'd
you get it from what's going on so I
know me sound crazy but someone named
jewel she's only been in my life for two
years she's a device but she gave me the
willpower to quit smoking she told me
she was a healthy alternative to quit
smoking and she just made me feel like I
was doing it in a healthy way I'm
getting supported I visited her website
and then I received some texts let's
check out these tanks wow she seems like
the perfect solution for you it was
sleek she was small she was compact she
also told me her health benefits would
help me live longer because she didn't
contain all the chemicals that
cigarettes contain she honestly just
made me feel so supported while going
through this difficult journey of trying
to quit my addiction that I was willing
for whatever it took so did you do any
investigating further did you know about
this beforehand how this thing came
about I initially saw her ads and
everybody on media posting about her and
then I visited her website and I noticed
that her claims did in fact fit what she
described to me over text I really
didn't know that I was being catfished
until she became a mere
a headline in the news huh let's do some
investigating and really see what this
is about that was really Shady let's
like figure out what who this jewel
person really is okay so she mentioned
this jewel website where you actually
heard about it so let's go check that
out right now let's check it out
wait what actually called Julie it's
called vaping oh yeah yeah so their real
name is an even jewel it's me
what's vaping oh my god are you seeing
this right now bad for your love being
related deaths this article says that was related to 47 deaths
Oh an RT 2290 related injuries from
vaping you have to call her right now we
have to tell her what this is this is
really bigger than we thought so we
found out some really shocking news
about what Julia it's apparently it's
vaping and so we're gonna call Eden
right now and tell her the truth about
what big thing really is so we did our
research and we did some investigating
turns out it's actually called vaping
and even further it's actually called
the e-cigarette so you probably want to
hear this it might be a little shocking
but we're gonna break everything down for you right now
so now that we know that Joule is a vape
and that it's been used for nicotine
vaping research shows that this is
essentially an e-cigarette which is
battery operated and intended to provide
similar feeling that regular cigarettes
do by vaporizing a nicotine flavored pod
but to uncover this mystery we need to
start from the very beginning to find
out how this device became so widely
used back in 1963 herbert gilbert
pioneered this smokeless non tobacco
cigarette and began at all in 2003
chinese smoker and pharmacist han lick
invented the first modern east cigarette
to help people after his dad passed away
from lung cancer the first time e
cigarettes appeared in the US was in
2007 and was successful at helping
people quit cigarettes in 2008 the World
Health Organization proclaimed that does
not consider Y cigarettes to be
illegitimate smoking cessation aid in
2015 east cigarettes became more
than any traditional tobacco product
among the youth in setup in 2018 Canada
report its first hospitalization for
severe respiratory illness linked to
vaping thousand 19 the Center for
Disease Control and Prevention said that
2051 people in the US have been struck
with lung illnesses tied to vaping THC
and using e-cigarettes at least a
quarter of teens in the US today say
they've tried vaping about 6 percent of
high schoolers vape regularly an
estimated 2.1 million middle school and
high school students reported using
e-cigarettes in 2017 that number jumped
to 3.6 million in 2018 in understanding
the mechanisms behind the lung injuries
the CDC has revealed that laboratory
tests from lung fluid samples all
contained an oily substance known as
vitamin E acetate vitamin E acetate is a
super sticky substance when it enters
the lungs it can prevent them from
working properly and so it can get stuck
in our blood vessels leading to a number
of health consequences it's not a
hundred percent concluded that vitamin E
oil is the cause but there very clearly
somewhat correlated alternative to
smoking cigarettes it looks like it
isn't let's take a closer look at this
and comparing both the cigarette and the
vape you can see there are a few
differences between the two the vape
works by converting liquid nicotine into
a vapor which the user can inhale as
opposed to a cigarette which burns
tobacco mixture directly vaping is also
encouraged by companies because of how
much more money you can save by using
vaping by incorporating the Joule
calculator which visually shows people
an estimate of how much money they've
saved by making the switch the Joule
website also shows that one pot is an
equivalent of nicotine as one full pack
of cigarettes meaning two hundred
cigarette puffs but if we do the math
one milliliter one hundred puffs is
equal to ten cigarettes half a pack we
see that they fail to show that nicotine
juice that can be used comes in varying
nicotine percentages for example a five
percent pod while being equivalent to
five milligrams of nicotine is actually
equivalent to fifty cigarettes the CDC shows that
daily smokers the average number
cigarettes smoked per day is 15 in a
study done in 2014 most vapors vape two
to six milliliters of nicotine per day
which is equivalent to one to three pots
a day so when accounting for the
nicotine we can see that on average
people inhale more nicotine vaping than
they would smoking cigarettes so with
all this information investigating now
we can really see that maybe vaping
isn't a better alternative to smoking
hope that people see how these
innovative solutions are really not what
they seem to be I hope people do learn
from my mistakes we'll be sure to be
more careful about who and what I let
into my life and put into my body that's
awesome well it was great to hear from
you and I'll see you next time Ellen
don't get catfished take charge of your
own life and join the movement to
promote no more smoking and no more
vaping to save the lives of tomorrow
don't be a fool dhara you Jule now that
you know who she really is