What We Know About Vaping-Related Lung Illness

my name is Fedor zhehan I'm the health
reporter with The Oregonian and I've
been covering this vaping epidemic more
than 2,000 people have been hospitalized
nationwide 48 people have died two of
those people who died were Oregonians
now if we talk nationally here's the
picture 80% of the hospitalized victims
used vape products with THC that's the
chemical in marijuana that gets people
high and now most of those products -
were illicit counterfeit they weren't
things that people bought at licensed
inspected stores the bottom from their
pals online whatever the most common
product people reported using people who
use THC and fellow was called dank vapes
the feds say they don't exactly know who
even makes dank vapes
so four out of five people who fallen
ill nationally use THC products 80% what
about the other twenty so the other key
category is people who say they've only
used nicotine products small percent
that's thirteen percent nationally data
is inconclusive you know it could be
that people don't want to say what they
really used you know th seasoned
marijuana isn't illegal everywhere now
that's the national numbers now let's
look at Oregon Oregon's had twenty
victims and at least eleven of them used
THC vape products presumably bought at
legal retail stores there's no evidence
they bought counterfeit products
according to the state at least six of
Oregon's victims say they only use
nicotine vape products and that's about
30 percent it's a lot more than the
ratio nationally they say they used only
nicotine second key piece of the puzzle
is what exactly in these products is
making people oh and the strong is clear
right now that people have is this thing
called a vitamin E acetate the feds
think it could be a relatively new
chemical added to these THC vape oils
and could be being used to dilute vape
oils so that would mean let's say I've
got a bucket of THC oil
I am making cartridges from it you know
cartridges like this one with THC oils
and the more such cartridges I can fill
the more I can sell they don't know for
sure but for example here's one clue to
think about vape oil products that
police have seized this year have
contained vitamin E acetate now products
seized in 2018 did not
the feds are still investigating still
figuring it out you know it could be
that there are multiple substances that
are making people ill so I've got a
bunch of different products here that I
bought to kind of give you a sense of
what it is really we're talking about
here is a marijuana vape pen a little
cartridge got some vape boil press a
button drag Joule this has become an
incredibly popular product with the
youths it has fueled the feds say
another kind of epidemic not a lung
illness epidemic but an epidemic of
youth addiction to nicotine here's a
disposable e-cigarette just vape it
you're done you're out this is the more
complicated kind of product you know
this is it's called a mod you've got a
tank you pour vape juice in there you
know you can set it to different
settings that's where we're at right now
there's lots of people still working on
figuring it out so stay tuned


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