💓 Wismec TROUGH Mesh Big Sub Ohm Tank Review 30mm Diameter

little big this is the trough the trough
sub ohm tank by Visnjic measures a
whopping 30 millimeters in diameter wait
a minute isn't this more about
one-on-one kind of experience trough is
more of a communal thing we're like many
gather and use from the same basin or P
into the same basin but anyways this
these big boys are gonna need some
bigger packaging doesn't seem like they
really fit however these are the samples
are pre-release versions hopefully this
is not the final packaging I'm not
really sure why they included some
organic cotton coz the coils that this
uses are pre-made this is the manual
it's actually pretty short it's just in
a few different languages and printed
using microscopic letters this is a coil
reference card so it shows you which
coils produce the most vapor and the
best flavor here is the trough
it is a beefy tank it measures 30
millimeters in diameter and then it's
from here to here 50 millimeters in
height this thing is gonna come in four
colors well actually five because
there's also going to be a crystal
version with quartz glass that one is
twenty eight two point five millimeters
in diameter the tank holds six point
five milliliters of a liquid with the
crystal version it's five milliliters so
here's a look at the top it's got this
big drip tip it has size 810 and it is
removable this thing is Top Billing by
this symbol push it over it's got a
quick slide design and in the hole has a
leak guard it's a no spill kind of
design on the bottom there's a couple of
massive airflow slits this is adjustable
and on the stopper to get to the coil
grab the tank twist off the base
glass pops out eventually oh come on
this is why we can't have nice nails but
believe me the glass comes off because
there is another piece on the bottom of
here along with an extra coil and some
accessories for the tank and do like how
the extra piece of glass is the same
size that comes on the tank the coils
just twist out my tank came with two
coils it would have been nice to know
the material of the coil but at least I
know this one is point two ohms and it
can be vape between 30 and 70 watts the
unique thing about this coil is it has
this like eliquid leading system and
this is supposed to prevent leaks so you
see how the cotton kinda goes off to the
side and then touches the cotton that's
around here I'm guessing that's what
they mean other coil is 0.35 ohm coil
and I can be very between 30 and 50
watts so both coils are mesh coils but
this one is a single and the other one
is a double they have more coils for the
tank I'm assuming this one will be sold
separately it didn't come in the kit
it's a point 1 5 ohm coil it can be made
between 50 and 90 watts so this one's a
triple yes there we go always make sure
that these seals are back on when you
assemble it back together like the top
fill design sometimes I do feel like
it's a little bit grindy but the rest of
the machining on here is the very nice
smooth airflow control all the threading
lines up everything screws on and off
nicely well done of course it's a juice
guzzler it's a big tank so it fills
through here and yep of course I'm using
tea time
what else would I use besides tea time
so in here there's just vegetable
glycerin propylene glycol and some
flavorings and that's it there is
nothing else this is a drug-free kind of
video now that I have this
let's test out that top seal currently I
have the point 2 ohm coil in here the
dual coil and it can be very 30 and 70
watts so I've already been vaping it I
usually start really low so I do start
at 30 a kind of vape through it a little
bit because if you start at the highest
one you might fry the coil even though
it says you can you shouldn't start at
that you should start a little bit your
way up let's make this room disappear so
I'm gonna just leave my airflow
completely open and and vape alright
it's doing really good so I'm gonna bump
it up to sixty watts
okay it's still doing a fine flavor out
of this coil is like really good I'm
gonna bump this up to the full 70 watts
and see if it can handle it
I would not change a p' this coil at 70
watts it does work at 70 watts but you
do need to give it some time so that
cotton can re saturate chain vaping is
not gonna work at this setting let's try
another coil now I have the point 3 ohm
single coil in there and it can be made
between 30 all the way up to 50 watts
supposedly I have already used this coil
but let's pretend it's brand-new and
going by Wiz mix instructions they want
me to prime the coil first which just
means putting a little bit of a liquid
directly onto the cotton like a drop
wherever you see cotton and I maybe like
two three drops on the inside and then
don't fire them all just kind of
Shh just kind of suck through it without
actually getting any vapor and then once
you do that you can vape it my method
and this is what I always do I just
stick a brand new coil in the tank and I
let it sit for ten minutes and that's
good enough I'm gonna start this one off
at 30 and then go up in increments of 10
there is it 30 watts and if you're
wondering what mod I'm using this is the
genie and it's made by I joy genie PD
270 designed by I choices yeah I have
two 2700 in here I decided to go with
some big batteries for this big tank
this is the mod that also has a
flashlight okay so that's kind of
uneventful I'm gonna bump it up to 40
I want to try it at 45 and then 50 so
here it is at 45 and finally 50 yeah
those coils working just fine at the
full 50 watts I might even be able to go
a little bit further let me try a 55
it's working and it's still taste really
good fired here it's not a fire it's
just keeping there's a fire here look
funny it's not funny
the flavor on these is really good I did
like the dual coil a little bit better
than this one it's also quieter because
mesh coils they need a lot of airflow
which makes them kind of loud
the flavor is yummy and I bet flavors
really good out of this well for a
couple reasons
mesh coils and mesh coils are just
really flavorful and also the material
that they're using at 70% organic cotton
and then the other 30% is wood pulp and
what pulp is pretty tasty not not by
itself wood pulp when you're eating it
by itself is not that good inside of the
coils however I feel that it brings out
the flavor more oh one more thing the
tank it's big you might have heard that
is a big boy yes that's a really big
tank coming in at 30 millimeters and
then that crystal version is like 28.5
still big might be too big for a lot of
mods out there you already got the
measuring tape next to the bed set just
go ahead and measure your mod as well so
loose I gotta go I'll see you guys next
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well and I'll see you guys in the next