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Michigan State University Helps You Understand Vaping

Will Innokin Jem Pen Kill You ?

will this vape kill you oh no Beach I'll
be fine
just by the store-bought eloquence that
are made its certified labs don't put
anything else in here so this is how it
comes packaged it's got a 1000 milliamp
hour rechargeable battery and it
recharges to the USB port stupidity
kills not vapes there's a USB cable for
charging a warning and safety booklet
that's upside down and also a user guide
I'm Sophie I'm 37 years old and I'm an
idiot I used to smoke real cigarettes
menthols Newports actually but about six
just over six years ago I switched to
vaping and since then life just hasn't
been the same when I was a smoker my
lungs would sometimes hurt and I had
this like horrible cough every morning I
would just hack up a bunch of black
stuff yeah it was like really black I
mean the coffee wasn't really impacting
my life that much and just because I was
out of breath after walking up a flight
of stairs didn't mean I had to quit you
know now that I babe I went to the
doctor you know what happened oh so I go
to the doctor he knew I was vaping cuz I
wrote in that that I vape and he was
concerned and so he took the stethoscope
out and he checked my lungs and he looks
at me and he's like hey girl your lungs
are above average they're doing really
really well it sounds like oh are you
kidding me Oh like yeah nice of smoke I
had this really bad smoker's cough like
pretty much wherever I went like any
activity I tried to do I was just
coughing up a storm it was a violet
I barely coffee anymore
ever since I started vaping I mean at
first it was a little bit of a cough but
it's gone away over the six years that's
like almost non-existing you know I used
to carve all the time
the only time I really good took off and
I was on a mistake or when my allergies
flare up because I have a little bit of
a back drip because my nose needs
plastic surgery like medically I can
fake it though
see if I started smoking when I was 20
years I'll hold on which means I was
smoking during college and everyone
loved it because I sometimes he had
these like three hour classes like
almost three hours like two hours and 50
minutes well halfway through we got to
go outside so of course like I was
outside immediately it doesn't matter it
was like negative 30 degrees I'm out
there with the gold mittens holding my
cigarette and just enjoying life you
know coughing away puffing away well it
was quite the effort to get back to the
third floor my class was but I made it I
always made it almost on time and
everyone just loved love the way I smell
they were like girl yes no one says
anything anymore now that I've a I still
go outside often times when I'm at
someone else's house I go outside too
babe I come back in there's no reaction
it's like it didn't even happen there's
no evidence there's no odor no one no
one cares I just kind of smell like me
there's no more ashtray smell like I
don't even have to wash my clothes after
a night out I could probably get away
with wearing them another day and no one
known as I remember I was on an airplane
one time and the row I was sitting in I
was a kid the row I was sitting in it
was non-smoking but the row behind me
was smoking and there was no barrier it
was the best ever it was so freakin
awesome because I got to breathe in what
the smokers were exhaling from their
lungs and it just made for the best
eight-hour flight of my life yeah no
there's no second-hand smoking with
babes none none at all
I'm sure the media will probably try to
say there is but other isn't if you
honestly believe this please come a
little closer get closer than that come
here come here
the news is telling you lies we're not
telling you the whole story
vaping has been around for over a decade
but all of a sudden mysteriously
mysteriously this lung disease appears
around the time that dumbasses started
putting other stuff into their devices
like Adam Adam over here yeah I like to
call him Adam ruins everything Adam
actually admitted to putting something
else into this pod
well at least Adam admitted it but these
other little bastards I guess they're
afraid of their mom the law their doctor
they're not they're not telling us the
whole story would you tell your mom or
doctor that you're putting other
substances into that vape would you you
wouldn't I'm gonna pretend on one of
these people all right here we go
I've been vaping for years but like two
days ago I added illegal drugs to my
jewel pod and like all of a sudden out
of nowhere like this has never happened
before 48 hours later my lungs felt like
really heavy I wasn't breathing right
and I thought they were gonna collapse
so I went to the hospital so my drug
dealer was like it could have been the
jewel and mom agreed somehow I just
smoked real cigarettes and I sue ecig
companies here we go again
round two pretending to be someone else
I've been vaping since I was 15 I'm 18
now my mom knew about it but she didn't
really do anything to stop me three days
ago I tried this new liquid that I
bought off the streets and went like put
me in a coma the guy that sold it to me
said it was like organically made in his
with ingredients like vitamin E THC and
I don't really know what else but he
said it was legit Alexa couldn't find
any information on it so I thought it
was fine like no one told me no one
informed me that it was not okay to do
this stuff so now I know that all of a
being is bad I don't get political on
this channel but what I don't get is
Trump is always talking about the fake
news and now I was listening to it and
how he's like a victim of the fake news
even though he took back what he said
about the Flavr ban many of you guys
have probably heard that he was thinking
about doing a flavour ban for eliquid
and now he's probably not gonna she
really tried that mango flavored vodka I
have in my fridge mm-hmm yeah I bought a
club it's really awesome and oh yeah no
it's a club it's not a garage it is a
club and I'm just here enjoying my adult
beverage I really love flavors so it's
awesome that alcohol comes in so many
and they're not even required to put the
alcohol content on them so I have no
clue what I'm even putting in my body
isn't that amazing love it oh this one's
actually labeled four point five this
shouldn't do too much damage but the
damage has already been done and the
media has been doing a lot of damage
with their fake news and not reporting
the full story store bought a liquids
contain VG PG flavorings & nicotine
sometimes what I have in here does not
have any nicotine I don't I don't use
nicotine I quit and I quit nicotine I
quit cigarettes then I quit nicotine
through vaping it refills at the top
this unscrews and then you pour your
authentic store-bought liquid into here
don't put drugs into they're just some
liquid Eli quite a made in certified lab
environments this portion twists off and
on the quill twists into here one two
three four five clicks turns it on and
five clicks also it turns it off and
then you push the button to vape that's
it so if you smoke consider this really
do because it will save your life get
off those nasty smelly sticks and try
something like this sorry Anakin I know
you guys sponsored this video and you
expected kind of a review but your
products are just really awesome I'm
sorry I didn't give it a full review I
really don't have that many cons that's
pretty flavorful it's got a nice pull on
it it's simple to use
I love it again I really do why do I
keep doing it well because I just kind
of I was always addicted to this part I
just like to do it and as an adult I
should be able to do it and I should be
able to do it with many different
I love flavors I'm sure many of you are
expecting a more serious video but I'm
just not a serious gun person I think my
message will be better hurt if I do it
not seriously if you wanted to hear from
somebody more serious on this matter
what you probably should check out Matt
from SMM he's he's a quite of the
Advocate and he's got a nice vocabulary
unlike mine it's a club I'm telling you
it's a club it's definitely just a
garage yeah I haven't been posting much
cuz I just bought a house and there's a
lot of stuff to do the people that owned
this really didn't take care of it so
now it's up to me oh yeah that's got a
stripper pole mm-hmm it has one but as
you can see it as not connected I think
the guy told me it used to be somewhere
in the middle but now it's just kind of
off to the side where it'll probably
remain cuz actually that'd be kind of
okay my but the stripper bulb a cop hey
I heard it's like a new form of exercise
so don't judge don't be judging over
here you too it's not the place for
judgement Thank You Terrapin for the
watermelon flavor
mmm yeah tastes just like candy mmm
I'm glad my alcoholic beverages are safe
safe from any flavor bands the fake news
epidemic is like wildfire it it's
spreading it's spread all the way to my
mom she called me sick oh my god did you
know vaping suddenly bad I'm like no mom
I've been vaping for over six years just
over six years something like that and
I'm fine
I'm totally fine I also do not put any
illegal substances into my devices I
don't put vitamin E Ian I just buy
store-bought liquids authentic
lab-created certified labs clean labs
make this stuff and then I buy it and I
put it into my device I've never had any
issues in fact my doctors like Wow lady
you got some good lungs fiebing's been
around for like well over a decade at
this point and all of a sudden all of a
sudden there's this epidemic six six
people supposedly have died from vaping
but vaping what like what are those six
people what did they put in to their
cartridge their jewel pod or whatever
whatever they're using what the fuck did
they put in there so that's up to Lula
you guys my name is Sophie I'm 37 years
I've been vaping for just over six years
and I feel great


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